The Strangeness of Life

It’s been raining a lot here in Oklahoma, nice thunderstorms which form little rivers on the streets rather quickly. As a consequence of this, lawns and flowers are lush and people are in good moods, for we haven’t been hit with the extreme heat as of yet.

We’ve been very busy in my family, so much going on! My son Adam will be going home next week, though, which should leave me with more time to write. It’s funny being a people person at the same time as having a strong yearning to write. For I have to be alone in order to focus. or at least mostly alone. I tried typing out on the balcony a little while ago, but should have picked a different time, for too many people are out and about right now. Later on in the evening will probably be better. Especially since I am such a night owl.

I’ve come a long way since last year, when they took the two MRIs and CT scans of my neck and lower back. Back then there were still lots of days I had to use the brace on my right hand, and sit with it on ice for hours and hours at a time. I got my smaller cell phone at the time, and had great difficulty using the touch screen keyboard. At first.

Over this last year I have worked on strengthening all my muscles (and still have a ways to go!). Watching the posture is also essential. Coloring mandalas and other beautiful images in adult coloring books, using Ben Wa balls to exercise my hands, and a gymn ball in addition to kundalini and pranayama yoga is helping – quite a bit. All these years I have been so focused on survival and raising my kids to the point where I forgot to take good care of me.

Housework cannot come before self care! Luckily I love to eat now, so cooking is a big part of my life. Learning to cook for just myself is a whole new process. What I usually do is cook enough for two and then have leftovers the second day. At this point, I am maintaining my ideal weight of 130 lb, and since I was underweight by twenty or thirty pounds most of my adult life (except when pregnant), this is a huge milestone.

I also have two new clients who will be wanting half hour massages regularly. I’m collecting my knowledge about aromatherapy, crystals, and now herbal remedies in order to be of service to my community. And what an awesome little community it is!

My family has lived in this town for many generations. In fact, my grandmother was mayor back in 1956-1960. There is even a park in her name. She was an amazing woman and wonderful grandma. She passed back in 1981, hence the dedication of the park to her. She was getting ready to go to a meeting for the City Environmental Board of which she was a chairman of the day of her death. She had the blessing of meeting John and Jackie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt and Harry Truman. She also was friends with Carl Albert, who was speaker of the House of Representatives for quite some time. She introduced my sister and me to him a couple of times. That was quite auspicious.

I do believe that no matter what we go through in this life, we can always improve our situation, bit by bit, with a positive outlook and perseverance. For me, faith is also a big part of the picture. And to rise back up again after collapsing. For there will always be some moments of collapse. It’s all part of the experience.

It can be difficult to be patient with the healing process, but I have learned that to push the river only leads to more turbulent rapids. Near drownings. Floods and washed out banks.

The birds are chirping outdoors and I am alone with my cats, enjoying the serenity and wishing each and every one of you wonderful people a blessed Friday. TGIF! May your paths be sprinkled with rose petals and stardust, and may love greet you wherever you happen to go.



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