Brother Sun, Sister Moon

Brother Sun, Sister Moon

Following my morning meditation with my balcony garden and morning glories, I had a conversation on FB about falling in love with God. I thought of Rumi, who frequently referred to God as the Lover.

I have a wonderful book called Love Poems To God with poetry by Rumi,, Rabia, Mira, Hafiz, Kabir, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Theresa of Avila, Meister Eckhart And St. Francis I’d Assisi. Which reminded me of one of my all time favorite movies which my parents took me to the drive in to see back in the Seventies.

And here it is, in case you haven’t seen it and may be interested. Franco Zeffirelli is the director, and his version of Romeo and Juliet is another of my all time favorite movies.

And also here is a picture of my morning glories. And while being so busy I will post the Kaypacha summary every other week, to correspond with new moons and full moons and of course eclipses and equinoxes and wand solstices.

Anyway, we have entered the Lion’s Gate until August 8, incoming energies are intense and Venus in Cancer opposite the Galactic Center is affecting us all. Keep your seatbelts fastened, take a day off from the news, or at least most of the day, connect with Nature, drink lots of water get some kind of exercise, and look for the truth within, for all the answers are within. As without so within. And vice versa.

A mantra I enjoy and learned from Rainbow people goes like this, “I will be gentle with myself, I will take care of myself. I am a Child of the Universe. Being born every moment.”

We are birthing ourselves into a higher expression, a higher frequency than we ever have before. Those resisting these incoming energies demonstrate great confusion and other signs of mental illness as they wish to continue a path of destruction and war. But we are many, and we are one human family, and we know we must take care of ourselves, each other and our planet. It’s not our differences that matter. It’s the many ways we are alike.

Namaste, my friends. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. Ubuntu.

We are a global family.

Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul, May 20, 2017

Okay, apparently I fell into a time warp wave and have absolutely no idea how so much of the month of May flew by with me missing out on writing up my summaries of Kaypacha’s weekly reports. Also, with the energy so intense, it has affected me on many levels, resulting in me being sent to lots of specialists, but I know I will be fine. The best part is I just started physical therapy for my neck and am learning so many great exercises which help quite a bit!

Also went through a break up, and that also has to do with the time warp wave hitting me so strongly. Anyway, enough about me, this week Tom talks at us from his home in Costa Rica, giving us a marvelous view of his backyard and wonderful banana trees which look like they are about to ripen.

Wednesday the Moon was in Aquarius, which is about friendships and social interactions. He says that nevertheless, it is time to MYOB (mind your own business), but Mars in Gemini is not so interested in that, either is Jupiter in Libra.

Moon moved on into Pisces late Thursday, where She will remain until Sunday, when She moves into fiery Aries until Tuesday, when She enters stable Taurus.

We have the Sun square the Moon, with the Moon right on the nodes. This is a very powerful square because it involves the nodal access. The Sun moves into Gemini today, Saturday, but just before that the Sun squared the Moon’s nodes and square the Moon. The square is 28 degrees – so the Sun will be at 28 degrees of Taurus, the Moon at 28 degrees of Aquarius on the south node with 28 degrees of Leo on the north node. As the Sun moves into Gemini today, Saturday, things are lightening up and picking up at the same time. We have fire and air going on here.

Saturn is in trine to Uranus this whole week. And Venus is opposite Jupiter, in conjunct to Neptune. Venus in Aries is powerful and independent, yet also wanting more connection. Jupiter had it’s first in conjunct to Neptune last September, but now it’s retrograde and has been happening again since Wednesday, quincunx. This will be going on until July 4. Kind of hitting us in the face, yet as an undercurrent, so it might not be so noticeable.

Jupiter quincunx Neptune opposite Venus is too much – all about excess. This is a Scorpio in conjunct, which is 150 degrees, not a Virgo in conjunct, which has a very different flavor. Neptune in conjunct makes us want to disappear, go up to a mountain, it’s a time when it’s hard to stay in our bodies, to stay grounded and rooted. The Sun in Taurus is two cobblers working at a bench, all about understanding what’s going on in 3D, hard working earth sign. Since it’s squaring the moon’s nodes – one of the nodes is a mermaid jumping out of the water, and the other is a chrysallis about to emerge as a butterfly.

This is a time of great paradox. We can go into the places of imagination and illusion which are so separate from reality it can be quite unsettling. This is a time where it’s really wanting to help humanity embrace, get used to, and become more comfortable with living in a paradox. It’s not either or, it’s everything else and more. The masculine aspect wants independence while the feminine aspect wants connection, both physical, emotional and spiritual.

We grow through intimacy, mirrors, other people. The questions which arise are should I stay or should I go? Well, we are both in and out. We can want everything and nothing at the same time. We live in a third dimensional world which is polarized, yet we are spiritual beings here to embrace, unite, integrate, and become more aware of how these polarities need each other to do the dance and not be swinging from one end of the spectrum, pointing fingers at the other, and then finding ourselves at the other.

This is a time when there is gravity and yet there is not gravity. Yes there is divine natural law and also the truth is subjective. For any belief you may have, we will discover that there is a paradoxical point of view which may pull us out of our comfort zones. The south node of the Moon in Aquarius will be going on for a year, which has us living in our heads, perhaps so caught up in our imaginations that we are pulled completely out of our knowledge base. It’s scary to come down from the position of being a bird perched on a branch. There are a lot of scary things on the ground.

This is a dangerous time and we know ourselves through danger. We know ourselves through danger and confrontation. This Scorpio quincunx is trying to control, control, control. Kaypacha says we are emerging out of 6,500 years of patriarchal conditioning where we have been taught that we are not enough, that we don’t know enough and we should be afraid and subservient, but despite that, it’s okay to make some major decisions right now. It’s important to trust our intuitions, to know that we are connected to the inner Divine. The enlightened guru says we must be willing to let go of everything in order to enter the gates of Nirvana. This can be rather scary. There are lots of things that can happen, yet it is also super exciting. He likens this to his skiing trips because he is not very good at skiing. This reminds me of the scene in Fantasia where the Magician’s Apprentice practices magic without enough knowledge and everything goes awry.

We can go through these waters trusting and know that control will come back – and we don’t always need to be in control. This is the place where we can dance, play, sing, and fill our hearts with joy and love. We don’t have to know all the answers or have all the money. This reminds me that surrender is seeking the peace which surpasses understanding. Releasing that need to know brings such abundant and lasting peace. And it is always there for us.

This week’s mantra: If I’m going to dance, I’ve got to move, not fight the flow, but feel the groove. Not get twisted by the paradox, but come out smiling like a jack in the box.

Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light!

Kaypacha’s Pele Report, March 22, 2017

Here he is, Kaypacha with the Pele Report, Astrology for the Soul for March 22, 2017. He tells us Happy Sun in Aries, Happy Venus in Aries, Happy Mercury in Aries, Happy Uranus in Aries, Happy New Moon in Aries (Monday evening at 7:37 p.m. WOW).

Some of the most interesting aspects include Venus conjunct the Sun – he says She is connecting with the cosmic source – it’s like a New Moon, only Venus is the Moon. you can draw a line from the earth through the Sun. Awesome and very powerful. The sabian symbol for this aspect is a triangle with wings. Of course She is still retrograde until April 15, adding to this energy.

Jupiter is square Pluto, Mercury conjunct Uranus coming up on Sunday – that’s a big day. Right now Moon is in Aquarius, which may have us feeling a little quirky. She goes into Pisces on Saturday and then of course Monday is the very big day. Kaypacha reminds us to keep our swords in our sheaths and do our best not to get hurt.

This is the time of the warrior, the wild woman – Aries is a very masculine sign, so what we need here is to learn how to control the masculine energy, This is wrapped around the desire to challenge life, to face danger, to conquer, to expand, to penetrate into the unknown – the old courageous brave warrior of Aries. He says his wife was bringing up the selfishness involved in this – because we can become quite engrossed with all this.

The New Moon is setting the tone for the whole next month – we are in for some intensity, folks. Warriors do create the wars.

Jupiter in a square can be too much – the danger can be over-extending, over-speaking, over-confidence, overdoing in every single realm of life. Pluto in Capricorn has to do with work, keeping us all very busy, Jupiter has to do with relationships, and feeling secure in them, but all this Aries energy has to do with feeling independent and not wanting to be in relationship, so many of us may feel torn during these tumultuous times.

Mars in Taurus has us wanting to focus on material gains, our income, our homes and possessions. Jupiter is also opposite Uranus, while Saturn in Sagittarius adds quite a bit to the fiery alignment of our planets.

Tom says all this and so much more – and he is giving a live webinar on Friday, the 24th – there’s a link below this video where you can sign up – I did!

Me with my rising sign in Aries, Sun sign in Cancer and Moon sign in Pisces, am feeling particularly vulnerable and also quite confused at times, but at other times very very clear, like a diamond, crazy diamond – all the pressure over the years has done a great job of helping with this transformation – not all the way there but definitely on my way. We all are, even those who seem to be perhaps heading in the opposite direction.

This week’s mantra has to do with diamonds, because diamonds are the hardest material which exists, yet it is also the most clear. As clear as clean water, everybody loves diamonds. And we all need water to survive.

Balancing this masculine energy with emotional awareness and conscious awareness of our impact on the other is essential right now. Let’s be conscious of our impact on Gaia, and do our best to reduce and minimize our carbon footprint. (Let’s go green and shut down the pipelines).

This week’s mantra: Both diamonds and a drop of water are beautiful, bright, and clear, and though diamonds may make me rich, I need water more this year.

As he wraps up his report, he cautions us against becoming too cool or self involved as we enter the Aquarian Age, because then we won’t be capable of intimate relationships and the human race could die off – although this is only happening in first world countries, but nonetheless.

He lives in a permaculture community – I wish to do the same some day! Setting the intention for manifesting this in my life. Om Shanti.

Kaypacha blesses us with his astrological wisdom and says Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Rainbow Blessings, my friends. I love you all!

Solar Flare Alert

Solar Flare Alert

Many may be experiencing the ascension flu, or ascension hangover. Symptoms may include itching scalp, upset stomach, body aches and pains, insomnia, fatigue, intestinal upset, mood swings, decreased appetite. We are transforming. And we are having a huge solar storm – coronal hole opened on the surface of the sun, pointing towards Earth, expected to hit September 28.

We are uncovering. Peeling back the layers of the veil. I personally feel like a crab which has crawled out of its shell.

Hang in there, folks, and keep shining! Prophecies are being revealed, the current covenant of the rainbow kept.

A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. Rainbow Blessings.

Preparing For Mercury Retrograde

Preparing For Mercury Retrograde

Whoa, the last few days have gone by in a virtual whirlwind of activity. My youngest son took a tumble during his scrimmage Friday and got a mild concussion. Earlier that day my 13-year-old grandson was punched in the face at school and retaliated, self defense fighting resulting in a three day suspension from middle school, and my 16-year-old grandson is doing online school this year only and so all three grands have been spending a great deal of time at my house.

And I managed to do a couple massages and make it through Hatha yoga class Thursday night. I was quite a bit more wobbly than last time. But I am much better, still waiting to see the specialist (my primary care clinic gave me a referral to the wrong doctor, and apparently it takes 5-10 days to make corrections like that and fax them over).

I am also going to be getting an epidural steroid injection for my low back the end of September. So please think positive thoughts, say prayers, good energy my way. I know yoga, meditation, good food, positive thoughts and being around kids, cats and plants plus a few very sweet friends is helping me to become stronger all the time. Maybe my doctor will only want to start me on some hormones.

Time to start the Rosemary Gladstar remedies and maybe that will handle things. Sorry if that’s TMI, but all women will reach this age or have already gone through it, and it’s just another transformation we go through as women, as human beings.

The astrological concurrence is usually the Chiron Returns period, when we are transmuted. This is a time of finally feeling comfortable in our own skin. Of pulling the spiritual into the physical, and grounding that. Embracing the wisdom of the elders as the doorway to further growing and loving when graciously presented rather than resisted and feared. There is nothing to fear about growing older we are simply thankful for this opportunity to be alive each given day.

The three most important major astrological transitions begin at about 28-32, when Saturn Returns to the position it was in at the time of your birth, you come into your own. Realizing who you are is a profound part of this learning and growing experience.

Then at 38-43 there is the Uranus Opposition Transition. My Uranus is in Leo and the only way I can ever tell the story of my own UOT is through some outlandish science fiction, lol. Anyway, Uranus being the planet of transformation and electricity. I was attuned to many levels of Reiki, unofficially, in the physical and long distance for several months. I divorced during my UOT. Many people think they are having heart attacks as their kundalini rises from the base of the spine on up, opening each chakra as it rises. This is commonly known at the midlife crisis or midlife clearing. People often go through a second adolescence at that point for awhile. I certainly did. My kids helped pull me out of that.

Barbara Hand Clow writes extensively about this topic.

Anyways, friends, the stars are lining up and Mercury is going retrograde again Tuesday. It’s very important to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, be kind to one another, remember to breathe. Be mindful and give extra time for travel.

Always a good time for journaling, for delving within our inner psyches. But remember to not over think! Balance giving to others with caring for self. Find time for a hot bath. A massage. A walk in the park. Smelling the roses.

Have a nice week, my friends. The Moon will be in Leo while Mercury goes retro,.so at least that. Leo is so playful and heart centered.

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.

Challenging Day, But So Blessed!

Challenging Day, But So Blessed!

It’s our most challenging times that teach us the most. Apparently this woman came here to learn A LOT, but amidst those challenges are always blessings, like the silver linings of every cloud. And serendipity smiles on us with those cosmic synchronicities i do so love to notice, for they are truly nearly everywhere.

While waiting for my son to have a consultation at the eye doctor, I met an older woman wearing a long lavender gingham cotton dress. I happen to be wearing a long tie-dye cotton summer dress, and I struck up a conversation with her. She apparently lost two hundred pounds over the last several years, went from size 5x to size 10. I told her that was phenomenal and we started talking about the kinds of salad we like. She said we could have been sisters. Then she mentioned that she was a widow and had been engaged to be married and she and her fiance were going to travel all over the world together, but he had passed away two days ago. Bless her heart!

I told her I was so very sorry that had happened, and said, “God bless you, you’ll be in my prayers.”

She was in a wheelchair and her brother said I was a youngster, for he was 70.

They upon returning home, my new FB friend from Nigeria who happens to be a writer (and I will be editing his first book pro bono for the experience as it isn’t super long) shared a video about a young boy who had a past life memory of being a woman who died in a fire in Chicago in the Nineties. He was Anglo and had been African American previously, and his mom is sharing his story to show how ridiculous it is to make any judgments about people based on gender or ethnicity.

Also, my friend is passing around my saying, “Rainbow Blessings” and sharing my poetry on his wall, which is getting shared, so exciting!

And just now I have been invited to Amma’s ashram in India, by one of her adopted sons! And just last week a lovely new friend took me to lunch for salad and smoothies and she had met Amma three times! Amma is a wonderful love filled guru deva whom I adore.

So the challenges, which aren’t to be public, were not as overwhelming after all. Upon returning home, an adorable Pomeranian followed me up the stairs and bounced on into my apartment, lol.

I was able to talk to Alyssa, she has taken college entry exams and is at second semester college level in all her English courses, needs a bit of brush up in math. She adores church and says the church ladies told her they see the Light in her eyes. God is with her, He is with us all!

That’s it in a nutshell, Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light!

Blessings of Walking in Beauty

Blessings of Walking in Beauty

I attempted to cut and paste this short article with my cell phone, let’s see if this link works so as to avoid typing it again. Rainbow Blessings of love to you all! I posted this in a public FB group called Learn and Grow which is filled with light workers, sharing healing and discussing spiritual journeys and epiphanies with each other.