Double Rainbow Family

Double Rainbow Family

Going to a National Rainbow Gathering is an amazing experience. That’s putting it mildly. All six of my now grown kids and two of my three grandkids have accompanied me to at least one of the two I attended. One was 10,000 feet up in the Uinta Mountains of Utah, the other 9,000 feet up in the Sangre de Cristos Mountains of New Mexico.

It’s no surprise I felt at home after finally making it to Welcome Home camp the first time. It reminded me of gatherings of hippies up in the mountains of New Mexico that my family and I attended when we lived next door to the Hog Farm. Only a thousand times bigger. There were an estimated 30,000 in Utah and about 15,000 in New Mexico. That’s a lot of Rainbows camping out in the forest at once!

My backpack immediately felt lighter upon leaving A-Camp (where the bikers and all who wish to drink alcohol hang out). People began telling us, “Welcome Home” right away.

The kitchens are spread far apart, some with lots of impressive cooking equipment. Luvin’ Ovens builds ovens out of stones and mud and bake chocolate chip cookies and deep dish pizza at night and share freely.

At Jesus Camp, food is given freely throughout the day. Something I took note of when my teenagers took all the food to their little campsite about a ten minute walk from mine.

At Granola Funk, they even have a generator, with musicians providing live music on into the night.

Campfires scatter across the mountains, with singing and drumming. People shout, “We love you!” across the meadow to each other. In the main meadow there’s an evening gathering for dinner every evening, and everyone making a huge circle. Many kitchens bring down ice chests and huge potfuls of lentils, rice dishes, other kinds of beans, maybe some kind of kale or spinach dish.

Then on the 4th of July, silence is held until the Om Circle at noon. The silence after so much noise is stupendous.

And to hold hands and Om for twenty minutes after the sacred silence is beyond amazing. It is glorious, and one of the many experiences which give me faith in humanity.

After the Om Circle is the Kiddy Parade, then the Ginger Parade, then the celebration. It’s the Rainbow High Holy Day to pray for peace on Earth.

Instead of money, there’s bartering. Lots of crystals, jewelry, tie dye and Hindu style clothes. Spiritual books.

Conversations about magic and manifesting and how powerful we truly be are common. Healers everywhere (at least that was my experience). It’s a western Shambala.

And coming back to Babylon after so much bliss is not easy. But when things get very rough, I feel the Light inside me, and remember the feeling of holding hands with thousands, and I embrace this world and all her people with my etheric Paravati arms.

My soul longs to live up on a mountain again, but my calling is to remain in the home I was called back to 24 years ago this month. Wow. Time flies! Such a big family, activities of daily living took so much more time when they were small.

I love you all, may your Thursday be blessed!

Thursday’s child has far to go. I was born on a Thursday.

Om Shanti.


The Journey Inwards

The Journey Inwards

Every day brings new opportunities for fresh starts. No matter who you are or what your challenges may be, there is a reason for you to be here. You are a miracle. And it’s by noticing the every day miracles around you which increases the Love in the Universe. Love is letting go of fear, our greatest obstacle and from which the most challenging obstacles of darker emotions and feelings arise.

The journey inwards is not an easy one. Many saints have written about the dark night of the soul, or the battle with the dragon. Teachers can only take us to the doorway of the inner labyrinth, but finding the center of the maze and taming our own inner dragon is a solo journey. The quest which must be completed in order to properly use the Force, which we are each given.

Love your self unconditionally, celebrate your uniqueness in this great mosaic tapestry of life. When your journey gets tough and there are not like minded souls around you, seek comfort in Nature. Let Her warm arms comfort you with Her beauty, Her strength and resilience, Her oceans, streams and rivers, Her trees, plants and flowers, her living creatures great and small. See the sparkle in the eyes of the children, and soon you will see that same sparkle in your own eyes, and in the eyes of those around you.

Never let the Light go out in your eyes. Keep shining, my friends, keep shining.

Golden Keys in Children’s Literature

Golden Keys in Children’s Literature

Pondering on the dream I had almost two years ago, about all the masters, saints, avatars, wise ones, earth angels and boddhisatvas were gathered on a high flat mountain plateau like the one in Taos. The air itself was golden and a loud voice declared, “Ho, Dragon Slayers. The time has come to cease slaying the Dragon. You are all now to be Dragon Tamers. And all the keys will be found in the ancient texts, myths, holy books,songs and stories of all times.

For we are the writers of this epic human story, and it is huge. The whole Universe has been joyously awaiting our ascension into the Golden Age.

Even children’s books and fairy tales hold the keys. The Chronicles of Narnia give keys to dealing with planetary transformation, and also sacrifice, overcoming the deep dark secrets of magic through innocence and surrender, only to achieve resurrection, overturning the ancient dark secrets with the older magic of LOVE. Aslan, for C.S. Lewis, represents Jesus Christ. But also God, the creator of Narnia, and also providing the doorway into the new world when corruption brings Narnia to its demise. And the paradise he takes Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan is far more real and beautiful than either Narnia or Earth could ever be. “Farther up and further in!” Asian joyously sings as he leads his beloved children to their true home. Of course all their loved ones are there, for they have crossed over the rainbow bridge through a dirty stable door. Things are not always as they seem. The false prophet, an ape disguised as Aslan, is the one who brought war and corruption across the land. Perhaps Lewis was also prophetic, for there certainly are familiar themes in American politics (and other countries as well) going on today.

The two other books coming to my mind currently, containing golden keys to taming the Dragon are Heidi and The Secret Garden. Both stories emphasize the healing power of Nature. Both Heidi and Mary Collins from The Secret Garden lose their mothers at an early age. Mary also loses her father. Both are sent to live with relatives. Both have issues at first with their new homes, but after spending time out in Nature, each with a friend who guides them (Peter the goat herd in Heidi, and Dickon, the animal and nature loving brother of Martha, Mary’s nurse maid in The Secret Garden).

And they both have cousins who are crippled. Well to do children who are given everything their doctors and nurses and busy, mostly absent fathers can think of, except fresh air, sunshine and nature. Both are motherless as well. In both stories the heroines undergo deep personal transformation and healing, trials and tribulations, and after Nature teaches them her secrets, they share this golden key with their crippled cousins. Mary Collins’ cousin is Colin, Heidi’s cousin is Clara.

It is upon taking these children outside, Colin to the Secret Garden, and Clara to the Swiss Alps where Heidi returns to live with her beloved and troubled grandfather, that they both achieve true healing, within and without, and learn to walk again. And while Heidi and Mary are the facilitators and Nature the golden key, the other golden key is within each of them and each of us.

Which leads me to a scene in The Secret Garden where Mary and Colin are talking about the Universe. And Colin tells her about a holy man, one so holy that if one should be blessed to look into his mouth, one would see the whole universe. Mary argues with him about this idea, declaring it illogical, and Colin says it doesn’t have to make sense.

I feel Frances Hodges Burnett and Johanna Spyri were pointing out the golden keys to healing in these magical tales, just as Lewis was in the Narnia tales, for meditation can take us to other realms within.

As above, so below. As without, so within.

It is clearly evident this Mars and Mercury conjunct in Cancer along with the Sun opposing Pluto in Capricorn is causing some extreme behavior (and bizarre, and horrific) on the global scene, but at the same time people are praying, people are healing, people are gathering together and rising up for human rights and for our only planet.

There’s been times when I fell into despair and couldn’t get out of bed much due to many challenging health issues and depression (listing them anymore is claiming them and am done with that as best as possible). And then when I began spending more time outside, doing yoga, planting herbs for my cooking, coloring mandalas, meditating and going to my own inner sun did I begin to truly heal on a deep cellular level.

And we all are healing. We are each little holograms of the Universe, and we must be like hollow bones and keep our vessels pure.

Namaste, my friends. Blessed be.

Mountain Magic

Mountain Magic

The sounds of drumming and singing filled the air as we sat around our campfire, making dinner for the children. The air was already chilly, for at 9,000 feet the temperature drops below freezing at night, even in July. We were all exhausted from hiking up and down the mountain all day, hauling water, visiting Kiddie Camp and other kitchens.

George’s bright blue eyes sparkled as he whispered, “I love you” and led me by the hand down the mountain. We had spent most of our time at the Rainbow Gathering tending to family duties and helping my friend with her’s. Between the two of us there were thirteen, quite a tribe. Her husband was on his last legs and nearly blind, and her youngest child a 1-year-old, so we helped as much as we could.

But tonight was our night. So we hiked down the mountain, holding hands and singing, hoping to find the Bliss Pit I had been looking out for. There were at least fifty large kitchen camps set up around a five square mile radius, and about ten thousand people. The purpose of the Gathering is to peacefully assemble and demonstrate the power of Love and peace. The high holy day is the 4th of July, when silence is observed til noon, at which point the Om circle is held in the main meadow.

This was our special night, and as we had just become engaged after a long breakup, our bliss was quite palpable. When we reached the bottom of the mountain we found some friendly folks at a few campfires and eventually stumbled across the Bliss Pit.

This fire was intense – the wood set up like a pyramid, the heat radiating with ferocity and warming us to the core. Beautiful people were dancing around ecstatically as several drummers created magic beats.

We waited until there was a space for us to join in with the dancers, and I lost myself in abandon as the rhythm carried us away. Tears rolled down my cheeks as my body swayed and my feet carried me faster and faster around the fire. Sweat began to trickle down my spine, and I began to sing . . .

There is a lady who rides the night sky. Watch her spin as she flies on by. She is within us, beginning to end. Our grandmother, our sister, our friend. She is the needle and we are the thread, she is the weaver and we are the web. She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes.

And . . .

You are my brother, you are my sister, you are my lover, you are my friend. You are the beginning, you are the center, you are beyond the end. And I love you so, for you help me see, to see you in all, is to see you in me. I’m in you and you’re in me. I’m in you and you’re in me.

And . . .

We are opening up, like a lotus flower, spread our wings and let our Spirits take us higher. We are opening. We are opening.

We danced and sang in that circle for hours. People told us we werea beautiful couple and embraced us. Filled with joy and bliss, we finally climbed up the mountain and made love in our tent with billions of bright stars shining upon us.

That was one of the best nights of my life. Never in a million years would I have imagined that this love would later deteriorate, that one day I would have to run away with my kids in the middle of the night. But the magic of that mountain night is not any less sweet regardless of what happened later.

It’s the beautiful memories I wish to preserve. I did change his name, of course. There were many other beautiful moments during that adventure, which I wrote an entire short story about and will share that some time in the near future. Time has a way of slipping from me too quickly!

Rainbow Blessings of Love to you all, my friends. Thanks for following my blog.

Earth Warrior

Earth Warrior

My mama was an earth warrior (my Da still is) and raised me and my siblings for awhile up in the northern mountains of New Mexico, next door to the Hog Farm. We raised chickens, goats, a pig and a beautiful Thoroughbred-Arabian mare named Lady. She gave birth to a colt we named Lightning during our years on our farm. My sister and I gathered dandelions in the spring and summer which we ate raw in our salads and our mama made into wine. Thirty four years after my family sold the farm to a woman named Oxygen, some of my kids and I went back to the farm and she was still there, outside working on her boat. When I mentioned my parents the first thing she remembered was that delicious dandelion wine. The tiny three room adobe house with an unfinished three bedroom addition we had left behind had long since been completed and the original home remodeled. It was an honor to be invited into my old home. I wrote a short story about it which needs some revising, one of the next writing tasks I am going to accomplish.

The group Omnia reminds me so much of the hippies at the Hog Farm and the principles I was raised by. True born pagan, yeah.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

First of all I wish a Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it and a blessed day for those who aren’t. A teacher whom I dearly love, Patricia Cota-Robles, is the founder of the nonprofit organization called The New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose and offers free spiritual information, radio shows and other beautiful offerings at I have listened a couple of times to the question and answer telesummit conversation and guided visualization she had with Jacklyn Johnston at for the full moon in Pisces combined with total solar eclipse we experienced on March 8. During this beautiful and powerful talk, she says that we are receiving another huge influx of light today, this Easter day, which will help seal our collective intention and purpose to evolve into the highest expression of ourselves we can be. This is a gradual process, but the energies have indeed sped up, and it’s very important that each of us prepare ourselves for this quantum leap in consciousness. Especially because technology has been one step ahead of our human bodies the last fifty years or so, and we need to be able to transmute the chemicals and electromagnetic frequencies all our electronics are putting out into the atmosphere, along with pesticides and carbon emissions and genetically altered food causing a contaminated food and water supply for so many people.

Loving ourselves unconditionally is an easier concept than it is a reality. It means changing our negative self critic into a nurturing and loving parent. Learning to let go of all which no longer serves us will mean many of us change our eating habits and there will be changes in relationships. The difference between those who are awakened and those who have not yet will become more and more noticeable.

I had the blessing of being part of a 4 for Gaia initiative online meeting led by Suzanne Lie, Ph.D. on Friday, and she gave me some sound advice for handling the intense energy coming through me following some of my meditations as it has been causing an increased frequency of affecting electric and electronic devices. What happens is that these items will turn off over and over again until I back away from them and ask someone else to turn them on. This has happened to my television, my Kindle Fire and my laptop. Many times. Dr. Sue suggested I say, “Not right now, please.” This has already helped a lot. I can use this same energy for energy healing and my hands are becoming very hot, much hotter than when I first began working with energy formally about thirteen years ago. My clients are feeling this increased frequency, as are my kids, who love transmissions. They are attuned to Level 1 of Reiki.

There are so many ways we can each heal ourselves, for all healing is self healing. Healing can even be spontaneous and brought about by an enlightening conversation. When we get to the root cause, the blocked emotion which tends to hang out in specific areas of our bodies, we can learn to release the intensity of the charge behind that emotion which was blocked because feeling it was too much to handle at the time. Seriously, most of us were taught to stuff our feelings way deep down inside of us when we were children, and this was re-enforced as we grew up. I read on someone’s blog not too long ago that we are all in pain, and this is accurate. Gaia Herself is also in pain, for as long as war and destruction and all the other atrocities which shouldn’t be going on still do, we damage Her right along with ourselves. Conversely, when we explore ways of sustainable living (and by that I don’t mean tearing up more of Nature to build windmills and solar panels, we need to be creating these in urban areas to replace traditional transformers and we need to learn to use less energy, not more) and when we treat each other and all living beings with love and respect, we help heal Her. When we get together in groups to clean up some of the polluted rivers and beaches, or gather together to honor the moon, to dance and drum around bonfires and leave no trace of our presence when we leave, it is then that we learn to tread lightly.

I’m working on my Reiki so that I can do transmissions and arrangements long distance on a regular basis. I use it on myself and love it so much. On top of the Reiki I am learning Quantum Touch, a hands on healing modality which amps up the frequency of the Reiki.

Today, the joyous day of resurrection, is also a day of celebration in many religions, for the theme of death and rebirth have been part of every culture throughout history. So whatever religion or non-religion you belong to, I wish you love and light and rebirth if that is what you wish for. And may all having family celebrations have a blessed day as well. We celebrated Friday at our local community park and got to see lots of adorable children all dressed up, and our little Loralai had a great time but the older kids found all the goodies. So we had our family dinner and Easter egg hunt for our little princess last night, and she certainly did glow. We all love her so much. What a blessing our children are. They grow up much too quickly, so treasuring our time with them is such a gift.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

@Kamea Moonmaiden

Gaia is Glowing

Gaia is Glowing

Gaia is glowing
shining and glowing
holding Her children
with such loving now.

She thanks those who
love Her with
and rainbows
babbling brooks
waves crashing
against shores.

She loves when
our hearts
are open and loving
for when we love another
we love Her too.

She is our Mother,
from her clay
we are fashioned,
all mixed up
with stardust
here for
our sacred dance.

So let us dance
the spiral dance
around Her,
and let us
let our
Light shine for
all to see.

Now is the time to
burn all those bushels
in a sacred bonfire
of Violet Flame
by the sea.

Let this Violet Flame
burn brighter and brighter,
let it bring us
cleansing and healing,
as we hold
hands together
all shining
our Light so freely.

All that is not love
we shall cast into
this fire,
and blaze
that Violet Flame
for all humanity.

This is
our gift to Gaia –
to love each other,
and first to love

@Kamea Moonmaiden