Stella’s Song

Stella’s Song

Stella loved thought. She loved life. She intended to live life on her own terms. Every day was meant to have fun and if she wasn’t having fun it was because she needed to feel good in order to do so.
It had gotten to the point where she didn’t even like doing anything she was good at or enjoyed without some sort of mind altering substance. She eventually started testing her limits to see just how far she could go.

In one year she had three overdoses, one car accident, two toxic abusive relationships, and many close calls. She finally realized one fine day just how backwards she was living. She knew that in order to live a long, happy life, she must test her limits in a positive way. The other way would only lead six feet under.

So she went to rehab, and when she got out she tried to stay sober on her own. As soon as she had run into trouble with her man she started using again. Everything she wanted to do slipped out of her mind and into the void. When she miscalculated how much drugs she was doing she overdosed a fourth time and died. Right before she died, her life passed through her eyes and and she wished she had her loved ones to say goodbye to and she wished she had known God.

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe . . .

Stella overdosed but woke up. When she woke up she wished she had her family there to greet, and she knew there was a God. When she was well enough she decided to devote her life to Him and began a spiritual journey. This journey gave her a sense of peace and happiness she’d never feel before. Every day was meant to grow and gain knowledge that she’d use eternally.

She now lived life on His terms, and was glad to do so. Stella’s life had purpose – and meaning! Now, with her future before her, she was no longer afraid. With God by her side, anything is possible!

@ Alyssa Micaela Sunshine

This little parable was written by my 26-year-old daughter. Peace and love to all.

This photo is my sweet girl. I love her so very much.