My Roots

When I dig my roots deep down

I find red dirt clay from the home

of my birth, Oklahoma –

and I find high mountain views

and barefoot summer days

in the mountains of New Mexico,

and I find the call of the Pacific

also stirring strongly in my veins,

a call heeded by so many of my family,

the vast desert between us for ever

so many years,

yet in quarantine are now

closer than ever before,

thanks to Zoom

and forgiveness

and transcendence of those old

patterns which rose round and round,

til healing was truly found.

Oh that healing is a process,

and not reserved for the few.

Healing is for everybody,

this I feel deep down in my bones.

Draw on the wisdom of the mighty Oak,

lay down in green meadows and look up at the sky, and breathe, and feel the earth beneath you, and breathe. Gaia is here to guide us. She has all we need for healing, if we only pause and listen.

Maybe one day we will meet,

dancing around a campfire

with loved ones who love peace,

just celebrating the Age of Aquarius

That Holy Shift has begun.

that we are all here to usher in.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

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