Anchoring the Grid in Oklahoma

The wind is blowing across the plains here in Oklahoma, as the beautiful full Moon in Virgo crosses the night sky. Sleeplessness often accompanies these moon changes, especially when eclipses are part of the equation. The last nine days I took a break from the Internet (mostly) and have been tuning into my own body’s signals to a whole new level. Achieving a state of Zen, or mindfulness, takes a lot of practice in this world of distraction. What I’m finding helpful is listening to light ambient music without lyrics. When I do listen to lyrics, they are mostly prayerful in some language or another. I love Sanskrit chanting, and Ravi Shankar was introduced to me at about age five. I remember my parents drinking wine out of bottles with very high necks, hugging each other a lot, and listening to Ravi Shankar. Cats also love to listen to it – they are such great sensors of energy.

Last week my daughter took my three grandkids to New Mexico to visit their family there. It was so great for them to visit her grandparents, who are now in their late eighties and still living in their lovely home on the side of a mountain just outside Glorieta. Of course their grandparents were amazed by how much these fine young people have grown in the past four years – they are now fifteen, twelve and five. The trip there took longer than anyone expected because the wind was high in Texas and the dust created poor visibility. My daughter is an excellent driver. Anyway, she and the kids had to stop off in Tucumcari, but there was no internet and the phones were down because of the high winds. Her dad, who lives in Taos, was very upset. I told him I would feel it if something was wrong and that there would be a logical explanation for them being off the radar for so many hours. Sure enough, first thing in the morning she got a hold of me.

She took her little family to Denver to visit her brother and his girlfriend on her way home. I’m so pleased my grandkids had the chance of visiting the mountains of their ancestors. The Sangre de Cristos mountains are breathtaking, and the roads have a lot of hairpin turns, as do the Rocky Mountain highways of Colorado, so I was very happy when they got back home, all just glowing from the wonders of their vacation, the fresh air and beautiful vistas rich with sunsets from heaven.

Today I was able to do a hot stone massage, and my client had sciatica, which is one of the more difficult pains to relieve. Headaches are my specialty, but with several Thai yoga leg stretches and some deep tissue along with Reiki healing energy, my client left pain free. This makes me so happy. Passing this on to young people is also wonderful, especially when they give me a massage. One of my sons is visiting and he made an awesome basil pesto tortellini and chicken while I was working, then gave me a neck and shoulder rub, so that was nice. It’s now three weeks since my boyfriend moved back to Michigan, and we are missing each other lots. The reception isn’t so great where he lives, as it’s out in the country. And snowing today. They’ve had a lot of snow so it will be gorgeous this summer. I plan to visit for about two weeks, and spend a couple of days at Lake Michigan.

Yoga and good nutrition are helping a lot, and also finally being able to sleep most nights. I have also had to cut some people out of my life but see how an energy drain was going on at times and learning how to not be an emotional sponge has been a life long lesson I am still working on. The Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono helps with that a great deal. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

So now I will return to meditating, visualizing the light coming in through the top of my head (crown chakra – Sahasrara) and circle around all my chakras as it entertwines with the earth energy coming up from Gaia into the base of my spine where the kundalini serpent rises – Shekina – along with the rising of the moon. I am in the flow and know the challenges and obstacles in each and every one of our paths are our teachers, and we have much to learn still. It’s time we learn how to be human beings who can learn to live in peace on the same planet together. Gaia is certainly big enough. If we knew how much we are lived and treat all we meet with that same kind of love, amazing things can happen. Every person who crosses our paths has a story, one which wants to be heard. Because we truly are each here for a reason.

Many blessings of the double rainbow to all this auspicious night. Remember to notice all the lovely little miracles of every day living, for it’s then that life just opens itself up to us. I believe that is why this moment is called the present, for it is a gift. And we always have freedom to choose how to use each of these moments. For it’s right here and right now, in this breath and this heartbeat, where all the healing is.

Namaste, my friends.


    • Yes,and am using them for myself and my family and home. I love mixing up essential oils with lotions, balms and also making sprinters. Blends are amazing – for baths I love eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender. It’s relaxing, clearing and invigorating all at the same time.

      I like to bring peppermint with me wherever I go.

      What are your favorites?


    • Thank you, sweetie, we have so many awesome memories of living there, don’t we?

      I cried when I saw the picture of Violeta Velasquez. I love them all so much still. The same for all my ex in-laws. Life is such an interesting journey.


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