GaiaStar Codex Reading, May 22, 2016

Okay, the cards for this transpersonal codon conversation are Novelty, Queen Cyberia and Elixir. If you’d like to see the cards individually, feel free to check them out at my FB site – Kami Velasquez is the name, it will be at the top of my page til tomorrow. And perhaps tomorrow I can copy and paste a link – my notebook is charging and that takes a lot of time.

One of the Power Cards, the element for Novelty is that of a cyberdelic blue butterfly’s wing on manzanita bark, which is set against the geometry of a nine pointed star on a mandala.

Here we are reminded of the power of the new, with the face of the future looking at us directly right now. This present moment isn’t just created out of the past, it’s also co-created by the future. For all timelines are co-existing simultaneously. And time flows in two directions – time is not really linear.

The GaiaStar Codex is a Rosetta stone from the future. When you decode its visual text, its Novelty will liberate us from the past and birth us into the new world.

The next card is a Tribe Card – Queen Cyberia. She is a central server and her empowerment is bandwidth.

She is plugged into grids of radiance, channeling grand data streams, a Queen of serenity. A flower lady with the heart of a cyborg, she is an avatar of silicon-carbon synergy. She processes packets from every direction: Uploads, downloads, lateral transmissions. Her throne is the mainframe which supports her lightwork. Softly glowing, Queen Cyberia is like a moon against a starry sky. (How appropriate for her to pop up the night after the full moon in Sagittarius!)

The rock border of the Queen’s throne room carries the mineral analog of high-wiring. Intricate lines thread its peach-gold surface. Part of expanding your bandwidth is connecting with the silicon network in Gaia herself, which is just as elaborate as it’s cyberdelic counterpart.

Queen Cyberia is here to empower you with wide bandwidth. Why should you operate within narrow boundaries of perception and communication when you are equipped to go wide? With her help, you can receive high-res signals on all channels. The more you work with this server, the greater your networking capacity.

Elixir is the final card, its element is that of prayer plant leaves set against the geometry of a simple mandala.

Tradition alchemy sought to discover the Elixir of Immortality. The GaiaStar alchemy has its own Elixir. This is Earth Ecstasy, the liquid bliss which can switch on eternal energies within the human system.

Drink in this Elixir. It’s an ultimate tonic for your body, mind and spirit. It awakens deep genetic treasures and frees your cells of their anthropic programming. Use the light energy in this image to liberate your inner nectars.

From Gaia Star Codex, Seeds of a Turned On World, created by Bonnie Bell and David Todd

Reading by Kamea Moonmaiden

So experience Novelty by embracing the new, broaden bandwidths with the empowerment of Queen Cyberia and drink the Golden Elixir of Gaia by immersing in Nature.

Love, light and rainbow blessings, my friends. Om namaha shivaya.

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