No More Sides

No More Sides

Pick a card,
choose a side,
but don’t ever
look inside,
it’s so much better
to duck and hide
from each other.

Be afraid, be so afraid
of every difference
that you see,
look through the lens
only partially,
not globally.

Ahh but don’t you
see, that inside
we are always free,
and when we look inside
we see,
the true face of

It’s not our differences
that matter,
but all the ways
we are the same,
one family we be,
part of Gaia’s giving tree,
we can be free.

Embracing Oneness as our path,
diversity delights us at last,
And hand in hand we stand up

We stand up for each other,
for our planet, She is our mother,
And what we do to her,
we do to each other.

And what we do to one another,
we do to ourselves,
In La’kesh,
we are connected,
I am another you.
And I wish always
the best for you.

Deep breaths now,
the time has come to band together,
to hold our candles in the rain,
as the world has gone insane,
fighting wars,
so much pain,
but in the center there is calm,
And that calm is where we be,
powerfully connected,
And Love will set us free!

© Kamea Moonmaiden 10/2017

My Miracle Boy

My Miracle Boy

Twenty two years ago today, my labor finally truly began for the birth of my son Nicolas. He was over ten days post dates and I didn’t want an induction or another cesarean, which my daughter Alyssa, baby #4, was born by. A dear friend offered to help me stay at home as long as possible to prevent induction. I did a lot of research and lots of birthing affirmations, like “My body knows how to create a perfect, healthy baby and I will let it.” And, “My body knows how to give birth normally and I will let it.”

After bumpy road rides and some other recommended forms of self induction, my contractions finally began right about 2:00 p.m. that day. I called my friend and we began walking around the block. Alternating with sitting outside on the back patio, enjoying the weather which had become cooler finally as a thunderstorm was coming on in.

About 8:00 p.m. the storm got very close and a clap of thunder struck, breaking my waters. Now for me, every birth became longer and more difficult rather than more quickly and easier. Well, all my babies were big, ranging from 8-10 pounds.

We decided to get to the hospital at that time, for there was some meconium in the water. I labored all night long, walking up and down the halls as long as I could, and sneaking juice and crackers whenever the nurses weren’t in the room.

By about 7:00 o’clock in the morning, my doctor came to check me and decided to start IV fluids. A couple hours later they decided to start me on Pitocin. At that point I had been in so much pain for over 24 hours I asked for an epidural, even though I had hoped to have a completely natural birth.

So they did, and I dozed off for quite while. Woke to the urge to push and called the nurse, who checked me and probably figured it would take me hours to push since I had had an epidural. I pushed once and my baby’s head began to crown. So the nurse held his head back for ten minutes until the doctor arrived. Not my doctor, who had agreed to go with my birthing plan, but a doctor I had never meant before. I pushed twice and he was born, experiencing what is called a precipitous birth.

I told the doctor not to cut the life giving cord which would provide him with oxygen while he adjusted to living outside the womb, and he said in a thick Okie accent, “That’s not the way we do it with meconium.” And so he cut the cord and I swear if I had been able to move my legs I would have kicked his hands away. Then they handed my baby to an attendant, who deep suctioned him before giving him a chance to breathe. So during that process, he inhaled meconium and both his lungs burst. And they didn’t notice a thing was wrong with him while they washed him up and checked him out before giving him to me to nurse.

I tried to nurse but he couldn’t. He was breathing but would just back away and I could sense he was distressed, so I asked them to come check him out again. They took him back to the nursery and checked him out again for about twenty minutes and brought him back to me. By this point, he was already beginning to struggle to breathe, and there was no way he was going to be able to nurse. He was fighting for his life. So this time I called them and was adamant that he be checked out more thoroughly immediately, sensing this was a life threatening emergency.

They took him away and wouldn’t talk to me for hours. Every time I called, the only thing they would say was that he was very sick.

My daughter Nina drove the rest of the kids home and lit a candle and prayed, asking God for a sign that her new baby brother was going to be alright. Then she went in the back yard and a thousand birds flew by. And the day before he was born a Monarch butterfly landed on my belly and stayed there (as I sat resting on the patio behind my house in the warm sun) for about half an hour.

Those were both signs from the Heavenly realm. Signs that angels are watching over us, and especially immediately praying for intervention for a close loved one.

It wasn’t until about midnight that the doctor who saved Nick’s life came in and told us what was going on. They had to give him a chest tube twice and when that didn’t work, on a respirator. He also developed hospital acquired Group B strep septicemia, which they found out the next day. It not only got into his blood, it was in his respiratory and urinary systems. So they had him on all kinds of tubes and was strapped down because he kept yanking them out. My baby boy was a true fighter.

They told us not to touch him for it would make him excited but I insisted I must, knowing a mother’s touch can one of the most healing things for a newborn baby. They told me that was okay as long as I didn’t move my hand. So I held my hand on his little arm, or held it on his chest and looked into his hazel eyes and he looked back at me, and his eyes were clear and bright even though they had him sedated so as to not struggle so much and then another medicine to maintain his blood pressure. He told me without words not to worry, not to be afraid, that he would be okay.

His father was very supportive, as was my doctor, who arranged for me to be able to stay in the hospital for three whole days, due to the circumstances. So we stayed with Nick as much as possible, praying the whole time, and then would go to my room where I used a double Medela pump to provide colostrum for my baby. Then we would go to the chapel and weep and pray.

They told us to prepare ourselves for the worst. Fifty percent of babies who only had the Strep died, they said. And Nick was working on healing his lungs. They said the best case scenario would be that he would need to be on a respirator for at least a month.

So we prayed more, our families joining in. And at the end of his third day of life, his father’s sister and husband who is a pastor and their whole congregation were praying for Nick at the same time my mom and a spiritual group of friends were doing the same – one group in Indiana, my mom’s group in Los Angeles. Us in the middle. And right after we got back from the chapel, for we had been praying at that time too, not knowing about the timing of these serendipitous groups of people praying for our son, the nurse came running down to tell us Nicolas was breathing against the respirator, and she had already begun to turn it down. She was so joyous and we burst into tears and rushed to the nursery. His eyes had brightened even more, and we were told we could hold him the next day.

We had to go home that night, but by 5:00 a.m. I was asking if I could return to be with my baby.

The nurses loved us at that point and said yes. And there he was, respirator off, with a little hood for oxygen over him, NG tube pulled out too!

We were both able to hold him that day, and I was able to rock him and give him a bottle of my very own amazing colostrum. And the next day, I was able to finally nurse him. And my milk was already in, thanks to the powerful double Medela pump.

Next time the NICU doctor checked him, I told her we had prayed for a miracle, and she replied, “Well, it certainly worked! He is doing very well, a beautiful baby boy. He’s a fighter.” And she beamed at us.

He was transferred to the regular nursery the next day, but they kept him until he was 9 days old, a joyous day of returning home with our new baby finally. For we had pretty much lived up at the hospital with him until we could take him home.

And now he is an amazing, strong, loving, creative young man, about to turn 22 years old. Out of all of my six kids, only went through this one scary ordeal which turned into a miracle. And even though every baby is a miracle and I love all mine with all my heart, I will always call Nick Nixta Scheid my miracle boy.

Dancing With Trickster

Dancing With Trickster

Trickster always comes laughing.

He sees me stumble, sees me lose it
sometimes completely lose my sense of reason,
He sees me freak out and cry out in pain,
and he comes laughing.

He shows me how to learn
from those stumbling times,
how to laugh even when I am afraid,
how to be a bad ass spiritual warrior,
how to learn to not be wounded anymore,
how to sit still and listen
to this body,
this body talks
and can transform
bit by bit
and by leaps and bounds –

you choose the style
and together we can dance
and laugh with Trickster,
for He is here to help us learn.

He leads us to the dance
of the Rainbow Dream Warriors.

© Kamea Moonmaiden



To be here
and not here,
parallel universes
obvious and apparent,
for things have
gotten strange.

Yet we are still here,
and despite the strangeness
and obvious brutality
of the dying patriarchal paradigm,
we are birthing ourselves
into a new world,
for we are the children of the sun,
And no task is too mighty
for us to accomplish United.

This is why they seek to divide us,
by shade of skin,
the ways we pray,
the ways we vote,
how much money we make,
how able bodied we are,
our choice of gender and sexual identity.

So we rise up everywhere
for our freedoms,
which are naturally inherent,
as are our rights
to clean air, clean water,
unadulterated food.
And the right to not be
brutalized because of skin color
or religion,
or living in a country
filled with oil,
we rise up and demand peace!

They will try to keep us distracted
by scandal after scandal,
all while attacking the planet and
her people with a whole new
flavor of ferocity,
for they are so afraid of the
progress we have made,
they would have it all undone,
for the sake of white supremacy
the hierarchical man
with the plan
of destruction.

We are at war
yet we are also at peace,
people everywhere choosing
this path, praying, meditating,
finding we are so much
more than we ever dreamed,
and United we can make a change,
we can save this world,
but first we have to learn
to live with each other.

This is the golden key which
opens the door to the New Age.
The journey is still long and hard,
yet we are closer than ever before.
So keep shining, hold onto
and Love one another,
for it is Love that sets us free.
So things are crazy and miraculous
at the same time.
The old world is dying,
the new is being born.
Mad folk run war machines,
while magic folk embrace
shamanism, serenity, transformation.

We rise up together for every cause.
People marching in the streets,
people bringing peace,
choosing peace,
people brave enough
to bring new life
into this topsy turvy world,
we are the children of the sun.
We are the Golden ones.


© Kamea Moonmaiden

Stepping Past The Equinox

Stepping Past The Equinox

We are stepping past the Equinox
basking in the Void,
looking back at the Eclipse –
we are open.

The world

heaves and shifts

yet again –

people are screaming
in the streets.
Revolution here

let it move with Love.

Let the Water Protectors
lead the way,
lead the way
into a Brand New Day.

A Brand New Golden Dawn

Peace at last ~

Love will reign supreme,

for we are Golden.

We are water.

Water is Life and Life is Sacred.

Each of us is Sacred,

none more than any other,

we are Family.

One human Family,

I am you and you are me,

hearts filled with Love

are forever free,

we are Gaia’s children.

We are stepping past the Equinox

Looking back at the Eclipse.

We are open.


© Kamea Moonmaiden

Listening to the Body

Listening to the Body

Seeking that Peace,
the peace which passeth
all understanding,
seeking that Peace
and surrendering,
yet again,
the need to know
why things are
the way they are.

Knowing that Love
will lead the way,
for Love Always
leads the way,
and pain, pain
is here for a reason.

Pain is the body’s
alarm clock.
Sometimes when we hit
snooze too many times
the body doesn’t cease
screaming, begging
us to listen in
a timely fashion,
for these body temples
love to shine,
these body temples
adore being radiant.

I ignored my body
for far too long,
dwelt in my mind,
teleported myself
astrally back to my home
in the stars every day
since I was five.

Walls I would walk
into, for these eyes
saw them not,
focusing instead
on inner galaxies,
until the pain
of flesh and skull
against brick wall
brought me back
in an instant,
confused as to
why these bodies
seem unable to fly.

I’m back to surrendering,
back to more listening,
careful listening to
this body temple I dwell in,
for here presents yet
another challenge, or is it
really another opportunity
to learn not only how to
heal myself, but to help
others heal themselves.

Everything under the sun
happens for a reason.
Everything is temporary.
Surrendering is everything.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

Planet Earth Revisited, Chapter 2

Planet Earth Revisited, Chapter 2

As soon as the spaceship disappeared, Carlita and Lupe looked at each other and giggled a little bit nervously.

“What will we tell the townspeople?” asked Carlita.

Lupe always had the answers, “We will say she has gone for a visit to my cousin Eduardo’s, who lives in Carlsbad. He’s the only one open minded enough to let in on this huge secret. He will vouch for us if we call him right now.”

For in Chimayo, everyone knows everyone else and enjoys knowing about each other’s lives. It was essential for the two women to have a plausible explanation for Astara’s sudden disappearance, for so many people in the community came to her often for guidance.

Lupe gently rubbed Carlita’s shoulders, “Come inside, my daughter, and get some rest. I will make you a nice cup of chamomile tea with honey. I’m sure Astara will be contacting us soon.”

Even though they were both still nervous about the situation, they too were Starseed, and after being touched on their third eyes had not only become quite telepathic, but ancient memories were downloading into their conscious minds from the Akashic Records of their newly awakened DNA.

Lupe started a dinner of pinto beans and green chile tamales, then went to her room and pulled out her bag of crystals. She went out to the Oak Tree where Astara loved to meditate and spontaneously created a crystal grid using Selenite, Rose Quartz, Labradorite and Snowflake Obsidian. She used some tiny pine cones also and sat down on the ground with her back up against the tree, feeling the energy grounding her and giving her strength.

“What are you doing, Mama?” Carlita asked telepathically as she looked out the window. “I’m quite pleased to be able to talk to you with a wall and window between us. This is very handy!”

“Oh, just made a crystal grid, even though I never heard of them before. It just felt right so I created one right here in the dirt. It’s helping me calm down. So much to process, isn’t there?”

“You can say that again, Mama,” Carlita replied, then went into the kitchen to finish making dinner. And to drink the chamomile tea with honey her mother had prepared for her before going outside.

As they sat down to eat, they began talking about ancient mysteries, a topic they had both enjoyed researching for quite some time. Their Bible was always in the kitchen, for they studied it daily.

“Carlita!” Lupe suddenly exclaimed, “I know what the Bible really stands for now. It’s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth! And little Astara, she is so pure, with all her meditating and praying, it’s no wonder she called the Pleiadeans to her since she began talking to them when she was only 2. I pray our girl is doing well.”

Suddenly a rosy pink light began to emanate throughout the room, and as the two knelt in prayer to honor such a new experience, they both began to perceive little Astara. She was being projected holographically into the center of a golden egg.

“I am nearly to the Pleiades star system, Mama and Abuelita! The spaceship is super cool. Deva Lux and Gif Hu are the names of the two you met. They have been downloading information into my mind since I climbed aboard the ship.

After we disappeared through the sky portal, we entered a mothercraft which is about a thousand times bigger than the craft you saw. This mothercraft can travel thousands of light years in just a couple of hours.

My new friends say that I can learn the protocol for bringing peace to our planet. It will take a lot of hard work, diligence and patience, and we must always keep our hearts and minds open. And be prepared for things we never thought possible to happen as the Fifth Dimension becomes our reality for eternity.

They are friends with beings from other star systems, some of whom are right here in the mothercraft. I have met a couple of Arcturians and a Sirian so far. Apparently, there are some star beings who like to cause trouble. The Draconians are not all bad, but many of their race are the ones who came to earth thousands of years ago and planted seeds of separation, fear, and war into the hearts and minds of people. These same beings do not wish for our planet to ascend because they feed off the energy of darkness.

What we need to know is that the power of Love will always triumph over war. No matter how things may seem right now, with all the wars and struggling of millions, Love is at our very core and it is to this state of Love which we are returning to.

Oh, and you know how I have always loved crystals? They just showed me how to make crystal grids for healing, so I made one for you two, to help ease your worry. They have a whole roomful of crystals on the ship and were quite amused with my excitement!” Astara’s bright blue eyes shone as she told them this news.

“Oh, my granddaughter, I just made a crystal grid myself and didn’t even know about them before today. It’s helping your mama and me to be calm, and now I know your grid also helped us!” Abuelita Lupe replied happily.

“I love you both so much and miss you terribly, I have been gone for a week already, but for you that must only seem like hours.” Astara’s image began to fade, and the beautiful female Pleiadean, Deva Lux, appeared, her golden eyes twinkling as her melodious voice resonated through both their minds,

“Your little girl is doing very well, we are so pleased with her abilities. You are amazing women to have raised such a remarkable child. We know she is going to do great things and help bring the people of Planet Earth into the Fifth Dimension of Peace and Love. We will transmit to you in these holographs quite often so she can tell you about her journey. We wish you both many blessings of love. Namaste.”

The golden egg of light disappeared, but the rosy pink light remained as they ate their dinner, not feeling any further need for conversation, their food seeming much more delicious than they could ever remember, as feelings of deep compassion and love opened their hearts and minds quite broadly. They both realized there was nothing to fear and gave each other a big hug before going to bed.

When they reached their bedrooms, they both felt inspired to Ohm together, something they had learned at the yoga class Astara had talked them into joining when she had been 7. The yoga class had been initially started there in Chimayo back in the Seventies, when lots of hippies moved in to the community to get away from mainstream culture and learn to live off the land. The class became very popular over the years, and now there were many yogis and yoginis gracing the community.

As they drifted off to sleep, their lovely and sweet daughter in a mothercraft in another star system, the air in their little adobe home turned golden, as the Creator was so pleased with these wonderfully faithful women who had just been transformed and opened up deeply that night.

“We are Love, sweet women, and you are blessing this world with your open hearts and minds. Deep compassion leads the way!” The pleasant voice of Gif Hu floated through their sleepy minds.

“Good night mama, good night Abuelita! I can see you on the screen here, sweet dreams!” came the loving voice of their little Starchild. The two women simultaneously drifted off to sleep, dreaming of being on the mothercraft with their beloved child.

Copyright Protected Kamea Moonmaiden September 6, 2016