The Dreamers Within the Dream

The Dreamers Within the Dream

Oh, what a lovely dream this woman’s life is now becoming! Just found this beautiful song, The Silent Awakening, on one of my group walls this morning, have loved it for a long while but had forgotten about it. So here it I’d, for all of you to listen to, should you so wish.

It is a clarion wakeup call for Starseed and all beings to join together and shine like the Moon, shine like the Sun, shine like the stars that we all are.

So today I practiced yoga with my 16-year-old grandson, made a great dinner, cleaned house, worked on personal healing and meditation and gave my yoga teacher his massage. He loved it. We are going to help promote each other, which is indeed a beautiful thing. At one time I had so many clients I couldn’t keep up with it all. Not attempting to overdo it, but certainly excited to be starting over.

And I found an accredited online school with a good creative writing master’s program. Which I wish to participate in. With luck, I may be starting August 8, so please keep your fingers crossed. If not then, next semester, for sure.

When bad dreams turn to good dreams, when pain becomes joy, with surrender suffering is released, alchemy abounds. The alchemy of grace transmutes pain to pure golden light.

Sweet dreams, my friends, I love you. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

We are the Silent Awakening.


Water, Water Everywhere

Water, Water Everywhere

The three mamas needed music,
and finally had the chance
to listen to Judy Collins
and dance their spiral dance.

The festival was five days in
on the sweltering hot prairie,
thick black clouds filled the
air all day,
anticipating their moment
of glory.

A tiny baby they held in tow,
their children they set free
to run and laugh and play
at the home of ole Woody Guthrie.

But the moment they stepped
out of their car
a tempest burst wide open,
and water, water
was everywhere,
before hardly a word
had been spoken.

Go back, go back,
the show cannot continue,
hearts heavy with sadness
the crowds moved out
in search of an indoor venue.

But wait, this water, it’s
not really here,
if you just look
between the drops,
dissipation can be
found if we just twirl
and dance and hop.

Being water ourselves
somehow the water
drew back in an instant.
High winds blew back
this overhead sea ~
pushed it back
to the sides of the prairie.

Flashes of blue electricity
provided the best light show,
and they danced under the moon
to the sound of Nature’s drums
syncopating with blue,
Judy Collins sang Blue too,
bringing peace to
the vast sea of people.

Red dirt people here,
defenders of human rights,
here they dropped their
worldly cares
as pure magic
filled the air
that night
long ago
in Okemah.

@Kamea Moonmaiden

This picture of Oklahoma skies is what it looked like the next day.

Earth Warrior

Earth Warrior

My mama was an earth warrior (my Da still is) and raised me and my siblings for awhile up in the northern mountains of New Mexico, next door to the Hog Farm. We raised chickens, goats, a pig and a beautiful Thoroughbred-Arabian mare named Lady. She gave birth to a colt we named Lightning during our years on our farm. My sister and I gathered dandelions in the spring and summer which we ate raw in our salads and our mama made into wine. Thirty four years after my family sold the farm to a woman named Oxygen, some of my kids and I went back to the farm and she was still there, outside working on her boat. When I mentioned my parents the first thing she remembered was that delicious dandelion wine. The tiny three room adobe house with an unfinished three bedroom addition we had left behind had long since been completed and the original home remodeled. It was an honor to be invited into my old home. I wrote a short story about it which needs some revising, one of the next writing tasks I am going to accomplish.

The group Omnia reminds me so much of the hippies at the Hog Farm and the principles I was raised by. True born pagan, yeah.