Too Close For Comfort

Well, we just had the closest call I have had in many many years. Lord have mercy on us all. It was super intense. My son and I ended up going downstairs to hide in the neighbor’s closet because we live upstairs.

A tornado went right over us, followed by hail and and thunder and lightning bolts striking right at our apartment complex with pouring rain and howling wind.

Moved all the plants to a safer spot. I was just in the middle of sorting out all the bills when the tornado drill began to sound.

We held hands and said the Lord’s prayer as we kept track on our phones. The drill went off four times!

Whew. Everybody in town is on FB, all letting each other know we are safe. Crazy Oklahoma weather !

This woman has had enough excitement for today. Now it’s time for fish and salad followed by watching Mocking Jay part 2, something I have been looking forward to for some time. I read all the books and enjoyed them a lot.

Have a good Friday, my friends. Feeling so thankful right now.

Om namaha shivaya.


Angelic Time Stamps

Ah, so I have figured out why my posts were disappearing. Wasn’t waiting long enough for them to be saved, lol. Text typing too quickly. A few years ago text typing on a small cell just wasn&…

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Always Moving Forward Inch by Inch

Always Moving Forward Inch by Inch

No matter what obstacles and problems cross our paths, there is always an important lesson to be learned, a silver lining in every cloud. And always there is somebody in worse condition, dealing with more difficult circumstances.

Knowing this is such a great comfort, for the wounded healer heals when helping others. I am on this planet to serve. It’s in service that I feel fulfilled. It’s so great to be needed, to have a purpose.

Of course good healthy boundaries are important. Yes, we are all intrinsically interconnected and yet we are also each our own island. Little holograms of the Universe we be.

So, just letting you all know that in no way do I feel sorry for myself because in so many ways my life is blessed. Always there is something to do, somebody to love, people, pets, plants and nature to connect with and pay attention to.

And when there are nights of solitude these are treasured. At times these nights have been feared, but in the letting go of fear I am always reminded that I’m never truly alone. Our beloved Creator is always with me, angels surround me and protect me from harm each and every day.

As we enter into the Mercury retrograde season, it’s good to remind ourselves to be prepared, mentally and physically, for things to happen. For indeed things have a tendency to just “happen.” And when they do, we can take deep breaths and get through it.

There really isn’t any other way. Can’t get around issues by side stepping. Just like pesky bills that have to be paid, problems have to be dealt with head on. Of course everybody already knows this, lol.

What an interesting and amazing planet we live on. So many experiences being presented to us each and every day. And through it all, Love is the most rewarding, most miraculous experience of all.

Love is the answer, love is the key. Love is the only thing that will ever set us free. We are Love. God is Love. The Universe is responsive and when we simply let go and trust, all things work out for the greater good of all.

I love you all. Thanks for stopping by. About to visit many of you as my daughter got off work early, so Loralai was only here in the morning. And what a doll she is today (every day). Such a blessing.

So are my cats. Especially my cat Mila. She adores the energy of massages and meditation. After my friend and I did a guided healing meditation today she rubbed all over us. She is sleeping by my feet right now, happy as can be.

Wherever you are, blessings of peace and Love to you today.


This Week’s Pele Report

This week Mercury is in retrograde along with Mars, which is in Sagittarius and then going into Scorpio along with other intense aspects and the Sun in Taurus. Venus is also in Taurus, planet of love turning inwards.

It is time for introspection and self reflection along with the need for mirroring. We may find ourselves feeling so small and asking what our purpose or our value is. Remember we are each here for a reason.

Taurus is the hermit. Solitude is essential, as is being gentle with ourselves.

With Saturn also in Sagittarius we can find ourselves sifting through the many voices. And saying listen to me. Sag is the evangelist. Our opinions can lead to righteousness.

Correct behavior is crucial as we are currently breaking out of the old paradigm and shifting into the Age of Aquarius. So many cultures all singing songs at the same time, having waited so long to be heard. It’s time to listen and celebrate diversity.

The mantra this week:

The search for deeper meaning now occupies my soul. It calls me to dwell in the subtle realms that the mysteries of life I may know.

My son and I had a great time today hanging out with Loralai and her friend Destiny in the front yard. Relaxing as the girls ran around the clover filled yard as the sun warmed me and the earth filled me with healing loving energy was great.

Sweet dreams, I love you all. Time for my mermaid bath.



Learning to Pace in a Busy World

Today the air is crisp and clean, so refreshing. We’re all in a great mood here in my neck of the woods. So thankful for being protected during last night’s storm.

Learning to pace myself has been one of the most challenging lessons of this life, for when able I’m highly productive, yet now realize that a new, more gentle approach is not only a good idea, it’s necessary.

So it will be later next week when I resume my usual weekly WP activities like the Gaia Star codex readings, crystal grids and the continuation to Setting the Princess of Roses Free. My apologies, for I had thought I could do more and do hate breaking my word. But have to be in first or second gear.

For text typing on my small ZTE is quite difficult. But I am stubborn, so updating each day has become important.

I’m so thankful to be meeting so many of you and am visiting two or three sites per day right now – something which will also increase once my other devices can be online again. And what a good lesson in self discipline this brief period of time without internet has actually been. We have found our old DVD’s to watch, which is quite comforting and also nostalgic.

In the meantime my son Adam is having eye surgery next Tuesday. Please hold him in your hearts with love and light and prayer, whatever method of positive thinking you embrace. He is blind in his left eye – suffers from severe eczema and psoriasis, a congenital disorder he’s had to deal with since four months of age.

He was blind in both eyes by the age of 23, at which point in time we discovered a program which paid for him to have bilateral lens implants. That was such a blessing. I remember well three days after his first implant granted him the ability to see again, and he walked over to the OU student union to watch A Clockwork Orange.

He came home in perfect ptich with the song Singing in the Rain, which made my heart overflow with joy.

He is my firstborn son, lives neae Dallas and visits for about a week each month right now as he is going through the process of taking care of his eyes. His eye which is blind again now will be replaced with a prosthetic device some time in June or July.

Bless his heart. He is a kind and thoughtful young man.

My own health continues to improve a bit each day. When I found out my cervical fusion eight years ago it was very scary. Just the idea of repeat surgery terrified me because the first one had been so incredibly painful. Much worse even than the time I had four abdominal surgeries in one day twenty two years ago. But my orthopedic surgeon said he didn’t want to give me repeat surgery.

The other orthopedic surgeon I went to see was quite angry when he saw my CT scan revealing the gap between C5-C6. For every year my surgeon gave me an x-ray but no other studies. And last year when I was finally referred for further studies it was a nurse practitioner who noticed the need for CT just by examining the x-ray.

So I had two MRIs and two CT scans last June. It’s degenerative disc disease that is causing all this pain, but I just found out there is a new implant which can be placed near the spinal cord via a minimally invasive procedure which can help prevent further degeneration of these spinal discs. I’ll be discussing this with my doctor next week.

Luckily all my bones are VERY strong because of all the hard work this body has done since a small girl. Those chores on the farm built a strong frame, muscles and constitution, so yay for healthy living.

I did used to smoke cigarettes but stopped over three years ago. That made a huge difference. And now I am very mindful of my posture, do kundalini and pranayama yoga quite often, and also the strengthening exercises I learned in physical therapy.

Now at three weeks without the wretched anxiety medicine they put me on after a devastating breaj up with an emotionally abusive alcoholic, something which left me with PTSD and agoraphobia. In the quest towards discontinuing all the medications they put me on (down to two from about ten) am taking many supplements. These include:

  1. Melatonin drops to help me get to sleep at ninight.
  2. Calcium, magnesium and zinc.
  3. Vitamin C made of rosehips.
  4. Vitamin B12 to help reduce anxiety.
  5. Ashwaghandha as adrenal support, this helps a lot!
  6. Papaya enzymes to help with digestion (had IBS for twenty years, discontinued all stomach meds three years ago).
  7. Fish oil to help my brain, bones, joints and heart (very good heart with excellent BP).
  8. Spirulina for digestion and immune system.
  9. Acidophilus or Kombucha to restore the healthy bacteria in my sometimes leaky gut.
  10. Vitamin D only on cloudy days since usually I can get this by spending at least twenty minutes outdoors.
  11. Coconut oil, one spoonful a day. This is also great for teeth, skin and hair. Swishing a spoonful of it first thing in the morning for 5-20 minutes then spitting is called pulling and something I need to  remember more often.
  12. Gingko Biloba to help my brain heal from the fog the anxiety meds gave me.

This is the biggest reason for meditating and praying as much as I do. I am sharing this for those who are dealing with similar or related issues in case it would be helpful. For being of service is as natural to this woman as breathing.

Remembering to not only add myself and to the equation but to make self care a priority has also been a life long challenge. And of course this is true for so many moms.

Remembering to pace myself is a blessing. I read somewhere that pain is inevitable in life, but suffering is a choice (okay, not for those living in the most extenuating circumstances of all, but for the majority of us).

With that, this body reminds me to take a brief rest before Loralai gets back from school.

Deep peace of the beautiful shining sun to us all!

Sprinkling rose petals across your sacred paths. Blessed be, my friends.

Om namaha shivaya om nama om.


Life in Tornado Alley

Well, tornado season came early this year. Usually they wait til about May 3. That  was the date of the monster storm which hit Moore, Oklahoma back in 2000. We had another monster three years ago. I didn’t see the funnel, but I did see the huge black wall cloud hosting that storm as my daughter picked up her three kids, tried to call my two youngest boys, who were at school and the phones died. Instead of hiding indoors I was in the middle of the street praying with a neighbor I had never met before.

Unfortunately, several people lost their lives that day, and thousands lost their homes. Six were children in an elementary school which had no  shelter.

Thousands of Oklahomans opened their homes and pitched in to help with the massive clean up. The trail of destruction was a mile wide and twenty miles long.

Tonight the tornadoes veered east of us just before they hit our area. This is what they usually do. They follow the river.

We had a huge thunderstorm with hail, mild flooding and tons of lightning. It was quite impressive.

My son and I, once we knew we didn’t have to leave for a shelter, listened to Black Sabbath’s War Pigs while dancing on the balcony, just soaking up the ions. It was awesome.

So right now am praying for the safety of all who are in the path of the twisters. Apparently the weather man called a small tornado a funnelette. Lol. That brought many of us quite a good laugh! Crazy Oklahoma people.

Lots of us are actually educated. Not all like the characters in The Grapes of Wrath, but some are. The good ole country folk who are rooted deeply in the rich red dirt. People of my soul. I sing their song.

So I will be back online next week, and am looking forward to that. Fixed my old laptop today, and since all the music and essays and poetry and short stories were thought to be lost, this was a wonderful break through.

Deep peace of the pouring rain to us all.

Namaste, my friends.

Chain of Hearts & Hands

People living in the streets,
humanity forsaken.
Men, women, children,
they are the forgotten ones.
Shanty Town, Los Angeles
the capitol of despair.

Out in the desert
we gathered,
the sweltering place
where dirt devils
flirt with waves
of steamy asphalt.

We gathered that
day together
from the Pacific
Coast to the Atlantic
to show the world
we cared.

A true global soup,
we made the longest
peaceful line in
history, we were
six million strong,
this chain of
hearts and hands.

Cosmic epiphanies
blasted hearts and
minds wide open,
beatific smiles
graced each and
every face.

Together our voices
lifted singing,
“We are the world.”
Hearts cracked open
even wider,
lifting us up
beyond the illusion.

My brand new baby’s
foot the silent link
in the chain,
where hearts and hands
gave one brief glimpse
of pure Nirvana realized.

@Kamea Moonmaiden

Om shanti.

Hands Across America, 1986, to raise global awareness of homelessness. My family and I were part of this, and my Earth Day boy was three weeks old at the time.