Planet Earth Revisited, Chapter 2

Planet Earth Revisited, Chapter 2

As soon as the spaceship disappeared, Carlita and Lupe looked at each other and giggled a little bit nervously.

“What will we tell the townspeople?” asked Carlita.

Lupe always had the answers, “We will say she has gone for a visit to my cousin Eduardo’s, who lives in Carlsbad. He’s the only one open minded enough to let in on this huge secret. He will vouch for us if we call him right now.”

For in Chimayo, everyone knows everyone else and enjoys knowing about each other’s lives. It was essential for the two women to have a plausible explanation for Astara’s sudden disappearance, for so many people in the community came to her often for guidance.

Lupe gently rubbed Carlita’s shoulders, “Come inside, my daughter, and get some rest. I will make you a nice cup of chamomile tea with honey. I’m sure Astara will be contacting us soon.”

Even though they were both still nervous about the situation, they too were Starseed, and after being touched on their third eyes had not only become quite telepathic, but ancient memories were downloading into their conscious minds from the Akashic Records of their newly awakened DNA.

Lupe started a dinner of pinto beans and green chile tamales, then went to her room and pulled out her bag of crystals. She went out to the Oak Tree where Astara loved to meditate and spontaneously created a crystal grid using Selenite, Rose Quartz, Labradorite and Snowflake Obsidian. She used some tiny pine cones also and sat down on the ground with her back up against the tree, feeling the energy grounding her and giving her strength.

“What are you doing, Mama?” Carlita asked telepathically as she looked out the window. “I’m quite pleased to be able to talk to you with a wall and window between us. This is very handy!”

“Oh, just made a crystal grid, even though I never heard of them before. It just felt right so I created one right here in the dirt. It’s helping me calm down. So much to process, isn’t there?”

“You can say that again, Mama,” Carlita replied, then went into the kitchen to finish making dinner. And to drink the chamomile tea with honey her mother had prepared for her before going outside.

As they sat down to eat, they began talking about ancient mysteries, a topic they had both enjoyed researching for quite some time. Their Bible was always in the kitchen, for they studied it daily.

“Carlita!” Lupe suddenly exclaimed, “I know what the Bible really stands for now. It’s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth! And little Astara, she is so pure, with all her meditating and praying, it’s no wonder she called the Pleiadeans to her since she began talking to them when she was only 2. I pray our girl is doing well.”

Suddenly a rosy pink light began to emanate throughout the room, and as the two knelt in prayer to honor such a new experience, they both began to perceive little Astara. She was being projected holographically into the center of a golden egg.

“I am nearly to the Pleiades star system, Mama and Abuelita! The spaceship is super cool. Deva Lux and Gif Hu are the names of the two you met. They have been downloading information into my mind since I climbed aboard the ship.

After we disappeared through the sky portal, we entered a mothercraft which is about a thousand times bigger than the craft you saw. This mothercraft can travel thousands of light years in just a couple of hours.

My new friends say that I can learn the protocol for bringing peace to our planet. It will take a lot of hard work, diligence and patience, and we must always keep our hearts and minds open. And be prepared for things we never thought possible to happen as the Fifth Dimension becomes our reality for eternity.

They are friends with beings from other star systems, some of whom are right here in the mothercraft. I have met a couple of Arcturians and a Sirian so far. Apparently, there are some star beings who like to cause trouble. The Draconians are not all bad, but many of their race are the ones who came to earth thousands of years ago and planted seeds of separation, fear, and war into the hearts and minds of people. These same beings do not wish for our planet to ascend because they feed off the energy of darkness.

What we need to know is that the power of Love will always triumph over war. No matter how things may seem right now, with all the wars and struggling of millions, Love is at our very core and it is to this state of Love which we are returning to.

Oh, and you know how I have always loved crystals? They just showed me how to make crystal grids for healing, so I made one for you two, to help ease your worry. They have a whole roomful of crystals on the ship and were quite amused with my excitement!” Astara’s bright blue eyes shone as she told them this news.

“Oh, my granddaughter, I just made a crystal grid myself and didn’t even know about them before today. It’s helping your mama and me to be calm, and now I know your grid also helped us!” Abuelita Lupe replied happily.

“I love you both so much and miss you terribly, I have been gone for a week already, but for you that must only seem like hours.” Astara’s image began to fade, and the beautiful female Pleiadean, Deva Lux, appeared, her golden eyes twinkling as her melodious voice resonated through both their minds,

“Your little girl is doing very well, we are so pleased with her abilities. You are amazing women to have raised such a remarkable child. We know she is going to do great things and help bring the people of Planet Earth into the Fifth Dimension of Peace and Love. We will transmit to you in these holographs quite often so she can tell you about her journey. We wish you both many blessings of love. Namaste.”

The golden egg of light disappeared, but the rosy pink light remained as they ate their dinner, not feeling any further need for conversation, their food seeming much more delicious than they could ever remember, as feelings of deep compassion and love opened their hearts and minds quite broadly. They both realized there was nothing to fear and gave each other a big hug before going to bed.

When they reached their bedrooms, they both felt inspired to Ohm together, something they had learned at the yoga class Astara had talked them into joining when she had been 7. The yoga class had been initially started there in Chimayo back in the Seventies, when lots of hippies moved in to the community to get away from mainstream culture and learn to live off the land. The class became very popular over the years, and now there were many yogis and yoginis gracing the community.

As they drifted off to sleep, their lovely and sweet daughter in a mothercraft in another star system, the air in their little adobe home turned golden, as the Creator was so pleased with these wonderfully faithful women who had just been transformed and opened up deeply that night.

“We are Love, sweet women, and you are blessing this world with your open hearts and minds. Deep compassion leads the way!” The pleasant voice of Gif Hu floated through their sleepy minds.

“Good night mama, good night Abuelita! I can see you on the screen here, sweet dreams!” came the loving voice of their little Starchild. The two women simultaneously drifted off to sleep, dreaming of being on the mothercraft with their beloved child.

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Planet Earth Revisited, Chapter 1

Planet Earth Revisited, Chapter 1

Once there was a planet filled with many different kinds of people, for the most part confused. Yes, there were some wise people too, but the rulers of this planet enjoyed war games, and had done so for millennia. They spent a great deal of time and energy convincing all the people living there that this state of existence was all due to their natural tendency towards aggression.

At times some wise philosophers and masters and sages would show up and talk about inherent goodness, about miracles, about brotherly and sisterly love. Buddha and Jesus were among two of the most well loved and well known, and their teachings became part of some the world’s greatest religions.

All the prophecies of all time pointed to a day when war would be no more. The dawning of the Aquarian Age or the Kali Yuga Age were thought to coincide and mark the start of this era. Many signs would be given. The prophecy of the rainbow talked about rainbow dream warriors, who would rise from the four directions and main colors of man, and help lead the people of all nations into peace.

A young girl named Astara, born a natural prophet in the small town of Chimayo, New Mexico, began talking to the stars when she was 2. She sang songs to them as well, causing the townspeople to chuckle.

“Oh, she’ll grow out of it. There’s nothing unusual about my daughter” her Mama Carlita began to say whenever they were out at night for local bonfires during the harvest season.

Her Abuelita Lupe knew her granddaughter was a prophet, for she had predicted her own broken hip, tried to warn her to be cautious that day while picking piñon in the forest. But no, she had put that out of her mind and slipped in some mud. During her healing she began listening to Astara very closely and noticing how often her predictions came true. If she could predict something like a broken hip at the age of 6, how much would be foreseen by the time she was grown?

Astara’s father Joseph had passed away when she was just a baby, and her mother was so heartbroken she had vowed to never remarry. So it was just the three of them, mother and grandmother helping each other out and raising their little prophet.

By the time she was 8, her mother could no longer deny her daughter was a prophet, and several times a year the neighbors came to her for advice. She knew when the locusts would come, when there would be a drought, when the winters were to be fiercer than usual.

The people appreciated their little prophet and grew to love her star talking ways. “As long as the stars don’t talk back,” was the common joke.

Then one day she came in to announce that the Pleiadians had been talking to her. Mama and Abuelita put down the green chile they were peeling and listened, for they had learned it was always best to listen to this extraordinary child.

“They told me the times of war are nearly over!” Astara happily announced. “But we must prepare ourselves. Daily meditations, they will come to me and give more instructions with time.”

Concerned for her safety if the townspeople heard of this new form of prophecy, since they had all long ago agreed that Earth was the only inhabitants of the Universe, they begged her to not reveal this part of the message to anyone else. Of course they were unaware that the government had been keeping all knowledge of extraterrestrial life a secret for decades.

Astara reluctantly agreed, and began meditating at 5 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily. Often she would simply sit under the Oak Tree in front of their Adobe home, cross legged in the dirt, for stretches up to three hours.

This caused more concern, but the child had stopped talking about her messages, having noted the alarm in their voices when they begged her not to share it with anyone else.

Then came the night that the spaceship arrived. Blue, purple, red and orange lights projected in a circular fashion from the house-sized disk. Of course it landed right next to their home. They were looking for Astara.

Abuelita Lupe woke Astara up, urging her to hide with her in the cellar. “But no, I need to speak to my friends, I told you they were real, but you wouldn’t listen to me! They come from a planet of peace. They won’t hurt me, Abuelita!”

Together they walked outside while her mama went to hide in the cellar. Two tall, thin purple people came walking towards them. Their faces were long, their hair down to their knees, and they had a third eye in the center of their foreheads. Their eyes shone golden.

Astara began to speak for them, as they were communicating with her telepathically.

“We have come to take you for a little ride, sweet girl. You have shown such great progress we wish to teach you our ways in order for you to help more people to leave behind the ways of war.”

“That’s completely out of the question, young lady” snapped Abuelita Lupe. “I must fetch your mother and discuss this with her.”

“There is nothing to fear. We will be riding through a portal to our star system in the Pleiades. Because of this, she will only be gone one earth week, but will experience what is for you six months of Earth time.”

Abuelita Lupe ran to go get Mama, and together they finally agreed to let her go, although they were trembling in fear and crying until the female Pleiadian walked up to them and touched them in the middle of their foreheads. Then they too were able to hear the telepathic messages, so they knew they would be able to be in contact with the space travelers. And suddenly they also knew that there was nothing to fear. Golden light filled them up from head to toe and all their pain quickly disappeared.

Astara hadn’t had any fear or pain from the start of this encounter, so she quickly packed a bag, gave Mama and Abuelita big hugs, and told them telepathically, “I will let you know what’s happening every single day. And I will teach you what I have learned when I return.”

The two women watched bravely as little Astara climbed onto the spaceship with her new guardians, the doors flew shut, and the revolving colorfully lit disk rose into the sky, then quickly disappeared.

To Be Continued . . .

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