Oklahoma Summer Rain

Oklahoma Summer Rain

Aaah, we just had a delightful thunderstorm which swept in, drenched all growing things, filled the streets with tiny rivers, and just as suddenly, moved on out. What a beautiful way to bring the weekend to a close. Having the door wide open in June and fresh clean air blowing through my flat is such a blessing.

Finally got to talk to my daughter again yesterday. She was transferred to her treatment center, she says it’s kind of like church camp. It was such a relief to talk to her! Hopefully, we will get to go visit her soon. It’s two hours away, so it will be a full day outing. She is loved by many of us! She’s going to be taking a college course soon. I hope English is one of the courses offered, because she has natural talent.

My youngest son is traveling with his dad to Michigan right now, going to several football tournaments along the way – I wish I were up there! Michigan is awesome in the summer. Last summer I had a blast. Went tubing down the Hersey River. It was freezing cold, but it took me back to my teenage years of swimming in the Pecos River, and I felt right at home.

I’m waiting til tomorrow for the Gaia Star Codex Reading because of a sudden case of hives I am now recovering from. Still not sure what triggered it. It’s a good thing that’s a rare occurrence.

Beautiful storm just came back to bless us with some gentle raindrops as an afterthought. My cat Smudge was out when it started pouring, silly boy got drenched. Now he’s plopped down on the overstuffed couch cushion behind me, and Mila is at her station by my side. Cats are so awesome. My best friends.

May your week be blessed, my friends. I love you all.

Om namaha shivaya. Rainbow Blessings.


Kami’s Crystal Grid for Summer Solstice 2016

Kami’s Crystal Grid for Summer Solstice 2016

My cat Mila wanted to be part of this grid, lol. This grid is all about regenerating, re-balancing and re-calibrating your chakras. Keeping in mind that we are body, mind, soul and spirit, the intention is for healing. We are capable of so many healing miracles, something we have only just begun to explore! The unknown factor, that quantum principle, is what we tap into whenever we access our natural innate power.

By utilizing the power of our golden rings, or halos, we can transform our cells with golden light. Also, wherever there is pain, it is always helpful to a certain extent to visualize pulsing golden suns on those areas. And by sealing our auras off with large red roses of protection, about two feet wide and grounded to the center of the earth, we can ward off negative energy whenever we feel it nearing us. I love visualizing roses as part of my meditative process.

Whenever my grounding cord is feeling a bit shaky (and it happens), I visualize a rose under my halo and then visualize a tiny stick of dynamite blowing it up. I can do this about ten or twenty times until I feel more grounded.

And, if anyone is hitching a ride on my grounding cord (which happens all too frequently still – am learning how to say no – but that is a process as I have been a mom for thirty seven years now) I visualize a waterfall running around the edges, making it slippery and difficult to hang on to.

Making some real progress with the meditations, but it’s definitely a process. It takes practice, determination and hard work to see real change and to keep the healings active as well.

Reverend Julie Renee says that one of the reasons we sometimes lose the benefit of a healing rather quickly is the effect of myasms. A myasm is a group virus. This is group thought which is based on negative thinking, and because so many people believe it, it is re-enforced rather rapidly in this realm. We are living in a very dense time, for the densest and darkest hour is just before the dawn. An example of this is told rather humorously by the jubilant Julie Renee. She grew back her own tonsils and adenoids using her miraculous quantum healing process. They had been removed as a small child. When she went to see the endocrinologist, he said to her, “That isn’t possible. You can’t do this.” She laughs while recalling this, saying the words coming out of his mouth, even after seeing the proof that she actually HAS regrown these organs, is in denial of what has actually happened.

She is also re-growing her thyroid. It is now at about thirty percent coming out of being completely removed. She feels it will take about five years to regrow this.

I read not too long ago that stem cell research has shown that new teeth can be grown after stem cell implants are placed within the gums. Wouldn’t it be nice if teeth could simply be regrown by doing stem cell regeneration meditations? Taking the stem cell of our teeth, stringing out the DNA and using a little tiny golden vacuum cleaner to clear off all dark spots and throwing them down the grounding cord when done?

Sounds incredible, but if Julie Renee can regrow tonsils, adenoids and her thyroid out of nothing, anyone can. It just takes practice, dedication, and faith. It’s a lot of work, but so worth it!

I will keep updating my journey as time goes by. Have a wonderful fun-filled Solstice! I am sharing this a day early since tomorrow is a workday. Tomorrow the sun moves into Cancer, my sign, just as the moon reaches full in Sagittarius! The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.

Rainbow Blessings, my friends.

The Strangeness of Life

The Strangeness of Life

It’s been raining a lot here in Oklahoma, nice thunderstorms which form little rivers on the streets rather quickly. As a consequence of this, lawns and flowers are lush and people are in good moods, for we haven’t been hit with the extreme heat as of yet.

We’ve been very busy in my family, so much going on! My son Adam will be going home next week, though, which should leave me with more time to write. It’s funny being a people person at the same time as having a strong yearning to write. For I have to be alone in order to focus. or at least mostly alone. I tried typing out on the balcony a little while ago, but should have picked a different time, for too many people are out and about right now. Later on in the evening will probably be better. Especially since I am such a night owl.

I’ve come a long way since last year, when they took the two MRIs and CT scans of my neck and lower back. Back then there were still lots of days I had to use the brace on my right hand, and sit with it on ice for hours and hours at a time. I got my smaller cell phone at the time, and had great difficulty using the touch screen keyboard. At first.

Over this last year I have worked on strengthening all my muscles (and still have a ways to go!). Watching the posture is also essential. Coloring mandalas and other beautiful images in adult coloring books, using Ben Wa balls to exercise my hands, and a gymn ball in addition to kundalini and pranayama yoga is helping – quite a bit. All these years I have been so focused on survival and raising my kids to the point where I forgot to take good care of me.

Housework cannot come before self care! Luckily I love to eat now, so cooking is a big part of my life. Learning to cook for just myself is a whole new process. What I usually do is cook enough for two and then have leftovers the second day. At this point, I am maintaining my ideal weight of 130 lb, and since I was underweight by twenty or thirty pounds most of my adult life (except when pregnant), this is a huge milestone.

I also have two new clients who will be wanting half hour massages regularly. I’m collecting my knowledge about aromatherapy, crystals, and now herbal remedies in order to be of service to my community. And what an awesome little community it is!

My family has lived in this town for many generations. In fact, my grandmother was mayor back in 1956-1960. There is even a park in her name. She was an amazing woman and wonderful grandma. She passed back in 1981, hence the dedication of the park to her. She was getting ready to go to a meeting for the City Environmental Board of which she was a chairman of the day of her death. She had the blessing of meeting John and Jackie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt and Harry Truman. She also was friends with Carl Albert, who was speaker of the House of Representatives for quite some time. She introduced my sister and me to him a couple of times. That was quite auspicious.

I do believe that no matter what we go through in this life, we can always improve our situation, bit by bit, with a positive outlook and perseverance. For me, faith is also a big part of the picture. And to rise back up again after collapsing. For there will always be some moments of collapse. It’s all part of the experience.

It can be difficult to be patient with the healing process, but I have learned that to push the river only leads to more turbulent rapids. Near drownings. Floods and washed out banks.

The birds are chirping outdoors and I am alone with my cats, enjoying the serenity and wishing each and every one of you wonderful people a blessed Friday. TGIF! May your paths be sprinkled with rose petals and stardust, and may love greet you wherever you happen to go.



Back Online and Feeling Fine

Back Online and Feeling Fine

Oh man, going three weeks without the web, except on my little ZTE, has certainly been challenging. So I apologize for not visiting your blogs as much as I’d like to. And also for typos, etc., during this time and of course as I was getting the hang of this realm. Going back and retrieving and correcting will be a new project. One thing at a time. But yay!

Adam’s surgery went well, and my oldest daughter is taking him up to the city right now for postoperative check up. And she brought me pinto beans and pasta salad. Nom. Making preparations for this afternoon’s possible shelter seeking situation, boy, we are having a doozy of a Spring here! But the nice part about that is how pleasant the temperature is most days.

For we’ve had years when the temps were soaring all the way up to 105 already. The AT&T guy was reminiscing with me about our previous years of extreme weather. We Oklahomans always have that in common, a reference point we can always touch base with as red dirt people.

People who have lived here for many generations. Whose ancestors survived the Dust Bowl and the Depression. Whose families fought in both WWI and WWII. Survivors. People who look out for one another, whose concern for another’s well being will bring volunteers from all walks of life to help rebuild after monster storms.

I’m proud of my Oklahoma heritage. And of having a multicultural family. ¡Te amo, mi familia! My miracle boy Nick came to visit yesterday since he had the day off and wanted to see Adam. We were so happy to see him!

Big strong boy, he’s doing well for himself. He’s immersed himself in the Tulsa Burn City Culture and knows how to spin poi now. Real burning poi, not the LED kind. The lovely little young woman who brought him over told me they plan to kidnap me at some point. Because I would fit right in over there, apparently.

She showed me a photo of hammocks stacked over each other. Very cool. I need one of my own to bring when visiting. That will be so fun! Just a short visit, though. I definitely need more alone time these days.

And learning how to be perfectly okay with the alone times without crumbling or folding in on myself is an ongoing process. Not an overnight sense of surrender but a daily practice kind of thing.

To forgive myself for being less than perfect, for mistakes I do wish hadn’t been made, but how would the important lessons have been learned otherwise? The lessons tailor made just for me. For we each came here with specific lessons and challenges to learn and overcome.

No matter what you’ve been through, there is a Divine reason behind it all. Always we are loved. Always we are worthy of receiving love. Finding our gifts to share with the earth each day is what we came here to discover.

One of the many things. Just knowing a little bit always tells us how much more there is to know. Funny how in the time of smartphones and access to limitless sources of information so many people are actually barely literate.

Funny, but not surprising. When George Orwell wrote 1984, it was considered science fiction. But it was actually a warning. And here we are living in times so similar to those he predicted.

That’s one of the many reasons this woman returns, again and again, to long forgotten language of love. For it is love that nurtures us, it is love that our souls long for, love in all its forms – love of God/Goddess, romantic love, brotherly/sisterly love,  love of nature, love for all people. It’s what we have in common which matters so much more than our differences.

For we all have red blood. And we all need love, shelter, food, clean water and clean air. We all need sleep. We need each other, and it’s together that we’re building the new earth. Every moment of every day we are moving in that direction.

So love one another always, my friends. And look for the rainbows after the storms.

A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin


Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday

And now it’s Monday, and sleep has become my friend again. Thankfully, I am feeling so much more refreshed after a couple nights in a row of blessed zzzzz’s. Made the mistake of drinking some coffee yesterday morning, sure won’t be repeating that mistake with this body so sensitive to conditions like nervous exhaustion. Feeling rested upon awakening is such a beautiful feeling. I made a promise to myself that I will not look at or even touch my phone or tablet during the middle of the night if I awaken. No. From this point forward they must be pushed away from my sleep space during sleep time. And I will progress from here.

Fishnu the Beta is on my windowsill behind my head and my cat Mila by my feet. I love my temporary pet’s smooth energy, and the fact that he is so simple to care for, squishes his little mouth up against the glass of his little tank, wiggling his fins so cutely.

Today Loralai won’t be here til eleven, leaving me time for some yoga before bathing. I’m looking for a car, there are some places up in the city which may serve my needs well. The funny thing is that because I have a phobia of driving I didn’t mind too much when my last car fizzled out. No. Especially because at that time only my oldest daughter had a car of her own.

And being a single mom with a large family is a situation frowned upon by society in general, but many folks are kind and supportive. Especially when they see the many things I keep doing to better this situation. So finally I will be moving in just a bit over two months. It’s been nearly three years in this complex – an old army barracks built in 1940, converted long ago into apartments.

My plants are happy and ready for new pots – rosemary, thyme, chocolate mint, and basil. I am thinking of planting the mint in my faerie garden since the tiny succulents didn’t make it through the winter.

I talked to my sweetheart last night – he has a new job working for the parks, and is still working on his algebra. So funny to still be doing the school thing at our age, but we are re-inventing ourselves.

My yogi son turns 30 on Friday, Earth Day. So funny what a child of the earth he truly is, always working with earth, either farming or archaeological digs. He made me a lovely necklace with a bit of stone retrieved from an old kiva site. Too bad he won’t be around again for his birthday, but at least we had the chance to have several amazing country festivals over the past decade. For what better time to have a birthday? This year his birthday also falls on the full moon.

Although, with the turning of the seasons here in Oklahoma we also get tornadoes. So everybody is a sky watcher this time of year. We haven’t had monster storms for a while but every year we do have the tornadoes. Growing up I never understood how my mother could have loved such scary weather, because we were in New Mexico, but now that I have been living here for twenty two years I understand it well.

When my youngest daughter was small, she was terrified of every big storm. And I would be struck with giddiness by all the ions in the air and would do my best to juggle comforting her and collapsing in giggles.

It’s still cloudy here, it rained all night, such beautiful rain (although there is a flood warning here now). All the fire storms have been extinguished. That is great news.

So I have signed up for a free workshop by Susan Weed on how to make healing herbal infusions. This is exciting, because I want to learn how to forage. My mom taught me some things, but of course that was forever ago and not in Oklahoma. I do know elder flower, sorrel, and mullein. Several others too. But I need a guide. Dandelions make a great addition to salad but it would be good to find them where poison hasn’t been poured on them, for even soaking them may not be efficient enough.

My meditations are going well, learning more each day, strengthening myself for the day when I will be teaching meditation to others. Perhaps I can take myself to the schools to teach the children. They sure could use such a tool. My grandsons are now 13 and nearly 16, and my youngest son 17, so they are like brothers. And how things have changed! I am thankful for them giving me an open window into today’s world, because otherwise I would just feel lost. But instead, I feel very blessed.

Today is a day of beautiful new beginnings.

This week I will share the second part of Setting the Princess of Roses Free.

Thank you all for following my blog, I am very honored and am enjoying checking out your sites, you all have so much interesting info and are sharing with great beauty and talent. I am impressed.

So, I will be back later, may your Monday be blessed, my friends.

Waiting, Whispering, Pining

Waiting, Whispering, Pining

It’s now six weeks since my lover had to leave, and so much has happened since then, for both of us. This long distance thing isn’t easy, but our love still feels strong. The test of time we’ve endured for up to five months more than once so far, and always Fate brought us back together, so this much we know to be true.

My rainbow colored squishy pillow and my crystals are fine companions, but nothing at all compared to being in his arms.

For they can’t look at me with his big blue eyes overflowing with tears of joy, that look, that look that tells me how much he loves me without ever saying a word. That look which invites me into his soul, where we invite each other into our bodies and our souls, that blissful secret space / we reserve only for each other.

That sparkle in his eyes and that way he acts scared when I tickle torture him, until we both collapse laughing so hard tears are rolling down our cheeks.

My anam cara, my soul friend, without him I am whole but pining, longing for the time when we can be together again. Only another year.

And I think of others who have been separated so much longer, under much more dire circumstances, and I am thankful for this love.

This love which I searched high and low for, which is still solid as we build a stronger and stronger foundation and are learning, with each set of experiences, both difficult and rewarding, how to communicate with each other more clearly, how to not be afraid or to hide behind any uncomfortable thoughts. But to tell each other these fears and know the other is listening.

Learning to listen more, knowing my story is not more important, any the less urgent. Especially right now, for his love is enormous and he, like me, does not turn his back on those he loves.

I’m so proud of him for doing the right thing and being there for his loved ones in need, even though it means it will be that much longer before I lay eyes on him again, if only I could just not collapse into a puddle of tears, messy unrestrained tears which also reassure me of my strength, because I can go through this and still be here. Still love being here, despite the inevitability of pain because I have found that suffering is always a choice.

Thinking of the people in Ecuador and resisting the urge to live stream the news, for my prayers will not be any more effective if I torture myself with worry for the blessed human beings, members of this human family, my family, to whom I truly do belong.

Thinking of the upcoming Mercury in retrograde and asking the winged messenger to take letters conveying my deep love to my sweetheart and to all the people in my family who need reassurance that I am actually getting better. That I see how sometimes when I was calling to them my anxiety was so great it actually only pushed them further away, it was too overwhelming for them and of course, too much nervous energy, but now I am truly learning to ground myself.

Looking at my five year old granddaughter eating her organic strawberry flakes and see how bright she is, how loving and kind. She’s been helping me care for Fishnu, the slightly depressed ruby red Beta my yogi son left for me to watch while he works out of state. Loralai loves to help feed the little fish, and he seems cheered up, maybe also a bit scared because my cat Mila has been checking him out, but I won’t give her the chance to fulfill her fishy dreams. Lol.

It’s raining here in my hometown, still raining that deep cleansing rain which washes us all, body, mind and spirit, our waterways and estuaries, rivers, brooks and streams.

Connecting with this planet, with all four elements, this universe of which I am a part and giving thanks for the many signs given, again, in recent incoming waves of energy.

Preparing myself, body, mind and spirit in order to keep up with it all, staying busy yet resting fully, going so gently now that living at”break-neck” speed is just not an option any more. Why didn’t I listen and slow down sooner? Why was i so stubborn. Well, at least i can give myself a bit of a break now, it’s time to not be so hard on myself. I am still needed, I still have my own valuable gifts to give to the earth each day.

So I will wrap myself in fluffy blankets and curl up with The Chamber of Secrets and revisit that book like an old friend I haven’t seen in over thirteen years.

And let the day roll past slowly, no watching of the clock, read stories to Loralai and know tonight I’ll be alone again, just me and the cats and Fishnu.

Luckily I have some golden light, both in my room and in my heart, to help keep me from feeling too blue. Or too purple. Lol. Glad I realized too much purple light may have been contributing to falling out of balance. May this be the time that balance is kept, that balance remains a priority even as every part of me becomes stronger and stronger, bit by bit, because all healing is ongoing, and none of us are ever through. It’s one of the many things we came here to learn.

Rainbow Blessings, my friends.

@Kamea Moonmaiden

Breathing More Easily

Breathing More Easily

Well, being two and a half months into this lovely blogosphere, so many new lessons are being revealed. And there is so much to learn! Having spent a great deal of this life in overdrive, combining caring for a large family with the need to pursue one career after the other while my writing took backstage, it is such a blessing to finally be trying on these brand new legs. First completing my BA in English Writing was important not only as part of the process of fulfillment, but also because full time massage just wasn’t possible anymore, so returning to school seemed the best plan. Oh how the doors of my mind appreciated that!

And now it’s been nearly two years and after looking at so many masters programs have found one the same university I just graduated from that fits most nicely. Because it offers online courses. The classroom itself is wonderful, but getting there and back and navigating through a university filled with 60,000 mostly young people is just so overwhelming. Not to mention the parking situation is crazy. Just crazy. Sooo, it took eight years (yes, eight) of dogged determination and a couple semesters off in between to make it through. Which did finally enable my family to actually see me, for apparently I remind them so much of my mom it’s easier to keep me on not just the back burner, but tucked away in a separate warming oven compartment of their hearts. Not all of them, but most. Bless them, it can’t have been easy to see me and my kids going through one thing after another, as we all are of course, but in a large family these factors are multiplied and intensified greatly. And I am not the kind to turn my back on those in need, not now and not ever. However, I am not inviting anyone to come live in my own little flat anymore now that my nerve endings have shown me they need repairing.

So much so that anxiety meds became part of the daily requirement in order to be able to sleep. I am so pleased that this journey is now clearing out and the meds are done. Not so easy to discontinue – they seem to help at the time but actually wreak havoc on the adrenals to the point of great detriment. How many sleepless nights can one person go through? Sleeping is so important for regeneration, not just rejuvenation.

Anyway, after jumping in here with both feet wet and taking many good looks around I have finally been taking the steps to take care of the many things I have put off learning when it comes to technology, got my Skype activated on my Chromebook and have learned my Linux almost well. Having worked with Microsoft since the 1980s, it hasn’t been easy to shift gears, but there is so much assistance that it feels great to proceed! In fact, my dreams were all about organising files too. That’s hilarious, brain.

My lessons in healing are moving forward too. Now on week three of Quantum Healing and this week’s lesson focuses on metabolism, thyroid function and the spine. My metabolism happens to be most excellent but there are definitely issues with the other two systems. Each meditation activates the neurotransmitters so well it is like having received a spiritual shot. And my new best friend has been practicing with me each week also. How wonderful to be able to share this learning with her. And soon she will be sharing her knowledge of yoga with me, so that is very very cool.

I was thinking that moving out of this apartment complex would be too difficult but then looked through my journals and realised that there have been much more difficult scenarios in the past and somehow managed to work my way through them every single time. Which brings to mind the movie Amazon Prime delivered to me the other night called Father’s Feeling Fine – a fifties black and white set in London – story of an impoverished bourgeois widow with four grown daughters all living with her. What a great movie with excellent message which spoke so personally to me. A lot going on, most of the time.

But, kids grow up and things keep changing, so seizing every chance to keep it up and feed my blog every day while also studying more about learning to improve my writing is exciting and challenging. I love a good challenge.

With that, I leave you with the rainbow which showed up even before the thunder clouds rolled away from my big sky country skies, beautiful Oklahoma.

May your day be blessed, my friends. It is an honor to be here.