And now it’s Monday, and sleep has become my friend again. Thankfully, I am feeling so much more refreshed after a couple nights in a row of blessed zzzzz’s. Made the mistake of drinking some coffee yesterday morning, sure won’t be repeating that mistake with this body so sensitive to conditions like nervous exhaustion. Feeling rested upon awakening is such a beautiful feeling. I made a promise to myself that I will not look at or even touch my phone or tablet during the middle of the night if I awaken. No. From this point forward they must be pushed away from my sleep space during sleep time. And I will progress from here.

Fishnu the Beta is on my windowsill behind my head and my cat Mila by my feet. I love my temporary pet’s smooth energy, and the fact that he is so simple to care for, squishes his little mouth up against the glass of his little tank, wiggling his fins so cutely.

Today Loralai won’t be here til eleven, leaving me time for some yoga before bathing. I’m looking for a car, there are some places up in the city which may serve my needs well. The funny thing is that because I have a phobia of driving I didn’t mind too much when my last car fizzled out. No. Especially because at that time only my oldest daughter had a car of her own.

And being a single mom with a large family is a situation frowned upon by society in general, but many folks are kind and supportive. Especially when they see the many things I keep doing to better this situation. So finally I will be moving in just a bit over two months. It’s been nearly three years in this complex – an old army barracks built in 1940, converted long ago into apartments.

My plants are happy and ready for new pots – rosemary, thyme, chocolate mint, and basil. I am thinking of planting the mint in my faerie garden since the tiny succulents didn’t make it through the winter.

I talked to my sweetheart last night – he has a new job working for the parks, and is still working on his algebra. So funny to still be doing the school thing at our age, but we are re-inventing ourselves.

My yogi son turns 30 on Friday, Earth Day. So funny what a child of the earth he truly is, always working with earth, either farming or archaeological digs. He made me a lovely necklace with a bit of stone retrieved from an old kiva site. Too bad he won’t be around again for his birthday, but at least we had the chance to have several amazing country festivals over the past decade. For what better time to have a birthday? This year his birthday also falls on the full moon.

Although, with the turning of the seasons here in Oklahoma we also get tornadoes. So everybody is a sky watcher this time of year. We haven’t had monster storms for a while but every year we do have the tornadoes. Growing up I never understood how my mother could have loved such scary weather, because we were in New Mexico, but now that I have been living here for twenty two years I understand it well.

When my youngest daughter was small, she was terrified of every big storm. And I would be struck with giddiness by all the ions in the air and would do my best to juggle comforting her and collapsing in giggles.

It’s still cloudy here, it rained all night, such beautiful rain (although there is a flood warning here now). All the fire storms have been extinguished. That is great news.

So I have signed up for a free workshop by Susan Weed on how to make healing herbal infusions. This is exciting, because I want to learn how to forage. My mom taught me some things, but of course that was forever ago and not in Oklahoma. I do know elder flower, sorrel, and mullein. Several others too. But I need a guide. Dandelions make a great addition to salad but it would be good to find them where poison hasn’t been poured on them, for even soaking them may not be efficient enough.

My meditations are going well, learning more each day, strengthening myself for the day when I will be teaching meditation to others. Perhaps I can take myself to the schools to teach the children. They sure could use such a tool. My grandsons are now 13 and nearly 16, and my youngest son 17, so they are like brothers. And how things have changed! I am thankful for them giving me an open window into today’s world, because otherwise I would just feel lost. But instead, I feel very blessed.

Today is a day of beautiful new beginnings.

This week I will share the second part of Setting the Princess of Roses Free.

Thank you all for following my blog, I am very honored and am enjoying checking out your sites, you all have so much interesting info and are sharing with great beauty and talent. I am impressed.

So, I will be back later, may your Monday be blessed, my friends.


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