What’s Going On?

Faerie dwellings my granddaughter and her friends made the other day during a serendipitous cost by energy healer friends.

Was so blessed to hold a tiny baby in my arms as the kids got to work.

Lots of change going on! My apologies for not keeping up with written summaries of the Pele Report. Ever since July, things have been rolling along at a stupendous pace.

First a long time dear friend needed lodging, and what was originally to be three days turned into three weeks.

Then my sweet Alyssa came home at the end of the first week of September! The best hugs ever! Her visit with me also ended up being longer than intended, but she is doing well, working at Sonic, with a great group of women.

Her grandfather passed away the day before she came home. Grandfather to three of my kids, he lived to be 82, and was chairman of the New Mexico State House of Representatives for many years before finally resigning a couple years ago. He was an amazing man, loved by many, missed very much.

I am moving. Found a townhouse which suits my needs, should begin moving in at the end of next week.

Earlier this week, my first husband, father of my first born child, whom I married just two weeks shy of being 16, passed away. Being a rock for my girl and three grandkids right now, even while figuring out all the details of my relocation.

Having been back in this community, town of my birth, for 23 and a half years now, and having such a big family and open heart has opened doorways to life long friends, family really, and many will be assisting with the move.

I’ll have over a week to finish things once moving begins.

Excited and sad at the same time.

But just figured out how to add more than one photo, so my balcony garden creations will be upcoming.

I love you all, may your Friday be blessed. <


The Journey Inwards

The Journey Inwards

Every day brings new opportunities for fresh starts. No matter who you are or what your challenges may be, there is a reason for you to be here. You are a miracle. And it’s by noticing the every day miracles around you which increases the Love in the Universe. Love is letting go of fear, our greatest obstacle and from which the most challenging obstacles of darker emotions and feelings arise.

The journey inwards is not an easy one. Many saints have written about the dark night of the soul, or the battle with the dragon. Teachers can only take us to the doorway of the inner labyrinth, but finding the center of the maze and taming our own inner dragon is a solo journey. The quest which must be completed in order to properly use the Force, which we are each given.

Love your self unconditionally, celebrate your uniqueness in this great mosaic tapestry of life. When your journey gets tough and there are not like minded souls around you, seek comfort in Nature. Let Her warm arms comfort you with Her beauty, Her strength and resilience, Her oceans, streams and rivers, Her trees, plants and flowers, her living creatures great and small. See the sparkle in the eyes of the children, and soon you will see that same sparkle in your own eyes, and in the eyes of those around you.

Never let the Light go out in your eyes. Keep shining, my friends, keep shining.

No More Sides

No More Sides

Pick a card,
choose a side,
but don’t ever
look inside,
it’s so much better
to duck and hide
from each other.

Be afraid, be so afraid
of every difference
that you see,
look through the lens
only partially,
not globally.

Ahh but don’t you
see, that inside
we are always free,
and when we look inside
we see,
the true face of

It’s not our differences
that matter,
but all the ways
we are the same,
one family we be,
part of Gaia’s giving tree,
we can be free.

Embracing Oneness as our path,
diversity delights us at last,
And hand in hand we stand up

We stand up for each other,
for our planet, She is our mother,
And what we do to her,
we do to each other.

And what we do to one another,
we do to ourselves,
In La’kesh,
we are connected,
I am another you.
And I wish always
the best for you.

Deep breaths now,
the time has come to band together,
to hold our candles in the rain,
as the world has gone insane,
fighting wars,
so much pain,
but in the center there is calm,
And that calm is where we be,
powerfully connected,
And Love will set us free!

© Kamea Moonmaiden 10/2017