Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul, March 29, 2017

This week Tom gifts us with the Pele Report from his back yard. We are at a peak point of intensity cosmically. He starts off with a wonderful overview of the past year which is a little bit too complex for my own modest understandings, so I am leaving out the degrees.

For the most part, Jupiter in Libra is retrograde, and Venus about to go retrograde Sunday and then move back into Pisces, where she is square Saturn and conjunct Chiron again, where she stations. Time to get deeply in touch with our woundings, Chiron. Those deepest of deep wounds which we have stuffed, covered and denied, and it is this which holds us back again and again and again until we get the lesson. Saturn is about to go retrograde and so is Mercury on April 9, yikes!

Jupiter is square Pluto again is part of this intensity – and still in opposition to Uranus, making everything feel fast and sharp, questioning our power, like we’re getting squeezed to get out all that is not true, all that is not us. Saturn conjunct the galactic center – defragmenting our hard disc, involves letting go of the familiar. Phillip Sedgwick talks about the galactic center – ‘the psyche can very often mistake the familiar with the good.’ This is why men marry their mothers and women marry their fathers – we repeat these patterns because it’s familiar.

Saturn in Sagittarius is the root chakra – survival, life and death – when he hits the galactic center we are all feeling pressure, the old patterns, old beliefs, the old karmic stuff from lifetimes.

In our loving relationships we seek to reinvent our childhoods.

With all these planets in retrograde it’s time to reflect, remember, release. The Universe, Galactic Center, is shaking our foundation. Is our home built on sand, or are there solid cornerstones in our personal truths?

Illusions are based on experiences. The way we look at our core beliefs and challenge them requires radical self honesty.

Time to admit that I can be wrong about what I used to say or feel, I am human and make mistakes. I can change my mind.

This is the year of the end of illusion and it is time to let go of those illusions.
April is the pivotal point of this cosmic alignment. During this period, other people may reflect a lot of shadow at us, calling us to rise, to know ourselves and get real. Freudian slips and unconscious beliefs may influence our personality with the risk of pulling us into being stuck in the past and not evolving. Our relationships from past lifetimes will emerge and call us out to be real.

We have to see our realities as they are. This is NOT A TIME TO GAMBLE OR TAKE RISKS.

We must back up, check it out and clean it out. Grow up and take responsibility for our own personal happiness and well being. Centering the masculine and feminine, we go in and look at our karma and the sabian symbol for Venus conjunct Chiron is the harvest moon – a harvesting of the seeds we have sown, cultivated, watered and protected, or what we have not sown or not cultivated. As you sow, so shall you reap.

If we’ve been under illusions, lying, or out of integrity, this is a time that may backfire. We are all under this pressure and questioning ourselves, projecting it out, may back ourselves into a corner.

Guess that’s what my 13 year old grandson did last night. Conscious, unconscious or not, we are getting smacked. Saturn has to do with 3D reality, and Venus retrograde squaring it increases this pressure.

Keep breathing, folks! I throw a thought in here or there, and this is just a tiny bit of what Kaypacha has to say, remember to come from a place of centeredness and calm. He knows exactly how to advise us, and that helps so much.

This week’s mantra: In order to go forward, I need to take a step back, and clean up all my karma, so I can get on track.


Kaypacha’s Pele Report, March 22, 2017

Here he is, Kaypacha with the Pele Report, Astrology for the Soul for March 22, 2017. He tells us Happy Sun in Aries, Happy Venus in Aries, Happy Mercury in Aries, Happy Uranus in Aries, Happy New Moon in Aries (Monday evening at 7:37 p.m. WOW).

Some of the most interesting aspects include Venus conjunct the Sun – he says She is connecting with the cosmic source – it’s like a New Moon, only Venus is the Moon. you can draw a line from the earth through the Sun. Awesome and very powerful. The sabian symbol for this aspect is a triangle with wings. Of course She is still retrograde until April 15, adding to this energy.

Jupiter is square Pluto, Mercury conjunct Uranus coming up on Sunday – that’s a big day. Right now Moon is in Aquarius, which may have us feeling a little quirky. She goes into Pisces on Saturday and then of course Monday is the very big day. Kaypacha reminds us to keep our swords in our sheaths and do our best not to get hurt.

This is the time of the warrior, the wild woman – Aries is a very masculine sign, so what we need here is to learn how to control the masculine energy, This is wrapped around the desire to challenge life, to face danger, to conquer, to expand, to penetrate into the unknown – the old courageous brave warrior of Aries. He says his wife was bringing up the selfishness involved in this – because we can become quite engrossed with all this.

The New Moon is setting the tone for the whole next month – we are in for some intensity, folks. Warriors do create the wars.

Jupiter in a square can be too much – the danger can be over-extending, over-speaking, over-confidence, overdoing in every single realm of life. Pluto in Capricorn has to do with work, keeping us all very busy, Jupiter has to do with relationships, and feeling secure in them, but all this Aries energy has to do with feeling independent and not wanting to be in relationship, so many of us may feel torn during these tumultuous times.

Mars in Taurus has us wanting to focus on material gains, our income, our homes and possessions. Jupiter is also opposite Uranus, while Saturn in Sagittarius adds quite a bit to the fiery alignment of our planets.

Tom says all this and so much more – and he is giving a live webinar on Friday, the 24th – there’s a link below this video where you can sign up – I did!

Me with my rising sign in Aries, Sun sign in Cancer and Moon sign in Pisces, am feeling particularly vulnerable and also quite confused at times, but at other times very very clear, like a diamond, crazy diamond – all the pressure over the years has done a great job of helping with this transformation – not all the way there but definitely on my way. We all are, even those who seem to be perhaps heading in the opposite direction.

This week’s mantra has to do with diamonds, because diamonds are the hardest material which exists, yet it is also the most clear. As clear as clean water, everybody loves diamonds. And we all need water to survive.

Balancing this masculine energy with emotional awareness and conscious awareness of our impact on the other is essential right now. Let’s be conscious of our impact on Gaia, and do our best to reduce and minimize our carbon footprint. (Let’s go green and shut down the pipelines).

This week’s mantra: Both diamonds and a drop of water are beautiful, bright, and clear, and though diamonds may make me rich, I need water more this year.

As he wraps up his report, he cautions us against becoming too cool or self involved as we enter the Aquarian Age, because then we won’t be capable of intimate relationships and the human race could die off – although this is only happening in first world countries, but nonetheless.

He lives in a permaculture community – I wish to do the same some day! Setting the intention for manifesting this in my life. Om Shanti.

Kaypacha blesses us with his astrological wisdom and says Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Rainbow Blessings, my friends. I love you all!

Kaypacha’s Astrology For The Soul, March 15, 2017

This week Kaypacha begins his talk with some wonderful mythological lore focusing on Kali, Venus, and Mercury. With Venus in Aries and retrograde, we are going through some deep inner searching. Kali is both creator and destroyer, pure energy, sweeping away the old so we can usher in the new.

The Moon is in Scorpio still today (I am a day behind, please forgive me), and will be moving on into joyful Sagittarius tomorrow. The sun has only a few days left in Pisces – that Pisces party is almost all the way over. Mercury has joined Venus in Aries, giving us energy to get out there and get things done. Also, Venus in retrograde brings us power for revolution, so continuing that good peaceful demonstrating and writing letters and signing petitions, making our voices heard, is essential right now. Luckily Mars has moved on into stable Taurus, which is quite a nice compliment to the intensity going on. The planets are here to guide us, show us what to do and how to progress with our evolution. Birthing ourselves into our new world, where peace will reign supreme!

We are reaching the end of this year’s zodiac cycle, and not only that, we are at the end of a two thousand year age, and the end of a galactic cycle which spans thousands and thousands of years. Saturn in Sagittarius is very near the galactic center right now – the black hole at the center of our galaxy which emits lots and lots of radiation, especially infra-red. Not to mention the x-ray blast it sent us about a year and a half ago before the super blood moon just after the autumnal equinox in 2015.

Soooo, right now we are in the process of letting go of the old – and opening ourselves to new relationships, new jobs, new attitudes. We have to de-frag our minds so that new and healthy files can be uploaded. Same thing with our devices! I am currently working on this project. It takes a lot of time!

As always, Kaypacha is spot on and so worth watching! I must confess that I watch the update at least two times every week. Once while writing some notes or taking them mentally, and once to enjoy with a friend. This week I simply did the mental note taking and added some of my own thoughts while typing it out. He’s amazing! I find it very helpful.

This week’s mantra: I need to ask the question,
then sit still and listen
to life’s new proposition
for my evolution.

Kaypacha: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kamea: Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light!

Full Moon in Virgo – Shed Your Old Skin And Embrace Change

Astro Butterfly

The Full Moon on the 12th of March occurs at 22° Virgo.

This is the first Full Moon after the February eclipse season, and it will bring the much needed clarity on the new cycle that is about to emerge.

The Virgo Full Moon is a cleansing Full Moon and will ask us to get rid of all the debrief we accumulated during the current Sun cycle, in order to prepare us for the New Sun Cycle starting on the 20th of March.

The Full Moon in Virgo is opposite Chiron and Mercury (which are both conjunct Sun in Pisces). The Full Moon also squares Saturn in Sagittarius and trines Pluto in Capricorn.

Communication can be hurtful now – as we know, Full Moons like to “expose” the truth, and this time is no exception. This Chironic Full Moon wants to have everything said and done, even if…

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Van Gogh, Art, Amazing Women

Art is wonderful. Not only for the elite. Art enriches our souls, which makes our body temples pleased. The National Endowment for the Arts should not be abolished, nor should PBS.

Personally, I have never spent 4-5 hours a day before reading news articles and watching clips and signing and sharing petitions and doing my best to keep up with baffling, mind boggling events currently unfolding, but I am now. I will not mention any of the names of the administration on my blog, but am learning many of them quickly as there are so many scandals each week – using my FB page for that. I will stand up for human rights, for freedom of speech, for individuality, and I am so pleased to see us coming together, organizing and rising. International Women’s Day was highly recognized and I am proud to be a woman.


So I share art by a man. Forgive me, but he is one of my all time favorites and this caught my eye. Be back with some Georgia O’Keeffe, relevant to both the Arts and to feminism.


And an article about female revolutionaries.


And another about the raging grannies.


My stream of consciousness blog post for Saturday. Working on some projects! And the number one project is healing this body. Funny how anniversaries can trigger physical symptoms when our emotions are still healing.

It’s now one year and ten days. since the love of my life moved away. And my mama’s birthday four days ago. And my daughter was taken away right about this time last year.

All our four bodies – spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical, are intrinsically interconnected.

Every day is quite day to celebrate women – and men – living together in peace, love and harmony. It’s time to make that dream a reality.

Ho, siSTERS of the rainbow living light!!!!!


The Changing Face of Astrology Venus Visits the Underworld (Kaypacha)

The Changing Face of Astrology Venus Visits the Underworld (Kaypacha)

Today at 5:00 p.m. CST, Kaypacha is having a free webinar about what to prepare for as Venus journeys through the Underworld.

My apologies for posting this just a few hours in advance, but figure, hey, maybe some will see and have time to prepare and pqrticipate if so wished.


Love y’all! Happy Full Moon in Virgo Eve. These are the days we have been waiting for, and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for too. Keep rising ad shining my friends.

Rainbow Blessings.