Deepest Faith and Mysticism

Deepest Faith and Mysticism

Happy Vernal Equinox, my friends! Big shift in gears as the sun leaves dreamy, watery Pisces and moves into fiery, demonstrative Aries. Masculine and Feminine energies balance as day and night are equal, zero point now.

I have been saying many prayers for humanity, for so many are suffering as we go through this shift. I have deep faith that our Mother/Father Creator God is continually with us, supporting us in every way, for as we embrace Christ Consciousness, we shine our Creator’s Love and Light for all to see.

Some get caught up in the semantics. I remember what Serendipity said about prayer in the movie Dogma, “When are you people thing to get it? It isn’t how you pray, it’s THAT you pray.”

And that’s what I do, every day, meditate and pray. The Lord’s prayer, the 23rd Psalm and Hail Mary’s are my go to favorites. Om Namaha Shivaya my favorite mantra. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin my favorite expression of brotherhood and interconnectedness which I learned at Lakota ceremonial sweats, In La’kesh, the ancient Yukatan Mayab expression meaning, “I am another you” also a favorite.

Being raised with respect for many religions was still an upbringing which focused on Christianity, but more of an esoteric type than that found in the Methodist Church I was originally baptised in.

I love Jesus and Mary with all my heart. During rebirthing at a One Year Seminar with Leonard Orr in Los Angeles back in 1983, they both appeared to me and filled me up with Spirit, yet again. For during rebirthing at Campbell Hot Springs in 1981, again with the Leonard Orr group (got to meet Sondra Ray too!), my Kundalini was awakened while singing songs of love and peace for all humanity on a mountain top not too far from Mt. Shasta, which I believe is the location of the heart chakra of Gaia.

Once when living with my grandma and ex husband and our family of five kids, a major disagreement arose which had me seeking peace and understanding. So I went in the back yard to pray. This was in 1994. And the voice of Jesus whispered to me, “My peace I give you. The peace which passeth understanding” and it seemed as if the giant Oak just outside the deck I was standing on was totally responsive to these words of comfort and participated in pouring peace over and through me.

Then there was the miracle of my son Nicolas, who nearly died and pulled through as literally hundreds of us were praying, exactly at that moment and his father and I had just prayed in the NICU while I held my hand on my sweet baby’s tiny leg, then straight to the chapel we went, then to my room and had just begun pumping my milk when the nurse came running in to tell us he was breathing against the respirator!

I’ve been to National Rainbow Gatherings and Hands Across America and have held hands with literally millions of people in an act of love and service to humanity and what an amazing feeling that is!

I am here to tell you that all of us are here for a reason. And we each have that Christos flame within us. What brave, amazing souls we are to have returned to this planet at this time! For Earth is not an easy place to be sometimes. And if we don’t get the lessons we came here to learn, we will keep coming back and repeating them until we do.

Once I prayed for the rain to reverse itself and it did. At the Woody Guthrie Festival. At one of the Rainbow Gathering, thousands of us prayed for peace and for a rainbow, and for the rain to stop and not only did the rain stop and a rainbow given, it was the most magnificent long lasting double rainbow ever witnessed. God was talking to us on tha mountain.

But a humble servant here, a respite from the internet for a while has helped me remember why I came here and focus on what I can do to serve!

Keep shining, my friends! These are the days and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Not the little “we” but our Divine “we.”

Which is rising in you and me.

Faith and Mysticism helps us see we are so much more than we were every taught we could be. Except for a few blessed souls whose parents taught them to be free, to believe in miracles, in peace, love and harmony as our only true destiny.

Blessed be, my friends, blessed be.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

Details on arranging a private energy healing session coming soon!


13 Grounding Techniques For Highly Sensitive People

13 Grounding Techniques For Highly Sensitive People

Kaypacha’s Astrology For The Soul, July 06, 2017

Kaypacha’s Astrology For The Soul, July 06, 2017

There has been so much going on that one day’s worth of activities are taking 2-3 days, but healing is happening! This week Kaypacha is back home in Costa Rica, and gives us sound advice for the upcoming incredibly intense Thunder Moon, our Full Moon in Capricorn on July 09. My own Mercury is in Cancer and my Pluto is in Capricorn, so I am feeling these energies and they are invigorating me, but my tendency is to become too excited when doing big projects, and then I overdo. Lifelong dance with Trickster.

Anyway, the Moon was in Sagittarius on Wednesday when the report was filmed, but moved on into Capricorn today. So the Moon will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn opposing the Sun, Mercury and Mars all hanging out in sensitive Cancer.

Mars at 21, 22, 23 degrees Cancer is in a Yod with Saturn and the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius. Saturn is in Sagittarius, South Node of the Moon is in Aquarius, so we have a Sagitarrius-Aquarius sextile, and Mars is coming up to square it. Mars in Cancer is lazy – we want to take baths, pamper ourselves. Cancer is all about the home, the inner child. July is a great month for baking, barbecues, inviting friends over for celebrations – and then there is the clean up, which we may not feel like doing. (I have OCD, so, I get the clean up done, but we have had a lovely family celebration on the 4th).

Wednesday the Sun was square Jupiter in Libra – something which is bringing more, more, more and more. There’s a lot going on with all of us! We’re awakening, building the new world. Kaypacha offers the great advice to fine tune our gifts, develop our businesses, set our price, and detach ourselves from the system. Ecocommunities with sustainable permaculture – off the grid – and we create the new world, we creatively make a change. Of course, we have to pay the rent, have food, have transportation, upgrade the computer – there are always steps to moving forward. It can be a bit demanding, and that’s where we come to the defunct system.

It’s time to change the system. Looking at the bigger overall pictures – the Yod with Mars has to do with negative aspects or elements of society, which we need to look at, see, and address, and Saturn in Sagittarius has a new plan so that we don’t make the mistakes of our forefathers who have not met the needs of humanity.

Just like the Federal Reserve. It is an entity all of its own – yet as soon as it prints money, the government becomes more in debt. And the loans provide other loans, on and on, increasing the debt all the time. The movie Zeitgeist and its addendum are both excellent sources of information about the system and how messed up it is.

The Rothschilds, Koch brothers, and the other top elite are the ones who own a majority of the planet,and its time to stop feeding into their system.

He talks about visiting his sister up in Vancouver, who practices permaculture and has fresh reaspberries and a great vegetable garden and barely has to go shopping at all, and he goes back to Costa Rica and lives in a community that practices permaculture.

All in all, we want to feel secure, and these are not secure times. So it’s so important remain centered – the Full Moon in Capricorn has a lot to do with the crazy things going on in government. There is a lot of greed and self interest, yet those of os awakening know that we have to plant the seeds. We can’t just pretend everything is going to be okay if we just put our rose colored glasses and go from festival to festival, doing our happy dancing – we have to do the work together and create the new world community by community.

The intensity of the energy is only going to increase until the great solar eclipse in Leo in August, which is going to just be beyond comprehension.

The Full Moon in Capricon is telling us to get our butts out there – the soul groups – Pluto in Capricorn – 57 – 72 and Pluto in Scorpio 84-96.

The broken system makes people sick. They are overworked and drained, and seek alcohol drugs and other things to numb themselves. Those born in Pluto in Capricorn are a whole generation of healers (I am one too), and the Pluto in Scorpio are the Shamans and the therapists, here to help people resurrect themselves. These soul groups will be helping bringing in the Age of the Aquarius by focusing in on our gifts – dance, yoga, massage, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, whatever it is that you’re good at, and when we do this we will pull people out of their cubicles. And join the new communities, planting gardens, healing ourselves and sharing our gifts with each other.

He also brings up the awesome movie Dr. Strange, which explores parallel universes – and it is such a great analogy to what’s going on in this world – we can open up people to alternative view points and ways of looking at the world, alternative lifestyles, and show the people who are dying from living by the rules of the sick sick system will see this healing and will begin creating too. We can create positive ripples, folks (He is so excited and speaks quickly and says way much more than this and I also just add a little bit here and there because this excites me a lot), and as we pull away from the system, the system will just collapse all by itself. So let’s get creative, move into roles of leadership and healing and we don’t have to worry about violence and rebellion.

This week’s mantra: It’s time to change the system, come up with a whole new plan, that starts with me being able to see into the future of man.

Self development. Opening the awakening. Developing the creative potential. Offering it to our brothers. attracting it to our brothers and sisters away from the death defying throes of the system – some day – these seeds are going to grow into the Golden Garden of man – just like Joni Mitchell sang and Crosby, Stills and Nash sang, “got to get us back to the Garden.”

This was one of the best ever. He just gets better and better at explaining what’s going on in the stars (and I am learning more about it by watching and it and also by typing these summaries).

Kaypacha’s farewell: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kami’s farewell: A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. Love you all so much.

Suzanne Lie’s Golden Ones

Suzanne Lie’s Golden Ones

We have entered the Golden Age, also known as the Age of Aquarius, even though the last remnants of the Age of Pisces and the placement of our planet in the cosmic photon belt are bringing up hidden darkness to the surface to be cleansed once and for all.

In the mountains of New Mexico, my family and I did catch an occasional glimpse of what appeared to be luminous colorful traveling discs and orbs.

It is there that Gaia ohms with such resonance that folks call it the Taos hum.

We heard celestial music in the Sangre de Cristos mountains, the mountains of my heart, ancestral home of four of my tribe, my wonderful kids who are now all grown.

We learned to communicate with each other telepathically. We learned how to work hard to bring food to the table and we learned to meditate and to pray every single day. We were taught to love all of humanity, and to not trust the government.

We thought these days would come then, back in the Seventies. But it’s now, and I am so thankful to be here, alive, and still healing, but also moving forward inch by inch. Started yoga on the lawn again! And also starting physical therapy next week. Getting in touch with my own heart and learning how to love myself. And the more I do, the more I expect some celestial visitors to land in the empty field next to my building. It’s the perfect spot.

I love you all. Keep on shining, beautiful people, love truly truly has indeed won.

Article About Christ Consciousness

Article About Christ Consciousness

Because yes. Jesus said to the pie people after performing miracles, “All these you can do and more.” And all it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed. Mustard seeds are tiny! So imagine, just imagine a world of self actualized human beings, All awakened to Christ Consciousness.