To be here
and not here,
parallel universes
obvious and apparent,
for things have
gotten strange.

Yet we are still here,
and despite the strangeness
and obvious brutality
of the dying patriarchal paradigm,
we are birthing ourselves
into a new world,
for we are the children of the sun,
And no task is too mighty
for us to accomplish United.

This is why they seek to divide us,
by shade of skin,
the ways we pray,
the ways we vote,
how much money we make,
how able bodied we are,
our choice of gender and sexual identity.

So we rise up everywhere
for our freedoms,
which are naturally inherent,
as are our rights
to clean air, clean water,
unadulterated food.
And the right to not be
brutalized because of skin color
or religion,
or living in a country
filled with oil,
we rise up and demand peace!

They will try to keep us distracted
by scandal after scandal,
all while attacking the planet and
her people with a whole new
flavor of ferocity,
for they are so afraid of the
progress we have made,
they would have it all undone,
for the sake of white supremacy
the hierarchical man
with the plan
of destruction.

We are at war
yet we are also at peace,
people everywhere choosing
this path, praying, meditating,
finding we are so much
more than we ever dreamed,
and United we can make a change,
we can save this world,
but first we have to learn
to live with each other.

This is the golden key which
opens the door to the New Age.
The journey is still long and hard,
yet we are closer than ever before.
So keep shining, hold onto
and Love one another,
for it is Love that sets us free.
So things are crazy and miraculous
at the same time.
The old world is dying,
the new is being born.
Mad folk run war machines,
while magic folk embrace
shamanism, serenity, transformation.

We rise up together for every cause.
People marching in the streets,
people bringing peace,
choosing peace,
people brave enough
to bring new life
into this topsy turvy world,
we are the children of the sun.
We are the Golden ones.


© Kamea Moonmaiden

Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul, April 26, 2017

This week’s Pele Report fell directly on the New Moon in Taurus, which is all about being in the body, listening to the body, honoring our senses, honoring Gaia, our mother, for we are intrinsically interconnected. Tom takes us through a beautiful bit of jungle as he talks at us, which is such an excellent locale for his style of sharing astrological wisdom with the world.

Mercury still has one more week retrograde, and conjunct Uranus and also opposite Eres, the goddess of discord, which he passed by back on March 29 and then made a U-turn and decided to hang out with her again. Eres only passes by every 526 years, so she moves quite slowly. Jupiter is opposing this Eres energy at this moment, while Saturn conjunct the galactic center is square. Because apparently we needed more discord. Which basically amounts to more of us waking up.

Today, Thursday, the Moon moves on into Gemini, Saturday into Cancer, and then Monday it will be Leo. Luckily, Venus will move back out of Pisces Friday which will help her lighten up as she goes direct and back into Aries, pulling her away from that square with Saturn. We will be able to see her in the morning sky now, and she will help energize all of us, in particular with relationships, personal and inter-personal. This has to do with dark feminine forces arising and rectifying the overwhelming and dying patriarchal paradigm with all its corruption, greed, and war.

We are each feeling this individually, while we are all feeling this collectively. New Moon in Taurus is rather heavy, a feeling which will emanate through the rest of this month.

Uranus coming around to Eres with Jupiter opposite brings us self knowledge, self revelation and all sorts of change and lots of examination of our relationships. Eres comes out of the void and gives birth to strife, toil, forgetfulness, starvation, pain, battle, murder, manslaughter, quarrel, lies, dispute, lawlessness, ruin and her youngest child is oath, which can be the most damaging of all of Eres’ damaging children if anyone takes a false oath. We must stand up for truth and against lawlessness and for strength and healing, unity and harmony and not discord.

Discord at any level brings up lack of trust, hidden lies, and with break downs in trust and each of us looking after ourselves we will ask for proof of things. And during this time of “alternative facts” we are living in doubting times. Yet all that was hidden will be revealed. We are getting to the root of these issues, exposing reality and getting to the end of lies and the end of deception. This is not always a pretty picture! It can take some confrontation, some irritation to uncover the layers of denial.

Kaypacha gives us this week’s mantra from a “we” perspective instead of an “i” perspective because it’s truly time for us to get together and talk about solutions, with and through each other as mirrors of our unconscious. We get in touch with our shadow through the other. The foundation of peace and harmony is truth, so each of us need to stand in our truth and share this with others, because without this there can’t be any peace.

Mantra: There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
It’s there for all to see,
calling us all together
from discord into harmony.

Kaypacha’s farewell: Namaste. Aloha. Take it easy, don’t forget to breathe.

Kamea’s farewell: Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin.

Article About Christ Consciousness

Article About Christ Consciousness

Because yes. Jesus said to the pie people after performing miracles, “All these you can do and more.” And all it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed. Mustard seeds are tiny! So imagine, just imagine a world of self actualized human beings, All awakened to Christ Consciousness.


The Ending of Duality

The Ending of Duality

The ending of duality

is a now we shall all see,
for this longer now of nows
is just a small part of eternity.

A state of always was
and is and
forever ever shall be,

sometimes gasping for air,
sometimes floating seamlessly.

We’re closer now to wholeness,
than we ever been have we,
with more awakening daily
to love and truth and kindness,

for separate not are we,
no, we
are one big giant

© Kamea Moonmaiden



Finding words to heal,
Finding words to help forgive,
to change this world
protect the Water,
protect Water Protectors,
protect the future for our children,
for our children’s children.

Today I am speechless,
there are no words to say,
to describe treating people a
in such a terrible way,
our First Americans,
caretakers of the earth,
guardians of water,
brave, brave protectors
standing up to Big Oil.

Raising the vibrations,
sending love to Standing Rock
the people will triumph,
the people will grow in numbers,
love will triumph over all,
and all those who hate,
those who choose oil over water,
those who reek of corruption and greed,
will be left speechless
for as the whole world is watching,
we people shall unite,
we shall refuse to be divided,
we shall stand up together,
for each other,
for Gaia,
for our water.

Occupy together
everywhere –
and shine the
Light of Christ
wherever you go,
and you shall find
the second coming
when you look into
the eyes of any
Rainbow Warrior.
For Christ dwells
in us all.

With deepest respect
and giving honor,
those who are unaware
shall awaken, and ask
to learn the ways
to dance and bless
the Water,
to clear the path
for a new day,
for a new way
of living and caring
for each other.

Today, I am
So many silent prayers
united, we are blessing
this very moment
in this breath
and this heartbeat
where all the healing lies.

I am burning sage.

Blessed be.

In a World Gone Mad, What Do You Do?

In a World Gone Mad, What Do You Do?

In a World gone mad,
what do you do?
Believe the lies
the government
keeps telling you?

They would have us
believe climate change
is not true,
and that oil matters
more than water or food.

We have come to that
point where we
must all unite,
for it’s only together
we can make things right.

Together we can learn
to live sustainably,
to bless each other,
bless our water,
and live accordingly.

Together we can bring
the Black Snake to its end,
for trust me, it was
never, ever a friend.
For its path is only
one of destruction and greed.
And its ethics a violation
of every nation’s creed,
for humans have rights,
and corporations should not
be the bullies on top.
This corruption is insane,
it’s just got to stop.

In a world gone mad,
we can each stand up
strong and true,
we can build
new green
communities ~
built at
grassroots levels,
that’s what we must do.
so befriend your neighbors,
to your own selves be true,
stand up for human rights
and for Gaia’s rights too.

Together we stand,
as one family – our
perseverance will pay off
eventually – each seed
we plant now will
tomorrow’s gardens bring,
so we must keep on planting
with our hearts full of Love,
and our gardens shall blossom
filled with Light from above.

So keep the faith,
don’t give up,
no matter how dark
it may seem as
this age turns
the page to a world
filled with Love,
Peace and Harmony.
Blessed be.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

We Are All Going Home – We Are Water

We Are All Going Home – We Are Water

After everything that has happened at the Sacred Stone Camp and other camps associated with the Standing Rock Sioux and their valiant efforts to protect the water not just for their own tribe, their own future generations, but for all of us, I feel called to remain in a very prayerful space. Lyla June has called for us to be united in prayer, to make tomorrow, Sunday, OCtober 30, 2016 a day devoted to prayer and sacred ceremony in support of the water protectors in North Dakota and all over this planet.

I found this song by Ulali because it embodies this message so boldly, a message which needs to be listened to ever more urgently now than when it was released so many years ago (although this is a different version – recently updated).

For militarized police, tanks, beanbags, rubber bullets and mace are used against peacefully demonstrating people, something is terribly wrong. I am thankful for the bison which appeared on the horizon to lend strength to the people. May we offer sacred medicine tobacco in a prayerful manner and give thanks for this buffalo medicine.

I am a white woman with only a little bit of Cherokee. But my children carry more native blood than I do. And my stepdad, who adopted me as a child, is a member of the Osage tribe and I have been honored to watch the dances in Tahlequah with him and his husband once. I stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and indigenous people all over the planet. The people shall be Idle No More – and it is here, at the grassroots level, that the flames of the 8th fire are being lit – the waters are being protected, blessed, cleansed, and in doing so we are protecting, blessing and cleansing ourselves, for we are water.

Deepest respect and thanks to those on the front lines putting their sacred radiant body temples in front of the machine. May the black snake come to its demise soon, soon, soon, as we explore and invest in greener, sustainable energy sources. And no, it won’t be easy. But we have to start. There is no point in saying it is already too late. What kind of legacy is that to hand over to our children? We must do what is right for the people and for the planet. And we cannot drink oil.

Mni Wiconi – A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. I love you all. May your holiday weekend (Halloween – Samhain) be filled with fun times and cool costumes. Stay safe!