Golden Keys in Children’s Literature

Golden Keys in Children’s Literature

Pondering on the dream I had almost two years ago, about all the masters, saints, avatars, wise ones, earth angels and boddhisatvas were gathered on a high flat mountain plateau like the one in Taos. The air itself was golden and a loud voice declared, “Ho, Dragon Slayers. The time has come to cease slaying the Dragon. You are all now to be Dragon Tamers. And all the keys will be found in the ancient texts, myths, holy books,songs and stories of all times.

For we are the writers of this epic human story, and it is huge. The whole Universe has been joyously awaiting our ascension into the Golden Age.

Even children’s books and fairy tales hold the keys. The Chronicles of Narnia give keys to dealing with planetary transformation, and also sacrifice, overcoming the deep dark secrets of magic through innocence and surrender, only to achieve resurrection, overturning the ancient dark secrets with the older magic of LOVE. Aslan, for C.S. Lewis, represents Jesus Christ. But also God, the creator of Narnia, and also providing the doorway into the new world when corruption brings Narnia to its demise. And the paradise he takes Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan is far more real and beautiful than either Narnia or Earth could ever be. “Farther up and further in!” Asian joyously sings as he leads his beloved children to their true home. Of course all their loved ones are there, for they have crossed over the rainbow bridge through a dirty stable door. Things are not always as they seem. The false prophet, an ape disguised as Aslan, is the one who brought war and corruption across the land. Perhaps Lewis was also prophetic, for there certainly are familiar themes in American politics (and other countries as well) going on today.

The two other books coming to my mind currently, containing golden keys to taming the Dragon are Heidi and The Secret Garden. Both stories emphasize the healing power of Nature. Both Heidi and Mary Collins from The Secret Garden lose their mothers at an early age. Mary also loses her father. Both are sent to live with relatives. Both have issues at first with their new homes, but after spending time out in Nature, each with a friend who guides them (Peter the goat herd in Heidi, and Dickon, the animal and nature loving brother of Martha, Mary’s nurse maid in The Secret Garden).

And they both have cousins who are crippled. Well to do children who are given everything their doctors and nurses and busy, mostly absent fathers can think of, except fresh air, sunshine and nature. Both are motherless as well. In both stories the heroines undergo deep personal transformation and healing, trials and tribulations, and after Nature teaches them her secrets, they share this golden key with their crippled cousins. Mary Collins’ cousin is Colin, Heidi’s cousin is Clara.

It is upon taking these children outside, Colin to the Secret Garden, and Clara to the Swiss Alps where Heidi returns to live with her beloved and troubled grandfather, that they both achieve true healing, within and without, and learn to walk again. And while Heidi and Mary are the facilitators and Nature the golden key, the other golden key is within each of them and each of us.

Which leads me to a scene in The Secret Garden where Mary and Colin are talking about the Universe. And Colin tells her about a holy man, one so holy that if one should be blessed to look into his mouth, one would see the whole universe. Mary argues with him about this idea, declaring it illogical, and Colin says it doesn’t have to make sense.

I feel Frances Hodges Burnett and Johanna Spyri were pointing out the golden keys to healing in these magical tales, just as Lewis was in the Narnia tales, for meditation can take us to other realms within.

As above, so below. As without, so within.

It is clearly evident this Mars and Mercury conjunct in Cancer along with the Sun opposing Pluto in Capricorn is causing some extreme behavior (and bizarre, and horrific) on the global scene, but at the same time people are praying, people are healing, people are gathering together and rising up for human rights and for our only planet.

There’s been times when I fell into despair and couldn’t get out of bed much due to many challenging health issues and depression (listing them anymore is claiming them and am done with that as best as possible). And then when I began spending more time outside, doing yoga, planting herbs for my cooking, coloring mandalas, meditating and going to my own inner sun did I begin to truly heal on a deep cellular level.

And we all are healing. We are each little holograms of the Universe, and we must be like hollow bones and keep our vessels pure.

Namaste, my friends. Blessed be.

Article About Christ Consciousness

Article About Christ Consciousness

Because yes. Jesus said to the pie people after performing miracles, “All these you can do and more.” And all it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed. Mustard seeds are tiny! So imagine, just imagine a world of self actualized human beings, All awakened to Christ Consciousness.


Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul, January 18, 2017

This week Kaypacha gives us advice from beautiful Costa Rica, beginning the show with a lovely glimpse of his astronomy software which gives such a delightful look at the planets as they circle around the sun. He says that the big thing right now is Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn with a T-square between all three. At the same time, Mars is square Saturn, and Venus is getting very very close to Mars, a conjunction which will become tighter and tighter and also visible in the night sky until the end of February.

With Venus and Mars both being in emotional and sensitive Pisces and heading on into fiery Aries, things are pretty intense for relationships of all kinds, including with ourselves. Balancing the feminine and the masculine within ourselves is key to dealing with these energies. It’s a good idea to do lots of preparation for the body now – retreat, yoga, run, whatever your thing is for getting strong and centered, before the planets which rule our love lives move into Aries, that is for sure.

And as if this were not enough, Chiron is conjunct Venus and Pluto and Mercury are both hanging out in Capricorn, letting us all know it is time to get down to business. For me, this is manifesting in suddenly being able to do healing massages again. Not suddenly actually, but slowly and surely and carefully, and I still have to be careful not to overdo. In fact, Tom (Kaypacha) talks a lot about burnout during this week’s Pele Report – it is a real thing and it takes years to recover from, but it is possible to recover. Far preferable not to get into that go, go, go mode in the first place – to feel guilty if one has to take the time to heal from serious injuries or surgeries or complications from childbirth – people pushing themselves to the brink of extinction – and for what? What will we give our children if our bodies and the body of our planet are polluted and overused? These body temples love to shine – we must treat them with such loving kindness. And our bodies will tell us what they want! As will our planet. Listening to the planet will help us to clean up some of the big messes that have been made.

Kaypacha has made a video with his projections for the entire year of 2017, the Year of the End of Illusion, and it is highly advisable that we all check it out. The membership at the New Paradigm astrology is only $15 a month and includes a newsletter and access to the astrology archives and the readings of the Dream Team. They are having an astrological celebration in Costa Rica in May, check it out at He also made a kundalini yoga video and I am very interested in checking this out, I love learning new forms of yoga.

It is going to be an exciting, shocking, transformative year, and it is important we remain centered and focused on love and light and also understand compassionate witnessing without getting too torn up as the very fabric of reality is shifting. Te turning of the ages is not just time passing into another year. Huge energetic shifts abound and we may experience some physical discomforts and ailments during this time, so it’s a good idea to take extra good care of ourselves. We can feel overwhelmed at times and that is the time when it’s good to hold space and stand strong.

The patriarchy is dying and a new egalitarian society which is also a global ecoculture where humans thrive without war and use green energy and encourage simplicity is emerging in place.

This is one of the best, but I have thought that before. This week’s mantra is:

Sometimes the world is so bizarre, I simply can’t relate. But my work is to stay and support by lovingly holding space.

Kaypacha: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.
Kami: Rainbow Blessings. I love you all.

Los Angeles traffic is a lot different than Oklahoma traffic, lol! I’m pretty thankful to being to reunite with my family at this auspicious time on the planet. Many, many blessings more will be coming, along with challenges, but we will rise to meet those challenges, yes indeed we will.

A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin.

Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul, December 14, 2016

Tom is talking to us from Ko Phogang, Thailand, and the view is gorgeous! We are still feeling the effects of the Full Moon in Gemini. And Mercury is conjunct Pluto and about to go retrograde back to Saturn for three weeks. The Sun hits the galactic center on Saturday. Mars is leaving Aquarius and entering Pisces as soon as Mercury goes retrograde.

The Moon is going into Cancer Friday, then Leo on Sunday. Saturn is still square to Chiron. During this next three weeks of Mercury retrograde, things can get pretty dark. There is a whole different dimension which Kaypacha wants to tell us about, but first he shows a panoramic view of the gorgeous sea.

Obsessive compulsive speach patterns, control and compulsive issues. The main issue coming up is wanting things our way – Tom calls it the Hitler asepct – root chakra kundalini combined with the throat chakra – like a German tank it will roll over anyone and anything which can get in its way.

Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Aquarius are know it alls, but they are moving towards Pisces. The Moon is still in Gemini – then it will go into Cancer where we feel sensitive, may need to retreat into our shells and not wanting to talk about our feelings. Then Leo inspires us to be joy filled, to go out into the world and talk about real issues.

This can be an insecure time – kind of a tricky dilemma.

Saturn square Chiron presents another twist of healing – Chiron in Pisces wants to heal the wound, old guilt coming up – but Chiron is open, compassionate and forgiving. Mercury/Pluto conjunct constricts, and Saturn in Sagittarius has us looking at all the facts, the laws, the negotiations. Jupiter in Libra wants fairness and justice for everyone and everything. The tendency here can be to get stuck in old thought patterns, old beliefs, lots of old paradigm attitudes in our subconscious, which Pluto is bringing up so we can change them.

This week’s mantra: I’m tired of all the bullshit, I want what’s true and real. So rather than getting stuck in my head, I expand my magnetic field.

Then Tom talks about the fact that the Heart Math Institute has discovered that the magnetic field of the heart is bigger than the magnetic field of the brain.

Yogi Bhajan says we need an exalted experience. Time for fun, joy, love – the expansion of that magnetic love. That is how we heal the planet – by opening our hearts and experiencing unconditional love for ourselves, each other and the planet. Our growth right now is not about being right. It’s about love, unity and healing. Also, be mindful of your companions. Time to stop talking about or listening to BS. if people are bringing us down – get out of there! Let’s create permaculture, tread lightly on the planet and do whatever we can to make sure there is a future for our children and children’s children.

Of course Kaypacha has much more to say but today is a short video – so worth watching. This little summary I type up only covers the main points of this reading. Perhaps someday this will grant me the blessing of meeting my favorite astrologer and the whole New Paradigm group.

Kaypacha: Namaste. Aloha. Have a good time.

Kamea: Rainbow Blessings. Om namaha shivaya.

Prayers For The People

Prayers For The People

After spending most of the night last night watching live streams from the various group pages for the Standing Rock Sioux Water Protectors, it seemed at first the odds appear insurmountable, but they are not. Three investors have withdrawn their financing, I am unsure of two but know for sure that a bank in Norway, who contributed 10%, withdrew after protectors there demonstrated at the banks there. Please forgive me for not checking data at this moment, for am just so emotional about this and I need to write about it.

I shared about twenty links on FB, maybe more. I shared the live streams and shared them again when FB hides them, I am sharing numbers for the White House, the Army Corps of Engineers, the governor for North Dakota and many other important numbers to demand that something be done about the situation at the Sacred Stone Camp right away! This is not a situation which can be allowed to play itself out.

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department is lying about the situation. They claim to have used the water canons to put out fires, but no, they were pointing them at the hands and faces of the Water Protectors. The narratives they are presenting never provide actual proof of their claims, but they are spinning tales to frighten local residents and make them afraid of peaceful people. The Massacre at Wounded Knee comes to mind, and we are witnessing a modern version of the same, and it needs to stop.

I saw many pictures of the wounded. Around two hundred people were injured last night, and they do their best to keep this off the news. One young woman has a detached retina now, and another young woman is losing her arm.

During this week when it is tradition in this country to have a celebration centered around a false Pilgrim/Native American narrative, it is so sad that the government is literally at war, again, with the Native Americans. I also saw the beautiful jingle dancers, and a ceremony of warriors riding into the camp to join the elders in the lighting of the Eighth Fire.

We are still reeling from the shocks of the election, and I do not like politics, but to see the rise in hate crimes, a sudden strange and vicious embracing of white supremacist fascism, is beyond comprehension. We all need to stick together, not be sharply divided as is happening now. It’s so important to remember that we have all been influenced by the media I’m some way or another. But to stand up against hate is so important. Love is the only acceptable center to claim as we do our best to not just survive in this new age of advanced technology, but thrive. To deliberately turn people against each other for our differences is horrible – we do not have to let them.

We are definitely all connected! Tonight I am praying to raise the vibrations everywhere, praying for a day of peace and knowing that it truly can happen, and we know this to be true when we go within and find that very very peaceful place we each have access to. For we are star beings, my friends. So easy to forget that when looking at the crimes against humanity and the Earth being committed, but that’s only because the darkest hour is just before the dawn. But the golden rays of the Sun rising in our hearts are already within each and every single one of us. So no matter what, we are journeying towards Oneness, towards healing.

Over 500+ veterans who practice non-violent resistance are going to the camp as well! We are spreading this news because we wish to encourage more people to go. If I could go, I would! Instead, I am one of the digital warriors. Today I sealed a thread of an injured girl who was receiving ugly comments from oil defender trolls. Praying for forgiveness for the haters. For anyone who hates is really fearful and calling out for love! And Jesus did tell us to judge not at all and to be forgiven our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Once during a very challenging time in my life, definitely my all time bottom, I was so cold. It was winter and I had only one blanket, no heat, and I was freezing, being twenty pounds lighter than I am now, I was tiny. I wrote to my friends about how cold I was, and they had a ceremony to send me warmth. I do know what it’s like to be a fish out of water, without a place to call my own.

Well, I did receive that warmth and woke up very early in the morning when it came to me in waves of comfort. As I looked through the window, a poem wrote itself through me. And I knew, in that instant, without a doubt, that this truly is a world of illusion.

Blessings of Love to you all. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. Please pray for the Standing Rock Sioux Water Protectors, call the White House, do everything possible to help, I am going into deep prayer but I will be back, am visiting new followers’ sites and am so honored to be followed by such a great group of people!!!! I love you all.

I am thankful for each and every one of you, and I am thankful to be alive. I am thankful to help in any way I can.

Mingling Stardust And Clay

Mingling Stardust And Clay

With each breath I take
stardust I do bring in,
while through my open feet
rises up that earthly clay.

My eyes gazing
upon the stars,
my feet firmly
planted on the ground,
I am mingling
stardust and clay
every single day,
still learning
what it means
to be human,
to be woman,
to be alive.

Six babies I’ve carried
inside me,
six babies I’ve nursed
with my breasts,
this miracle of life
astounds me,
my dreams are that they
each become the best
version of themselves
they came here to be,
each a mixture of
clay and stardust,
each a beautiful glimpse
of eternity.

For in our children
we see continuity,
it’s in them we
sense immortality,
for we are each
mingling stardust and clay
while learning to be free.

With each passing day
we become wiser,
new challenges abound,
and no matter what
comes our way,
we’ll still be
stardust and clay.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

We Are All Going Home – We Are Water

We Are All Going Home – We Are Water

After everything that has happened at the Sacred Stone Camp and other camps associated with the Standing Rock Sioux and their valiant efforts to protect the water not just for their own tribe, their own future generations, but for all of us, I feel called to remain in a very prayerful space. Lyla June has called for us to be united in prayer, to make tomorrow, Sunday, OCtober 30, 2016 a day devoted to prayer and sacred ceremony in support of the water protectors in North Dakota and all over this planet.

I found this song by Ulali because it embodies this message so boldly, a message which needs to be listened to ever more urgently now than when it was released so many years ago (although this is a different version – recently updated).

For militarized police, tanks, beanbags, rubber bullets and mace are used against peacefully demonstrating people, something is terribly wrong. I am thankful for the bison which appeared on the horizon to lend strength to the people. May we offer sacred medicine tobacco in a prayerful manner and give thanks for this buffalo medicine.

I am a white woman with only a little bit of Cherokee. But my children carry more native blood than I do. And my stepdad, who adopted me as a child, is a member of the Osage tribe and I have been honored to watch the dances in Tahlequah with him and his husband once. I stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and indigenous people all over the planet. The people shall be Idle No More – and it is here, at the grassroots level, that the flames of the 8th fire are being lit – the waters are being protected, blessed, cleansed, and in doing so we are protecting, blessing and cleansing ourselves, for we are water.

Deepest respect and thanks to those on the front lines putting their sacred radiant body temples in front of the machine. May the black snake come to its demise soon, soon, soon, as we explore and invest in greener, sustainable energy sources. And no, it won’t be easy. But we have to start. There is no point in saying it is already too late. What kind of legacy is that to hand over to our children? We must do what is right for the people and for the planet. And we cannot drink oil.

Mni Wiconi – A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. I love you all. May your holiday weekend (Halloween – Samhain) be filled with fun times and cool costumes. Stay safe!