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Gaia Star Codex Reading, 11/22/2016

Gaia Star Codex Reading, 11/22/2016

Miss Loralai helped me with this reading. She reminded me of the importance of doing readings! Such a wise little 5-year-old! And she lost her first tooth yesterday and another tooth is wiggly right now. Lol. So cute.

The first card is Captain Wonder, who is a Cosmic Ally (yes, thank you, we sure do need Cosmic Allies right now!). His empowerment is transdimensionality.

The souls of five galaxies spin on his chest. His open wings invite contact. Captain Wonder reaches out from across time-space boundaries. He shows how much help is available when you own your full magnitude.

Captain Wonder is your galactic cousin. With his humanoid body and angelic wings, he cuts a familiar figure. Yet he spans the dimensions, containing the universe in his form. (Just like each of us is a tiny hologram of the universe).

The swirling greens and oranges of galactic clouds are mirrored in the flower-petal border. Microcosm and microcosm weave together as the fabric of the Universe. The infinitely alive stellar blackness is the back-drop for the whole cosmic story.

Captain Wonder’s empowerment is transdimensionality. As a trained cosmonaut, he helps you navigate the wide Universe. He teaches the art of being localized and diffuse at the same time (working on this one, folks). He helps you experience the grandeur of going global.

The second card is Evolve. Element: Wings. Foreground: Brown Butterfly. Background: Madrone bark.

Yang. Herbal. Like incense in the forest. The Evolve Essence evokes sacred ceremonies of “trance-formation” (like the sacred ceremonies at Standing Rock, please don’t believe the lies! These people are peaceful!). It harmonizes the lofty energy of the winged spirits with the deeply rooted energy of the earthbound folk.

Figures shift and resolve in the glistening wood background, revealing the fluid emergence of novelty. In the butterfly diamond, the patterns are more distinct, showing the self-organizing power at the core of all life. Together, these grand forces create an Essence – and a new you – that is both highly expansive and highly coherent.

Evolve empowers you to transmute. Like the butterfly, the unborn skills to morph into something remarkably fine. Use Evolve to transform random change into conacious evolution.

The third and last card is Queen Cyberia. First time to get two Tribal cards in a reading!

Her title is the Central Server. Her empowerment is Bandwidth.

Plugged into grids of radiance, channeling grand data streams the Queen is serene. A flower lady with the heart of a cyborg, she is an avatar of silicon carbon synergy.

The rock border of the Queen’s throne room carries the mineral analog of high wiring. (SO interesting that she popped up as I made a little crystal grid to go with this reading and announced the cards with eucalyptus and filled my heart with Love and Serenity). She processes from every direction: Uploads, downloads, lateral transmissions. Her throne itself the mainframe that supports her light work. Softly glowing, Queen Cyberia is like a moon against the starry heaven. (Another cosmic synchronicity).

The rock border of her throne room carries the mineral analog of high wiring. Intricate lines thread its each gold surface. Part of expanding your bandwidth is connecting with the silicon network in the Earth itself, which is just as elaborate as it’s cybernetic counterpart (we have the ability to communicate telepathically, let’s evolve and celebrate this ability because we have been waiting a long time to do this! Sending strong messages to the Water Protectors, thanking them and supporting them).

Queen Cyberia empowers you with wide bandwidth. Why should you operate within narrow boundaries of perception and communication when you are equipped Togo wide? With Queen Cyberia’s help you can receive hi-res signals on all / channels. The more you work with this server, the greater your networking capacity.

Wonderful reading! I would encourage and remind everyone to keep cell phones off or in airplane mode while sleeping and turn off televisions and also turn off WiFi at night. And be careful with talking on the cell phones.

I love you all! Rainbow Blessings from a healing and working on being empowered Moonmaiden. Namaste.

Gaia Star Codex Reading for July 10, 2016

Gaia Star Codex Reading for July 10, 2016

Okay, finally back on track and the first card of this beautiful codon conversation is Spin. We have had this card before – it jumped right out and wanted to be first, lol. This position represents the moments which have just passed, the recent past. This card’s nine pointed star on a mandala made from the plant element, the source of which is the fungus on a “moon rock” brings us the power of the vortex. The colors are gold and many warm shades of nourishing brown. This card is simply alive with motion.

Highly appropriate with Neptune still in Pisces and the moon going into the friendly sign of Libra today – harmonies are balanced, great day for group meditations, which are increasing in number and are plentiful today, Sunday.

This swirling spiral takes us to the next level. Just as Recycling will always release the past, Spin swings us into the future as we move forward.

As we begin to emerge, we will start to see and feel things in a different light. It’s time to become our own Spin Doctors. Revise, re-engineer, reinvent ourselves. The time is NOW for a new twist.

Simply stand on Gaia and we will feel her rotation, for she is always spinning. This is the Big Spin we are all a part of, and is always taking us somewhere new. Buckle up your seatbelts and enjoy the ride. And remember to breathe!

The next part of the codon conversation represents this Now moment, and for this we have the delicious card Elixir. This is also made from the plant element, derived from prayer plant leaves (perfect for every day but extra cool they wanted to come out and play on Sunday). The geometry here is a simple mandala and the colors are green, red, orange and black. We have also had Elixir before – something which is interesting as I shuffle the cards thoroughly and there are 65 cards, some of which have not come out to play as of yet.

Elixir reminds us that the goal of traditional alchemy was to find the Elixir of Immortality. The GaiaStar alchemy has its very own Elixir. It is Gaia Herself, dancing in ecstasy, that beautiful liquid golden bliss which pours through our crown chakra and can switch on the eternal energies within these radiant human temples of light.

So take a deep drink of this golden Elixir, for it is within you. It’s an ultimate tonic for your body, mind and spirit. It always awakens deep genetic treasures and frees your cells of their entropic programming. Use the light-energy in this image to liberate your inner nectars.

I personally use both meditation in my room and sometimes my living room and then also out in my balcony garden to drink deep of this golden Elixir. It is taking time and practice, but as my meditations deepen and I learn to walk in balance, things keep getting better on every level. And if that could happen for me, it can happen for anybody! It’s true!

The final card in todays converaation is TranceForm – the energy we are moving into. The element here is the wing of a blue butterfly, and the geometry is a simple mandala, with colors of blue, pink, marooon and purple.

Here we are given a reminder that form can indeed TranceForm. Matter is neither solid nor fixed – it is in fact rapidly moving molecules of energy – we are LIGHT. Everything is always in constant motion, continually changing and morphing into something new.

The butterfly holds the answers to the secrets TransceForm can bring – being the master of metamorphosis. How does it accomplish such a radical reshaping? It uses the powers of TransceFormation and so can each and every one of us. It is time to unfurl our wings and fly, my friends, time to fly into the essence of our new Beingness, alive and constantly changing every second, walking in our new legs into the New Earth.

A New Earth where we recognize our kinship with each other and All Of Creation.

The Golden Dawn has begun – just barely, but it has begun – being mindful reminds us to look for the inner and outer signs which show us we are on the correct path.

And remember to not only breathe, but also drink lots of water!

Great day for an afternoon nap, if possible. Our bodies need time for rest and rejuvenation in order to regenerate. The caterpillar has to climb into its cocoon before it can TranceForm.

Based on the cards and writings from the GaiaStarCodex – Seeds of a Turned On World by Bonnie Bell and David Todd – with interpretations and further commentary by Kamea Moonmaiden.

If you’d like to see close ups of the three cards, please feel free to check them out at my FB page – Kami Velasquez (my legal name) or Twitter – KameaMoon.

Rainbow Blessings of Golden Light and Love to you all!

These readings are my gift to you and are always translational. If you would like a personalised reading, I’m set up to do this on FB video chat and Google Plus Whatsapp

GaiStar Codex Reading for June 19, 2016

GaiStar Codex Reading for June 19, 2016

Working on getting back to my regular routine here. Happy Father’s Day to all those dads out there!

Today’s codon conversation begins with Spin. Here we have a plant based seven sided mandala made from a tree fungus on a “moon rock.”

Spin brings us the power of the vortex (like the vortex swirling at the center of each of our seven main chakras). This is the swirling spiral which always assists us in upgrading to the next level. Just as Recycling helps us to let go of the past, Spin brings us into the future, one step at a time, walking into the New Earth.

As we try out our new legs, we will begin to see and feel everything differently. We are our own Spin doctors. It’s up to us to revise, reinvent, and re-engineer our lives, our world. We are here to improve, to upgrade ourselves to the next level, to update our inner programs and release all old, outdated programs.

As we stand on Gaia, if we are still enough, we can feel Her rotate. This is the Big Spin, which always brings us to new destinations. Time to be still and just enjoy the ride, folks.

The next card is Centropy, which is fashioned from the wing of a brown butterfly against a five pointed star.

Centropy takes us into the realm where entropy is counteracted, and rather than dissipate, we are urged to regenerate (which is exactly what I have been doing with my Quantum Healing meditations!). There is infinite energy and newness available every single moment, if we only embrace this present moment.

Gaia is singing Her song now, and this song is part of a “Centropic SeedSong Symphony.” The evolutionary energy resulting from this song is always uplifting, lifting everything it touches, even that which appears to be the most dense. We are being lifted into a state of constant renewal and endless growth. This song is best at sparking the flame of luminescent core of matter, joining it with the star-power we bring to this planet, which shines forever and ever.

InterSource is the third part of this conversation. Spin Centropy InterSource.
InterSource is fashioned from a rock quartz crystal on a seven sided mandala (seven being the magical number in this reading).

This card reminds us that each of us is a source of presence, information, and energy. We each have a specific reason to be here. To tune into this energy is to share these infinite resources freely, and to be open to receive what is needed in return.

In the transpersonal and transtemporal world of GaiaStar, all info-treasuries and beings can easily be reached. All you have to do is ask, and you shall receive.

We are all connected. We are all part of the Web. Each of us has a part of this puzzle. The big picture only begins to emerge when all the pieces are networked together.

Based on the book The GaiaStar Codex – Seeds of a Turned On World by Bonnie Bell and David Todd

GaiaStar Codex Reading, May 22, 2016

GaiaStar Codex Reading, May 22, 2016

Okay, the cards for this transpersonal codon conversation are Novelty, Queen Cyberia and Elixir. If you’d like to see the cards individually, feel free to check them out at my FB site – Kami Velasquez is the name, it will be at the top of my page til tomorrow. And perhaps tomorrow I can copy and paste a link – my notebook is charging and that takes a lot of time.

One of the Power Cards, the element for Novelty is that of a cyberdelic blue butterfly’s wing on manzanita bark, which is set against the geometry of a nine pointed star on a mandala.

Here we are reminded of the power of the new, with the face of the future looking at us directly right now. This present moment isn’t just created out of the past, it’s also co-created by the future. For all timelines are co-existing simultaneously. And time flows in two directions – time is not really linear.

The GaiaStar Codex is a Rosetta stone from the future. When you decode its visual text, its Novelty will liberate us from the past and birth us into the new world.

The next card is a Tribe Card – Queen Cyberia. She is a central server and her empowerment is bandwidth.

She is plugged into grids of radiance, channeling grand data streams, a Queen of serenity. A flower lady with the heart of a cyborg, she is an avatar of silicon-carbon synergy. She processes packets from every direction: Uploads, downloads, lateral transmissions. Her throne is the mainframe which supports her lightwork. Softly glowing, Queen Cyberia is like a moon against a starry sky. (How appropriate for her to pop up the night after the full moon in Sagittarius!)

The rock border of the Queen’s throne room carries the mineral analog of high-wiring. Intricate lines thread its peach-gold surface. Part of expanding your bandwidth is connecting with the silicon network in Gaia herself, which is just as elaborate as it’s cyberdelic counterpart.

Queen Cyberia is here to empower you with wide bandwidth. Why should you operate within narrow boundaries of perception and communication when you are equipped to go wide? With her help, you can receive high-res signals on all channels. The more you work with this server, the greater your networking capacity.

Elixir is the final card, its element is that of prayer plant leaves set against the geometry of a simple mandala.

Tradition alchemy sought to discover the Elixir of Immortality. The GaiaStar alchemy has its own Elixir. This is Earth Ecstasy, the liquid bliss which can switch on eternal energies within the human system.

Drink in this Elixir. It’s an ultimate tonic for your body, mind and spirit. It awakens deep genetic treasures and frees your cells of their anthropic programming. Use the light energy in this image to liberate your inner nectars.

From Gaia Star Codex, Seeds of a Turned On World, created by Bonnie Bell and David Todd

Reading by Kamea Moonmaiden

So experience Novelty by embracing the new, broaden bandwidths with the empowerment of Queen Cyberia and drink the Golden Elixir of Gaia by immersing in Nature.

Love, light and rainbow blessings, my friends. Om namaha shivaya.

Transpersonal GaiaStar Codex Reading for May 14, 2016

Transpersonal GaiaStar Codex Reading for May 14, 2016

Today I’m using the codon conversation spread which corresponds with the sixty four codons of our DNA, which transmit three letter word instructions to our human bodies, so too do these three cards give us a message to guide us through the week to come. The names of the cards, when repeated after each other, become a key-word phrase or mantra which will trigger the empowerment of this gift from Gaia.

Questions to ask ourselves upon reading the cards are: 1) What is this key message being transmitted here? 2) Can a meaningful sentence be constructed using this phrase?

Either read separately or in a row, these cards carry a message which can be useful for anyone, as they are transpersonal.

The first card is Spin. Here we see a nine-pointed star on a mandala with the tree fungus on “Moon” rock providing a solid base. The power of the vortex is present here, Fibonacci spirals swirling us into the future, just as Recycling helps to release the past. Which is all part of shedding our layers, just as snake sheds his skin. The empowerment here is that which helps us to always move forward, no matter what the challenge may be.

Upon emerging from this spiral vortex we will see things in a new way, all senstions will be fresh, vibrant and full of light. It’s time to become our very own Spin Doctors, for who will spin us if we don’t spin ourselves?

It’s time to revise and reenginer. Time for updating, upgrading, and improving in every way we can – on all levels and in all timelines and incarnations in all dimensions.

Stand on Gaia and feel Her spinning too. This is the Big Cosmic Spin, which will always bring us somewhere new. Time to kick back and enjoy the ride – go with the flow.

(I apologize for not being able to post more than one photo per blog here, am working on increasing skills but life gets super, super busy sometimes).

The next card is Play (so appropriate for what’s going on in the stars this weekend, lol). The Flower element comes into play here – those delicate blossoms gifted us from Heaven to remind us of the incredible bliss and beauty of our true home. Oh, how nourishing flowers are! When I sit outside on my balcony next to my petunias it’s so relaxing.

This card is a complex mandala perfect for meditating upon. The flower source for th image is an iris.

The empowerment here is the mood of ecstasy. Being turned on is feeling alive in every sense, bringing opportunity for play at any given moment. Even chores can be fun with a playful attitude. When we’re open and playful, our creative juices flow as we let go of expectations and just be.

It’s time to get in the game, to fully engage in our lives. We are Co-Creators of the Universe and recreation is one of the key components for full healing. When we become fully immersed in the sport of our mass global awakening and connect with the other players of our team – we find our soul family.

To amuse ourselves and our friends in the planetary pastime of emergence, we’re planting the seeds for the New Earth. It’s time for us to score.

Spin, Play, Meta-Fission.

The last card is Meta-Fission. Here we have the Rock element – just like all the personal planets are in Taurus right now, reminding us to be in our bodies and spend time not overthinking. Just to be and empty ourselves of worry is so grounding.

This simple mandala empowers us with Meta-Fission – the power of activation. All our ancient codons are being awakened, and these are the seeds of our global being. They exist within us at every level, from our omnipresent spirit self to our actual atoms.

Each of the cards in the GaiaStar Codex has its own unique Meta-Fission qualities, all which help trigger and activate all sixty-four codons of our beings.

Let them start you up.

(This is from the GaiaStar Codex – Seeds of a Turned On World cards by Bonnie Bell and David Tudd. Paraphrased and added to.

Many blessings to you all, I love you.

Gaia-Star Codex Reading

Gaia-Star Codex Reading

We are having a thunderstorm here in Oklahoma this lovely Sunday morning, and I just heard about the earthquake in Ecuador, so my heart is filled with prayers, love and light for all the people, may they be protected. A clap of thunder ripped the air the second of putting the first card down on my anointed cloth (peppermint and lavender).

So I haven’t figured out how to add more photos in the body of the text here. That will take a minute, but anyway this woman is still here, learning and healing every day. Loralai has been amazing and is a great light in my life. The children are such wonderful blessings, are they not?

Okay, so here are the cards for today. The first card is in the Higher Self of Spiritual Self position, and the card shown here is Primal 2. The title of this card is CosmiSexual and the empowerment is Co-Creation.

The couple in this card are locked in a never ending cosmisexual embrace. They represent the secret seeds within each and every one of us, the seeds which bring bring the light into the darkness, bringing us, both individually and collectively, into our New Earth. They are safely enclosed within the core of Gaia, glass and steel, the smooth elements keeping them fresh and clean, protected from outward sources. Just as the earth comes alive with the kiss of the sun, these two bring forth all of creation.

These two archetypal patterns urge us on to rebirth our planet, for Co-Creation is a community process.

The second card here is in the human self position, and the card here is called Feel Good.

Feel Good reminds us to immerse ourselves in Nature and also that in order for us to upgrade, we must heal the past in order to move forwards into the future. Gaia herself offers the remedies for softening this pain. Earth-Ecstasy, perceived through the senses of pleasure and delight, is the medicine needed here – so walking barefoot on the grass, working in our gardens, connecting with loved ones and pets always helps a great deal. Community connection can instantly lift this pain.

If we say yes to a turned on world, it is easy to feel good. Just tracing the card to the center is going to be helpful in returning to our own centers where feeling good is just natural.

For the bodily self, third position in this three card spread, the card is Ecstasy.

This card reminds one that the flowers of nature are here to remind us of paradise. Marigolds, roses, carnations, these are the sweet scents which reminds us of our true home. They are the essences the Earth offers to us freely, their vibrant fragrances instantly lifting the spirit.

This was a right on reading. Everywhere I look, everything I see, is cosmic synchronicity.

@Kamea Moonmaiden