Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul, April 26, 2017

This week’s Pele Report fell directly on the New Moon in Taurus, which is all about being in the body, listening to the body, honoring our senses, honoring Gaia, our mother, for we are intrinsically interconnected. Tom takes us through a beautiful bit of jungle as he talks at us, which is such an excellent locale for his style of sharing astrological wisdom with the world.

Mercury still has one more week retrograde, and conjunct Uranus and also opposite Eres, the goddess of discord, which he passed by back on March 29 and then made a U-turn and decided to hang out with her again. Eres only passes by every 526 years, so she moves quite slowly. Jupiter is opposing this Eres energy at this moment, while Saturn conjunct the galactic center is square. Because apparently we needed more discord. Which basically amounts to more of us waking up.

Today, Thursday, the Moon moves on into Gemini, Saturday into Cancer, and then Monday it will be Leo. Luckily, Venus will move back out of Pisces Friday which will help her lighten up as she goes direct and back into Aries, pulling her away from that square with Saturn. We will be able to see her in the morning sky now, and she will help energize all of us, in particular with relationships, personal and inter-personal. This has to do with dark feminine forces arising and rectifying the overwhelming and dying patriarchal paradigm with all its corruption, greed, and war.

We are each feeling this individually, while we are all feeling this collectively. New Moon in Taurus is rather heavy, a feeling which will emanate through the rest of this month.

Uranus coming around to Eres with Jupiter opposite brings us self knowledge, self revelation and all sorts of change and lots of examination of our relationships. Eres comes out of the void and gives birth to strife, toil, forgetfulness, starvation, pain, battle, murder, manslaughter, quarrel, lies, dispute, lawlessness, ruin and her youngest child is oath, which can be the most damaging of all of Eres’ damaging children if anyone takes a false oath. We must stand up for truth and against lawlessness and for strength and healing, unity and harmony and not discord.

Discord at any level brings up lack of trust, hidden lies, and with break downs in trust and each of us looking after ourselves we will ask for proof of things. And during this time of “alternative facts” we are living in doubting times. Yet all that was hidden will be revealed. We are getting to the root of these issues, exposing reality and getting to the end of lies and the end of deception. This is not always a pretty picture! It can take some confrontation, some irritation to uncover the layers of denial.

Kaypacha gives us this week’s mantra from a “we” perspective instead of an “i” perspective because it’s truly time for us to get together and talk about solutions, with and through each other as mirrors of our unconscious. We get in touch with our shadow through the other. The foundation of peace and harmony is truth, so each of us need to stand in our truth and share this with others, because without this there can’t be any peace.

Mantra: There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
It’s there for all to see,
calling us all together
from discord into harmony.

Kaypacha’s farewell: Namaste. Aloha. Take it easy, don’t forget to breathe.

Kamea’s farewell: Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin.

Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul, March 29, 2017

This week Tom gifts us with the Pele Report from his back yard. We are at a peak point of intensity cosmically. He starts off with a wonderful overview of the past year which is a little bit too complex for my own modest understandings, so I am leaving out the degrees.

For the most part, Jupiter in Libra is retrograde, and Venus about to go retrograde Sunday and then move back into Pisces, where she is square Saturn and conjunct Chiron again, where she stations. Time to get deeply in touch with our woundings, Chiron. Those deepest of deep wounds which we have stuffed, covered and denied, and it is this which holds us back again and again and again until we get the lesson. Saturn is about to go retrograde and so is Mercury on April 9, yikes!

Jupiter is square Pluto again is part of this intensity – and still in opposition to Uranus, making everything feel fast and sharp, questioning our power, like we’re getting squeezed to get out all that is not true, all that is not us. Saturn conjunct the galactic center – defragmenting our hard disc, involves letting go of the familiar. Phillip Sedgwick talks about the galactic center – ‘the psyche can very often mistake the familiar with the good.’ This is why men marry their mothers and women marry their fathers – we repeat these patterns because it’s familiar.

Saturn in Sagittarius is the root chakra – survival, life and death – when he hits the galactic center we are all feeling pressure, the old patterns, old beliefs, the old karmic stuff from lifetimes.

In our loving relationships we seek to reinvent our childhoods.

With all these planets in retrograde it’s time to reflect, remember, release. The Universe, Galactic Center, is shaking our foundation. Is our home built on sand, or are there solid cornerstones in our personal truths?

Illusions are based on experiences. The way we look at our core beliefs and challenge them requires radical self honesty.

Time to admit that I can be wrong about what I used to say or feel, I am human and make mistakes. I can change my mind.

This is the year of the end of illusion and it is time to let go of those illusions.
April is the pivotal point of this cosmic alignment. During this period, other people may reflect a lot of shadow at us, calling us to rise, to know ourselves and get real. Freudian slips and unconscious beliefs may influence our personality with the risk of pulling us into being stuck in the past and not evolving. Our relationships from past lifetimes will emerge and call us out to be real.

We have to see our realities as they are. This is NOT A TIME TO GAMBLE OR TAKE RISKS.

We must back up, check it out and clean it out. Grow up and take responsibility for our own personal happiness and well being. Centering the masculine and feminine, we go in and look at our karma and the sabian symbol for Venus conjunct Chiron is the harvest moon – a harvesting of the seeds we have sown, cultivated, watered and protected, or what we have not sown or not cultivated. As you sow, so shall you reap.

If we’ve been under illusions, lying, or out of integrity, this is a time that may backfire. We are all under this pressure and questioning ourselves, projecting it out, may back ourselves into a corner.

Guess that’s what my 13 year old grandson did last night. Conscious, unconscious or not, we are getting smacked. Saturn has to do with 3D reality, and Venus retrograde squaring it increases this pressure.

Keep breathing, folks! I throw a thought in here or there, and this is just a tiny bit of what Kaypacha has to say, remember to come from a place of centeredness and calm. He knows exactly how to advise us, and that helps so much.

This week’s mantra: In order to go forward, I need to take a step back, and clean up all my karma, so I can get on track.

Kaypacha’s Pele Report, March 22, 2017

Here he is, Kaypacha with the Pele Report, Astrology for the Soul for March 22, 2017. He tells us Happy Sun in Aries, Happy Venus in Aries, Happy Mercury in Aries, Happy Uranus in Aries, Happy New Moon in Aries (Monday evening at 7:37 p.m. WOW).

Some of the most interesting aspects include Venus conjunct the Sun – he says She is connecting with the cosmic source – it’s like a New Moon, only Venus is the Moon. you can draw a line from the earth through the Sun. Awesome and very powerful. The sabian symbol for this aspect is a triangle with wings. Of course She is still retrograde until April 15, adding to this energy.

Jupiter is square Pluto, Mercury conjunct Uranus coming up on Sunday – that’s a big day. Right now Moon is in Aquarius, which may have us feeling a little quirky. She goes into Pisces on Saturday and then of course Monday is the very big day. Kaypacha reminds us to keep our swords in our sheaths and do our best not to get hurt.

This is the time of the warrior, the wild woman – Aries is a very masculine sign, so what we need here is to learn how to control the masculine energy, This is wrapped around the desire to challenge life, to face danger, to conquer, to expand, to penetrate into the unknown – the old courageous brave warrior of Aries. He says his wife was bringing up the selfishness involved in this – because we can become quite engrossed with all this.

The New Moon is setting the tone for the whole next month – we are in for some intensity, folks. Warriors do create the wars.

Jupiter in a square can be too much – the danger can be over-extending, over-speaking, over-confidence, overdoing in every single realm of life. Pluto in Capricorn has to do with work, keeping us all very busy, Jupiter has to do with relationships, and feeling secure in them, but all this Aries energy has to do with feeling independent and not wanting to be in relationship, so many of us may feel torn during these tumultuous times.

Mars in Taurus has us wanting to focus on material gains, our income, our homes and possessions. Jupiter is also opposite Uranus, while Saturn in Sagittarius adds quite a bit to the fiery alignment of our planets.

Tom says all this and so much more – and he is giving a live webinar on Friday, the 24th – there’s a link below this video where you can sign up – I did!

Me with my rising sign in Aries, Sun sign in Cancer and Moon sign in Pisces, am feeling particularly vulnerable and also quite confused at times, but at other times very very clear, like a diamond, crazy diamond – all the pressure over the years has done a great job of helping with this transformation – not all the way there but definitely on my way. We all are, even those who seem to be perhaps heading in the opposite direction.

This week’s mantra has to do with diamonds, because diamonds are the hardest material which exists, yet it is also the most clear. As clear as clean water, everybody loves diamonds. And we all need water to survive.

Balancing this masculine energy with emotional awareness and conscious awareness of our impact on the other is essential right now. Let’s be conscious of our impact on Gaia, and do our best to reduce and minimize our carbon footprint. (Let’s go green and shut down the pipelines).

This week’s mantra: Both diamonds and a drop of water are beautiful, bright, and clear, and though diamonds may make me rich, I need water more this year.

As he wraps up his report, he cautions us against becoming too cool or self involved as we enter the Aquarian Age, because then we won’t be capable of intimate relationships and the human race could die off – although this is only happening in first world countries, but nonetheless.

He lives in a permaculture community – I wish to do the same some day! Setting the intention for manifesting this in my life. Om Shanti.

Kaypacha blesses us with his astrological wisdom and says Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Rainbow Blessings, my friends. I love you all!

Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul, January 25, 2017

This week Tom is in Punta Muna, a lovely beach about a six hour drive from his home in Costa Rica. He begins this report by reminding us that Jupiter is still opposite Uranus but holding strong in Libra (where it will remain until next Fall).

There is so much going on, folks! Mars and Venus are still in Pisces conjunct Chiron, but Mars is moving on into powerful and fiery Aries tomorrow, when we will celebrate the New Moon in crazy, wild, rebellious Aquarius.

Right now we have a Pluto/Mercury/Moon conjunction in Capricorn. Pluto is the god of the underworld and rules the kundalini, death and transformation of the soul. Mercury was the only god on Mount Olympus who can go into the underworld and emerge again alive. Mercury is the ego, the left brain, linear, logical messenger.

We can feel overwhelmed, like we are being killed, as if we are at the end of our strategy, the end of control. Surrender mode will help us get through this.

Pisces and Mars are still in Pisces, along with Neptune, the dark side of which has to do with feeling sleepy, helpless and confused, and like what in the blazes is going on? The light side of this is that Pisces is about community, about forgiveness, is infinite, selfless, soul, spirit and nature.

Mercury is also going direct, which will open up the blocked lines of communication.

Kaypacha reminds us of ancient Toltec wisdom – the Four Agreements:

(I don’t have the book on hand and am doing my best to do this speedily as I am visiting family right now, so these are from memory and most likely not in order, but I sure did love that book and I adore the work of Jose Arguelles).

1. Be impeccable with your words.
2. Always do your best.
3. Never take anything personally.
4. Don’t assume anything.

It’s time to dig our roots deep into the earth and spread them out, and become solid and grounded like a Seqoyah tree. Remember this too shall pass and know that the new paradigm is underway. Things may seem extremely crazy, but underneath it all, magic is brewing.

Kaypacha is working on a video which will explain what is going on astrologically the next 4-5 years, so it would be a good idea for us to watch this.

During such intense times, it certainly is wonderful to have such a great astrologer giving us all this report every week to help us understand what is happening and how to handle it, and how to prepare for the future.

I love typing up this summary in order to remember the key points of the report and have them here in my blog. I highly encourage everyone to take the time to watch him when you have the time – I usually watch it twice because I enjoy watching it with at least one other loved one after I have posted this summary.

And check out the New Paradigm community, where the Dream Team astrologers are there with their many talents and the archives filled with astrological wisdom of all type, not to mention videos of Kaypacha teaching kundalini yoga, his video of 2017 and lots of other goodies. And it only costs $15 a month!

This week’s mantra is: When it gets so intense I can’t take anymore, and there’s simply no way out, I see my truth and must fine a new source of strength and love in my heart.

We are breaking out of thousands of years of patterns – and the longer a pattern is in place, the more energy is required to break out of it.

I am in Los Angeles again – went to Fresno last week – connecting with my family of origin is an incredibly wonderful healing experience and I am enjoying this tremendously. So many memories are arising as I peel many layers of dysfunction. Had the blessing of going to the Lakeside Shrine, which was founded by one of my favorite yogis – Paramahansa Yogananda. Meditated in the chapel with two of my siblings and am feeling extremely connected to Jesus, Gandhi, Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Mother Mary, Krishna and my heart is wide wide open. I never expected to be here, so my mind is also blown. This is some great juju here!

Amazing times. Remember to stay centered in Love and Light – everything will be alright, but we are going through some crazy sh*&* first, that is for sure.

Kaypacha: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kami: Rainbow Blessings. Om namaha shivaya. I love you all.

Kaypacha’s Pele Report for January 5, 2017

Hello, my friends! It looks by the picturesque landscape that Tom is home in Costa Rica, plus he hasn’t mentioned being anywhere else, so that makes sense. We are right at the waxing half-moon and She is in Aries right now – wanting to plunge forward on projects and other things. Remember it’s easy to get a bit irritated when the Moon is in Aries (at least in my family when the kids were younger). She moves in Taurus on Saturday and part of Sunday, then Gemini until Tuesday, when Cancer comes on the scene, just in time for the Full Moon in Cancer! Yay!

Right now, with the Moon in Aries, She is conjunct Uranus and tomorrow will be in a first quarter square with the Sun, which is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon is opposite Jupiter in Libra right now, and Sunday, Mercury finally goes direct! I am happy about that.

Venus is moving into Pisces, where She will be conjunct the South Node of the Moon on Friday and is conjunct Neptune and Mars and Chiron – it’s a peaceful meditation party over in Pisces right now, folks, These are uncertain and unstable times, and there will be a lot of rising and falling of so many aspects of society. Right now we are seeing the fall of the patriarchy. Soon we will see the rise of egalitarianism.

Tom cautions us against seeking fulfillment through the temporary – like drugs, sex, food, spending money – just a few of the many ways people seek instant gratification. For we need to build roots. Each of us needs to love ourselves enough to allow ourselves the space to be healthy, to be abundant, and to live the lives we have always dreamed of living.

The patriarchy has created hundreds of thousands of jobs requiring people to sit in tiny little cubicles all day long – the compartmentalization of humanity. Because of this, the feminine energy has gone underground, but she is rising and will destroy that which separates.

The feminine in each of us seeks connection, the male in each of us seeks freedom, and it is Love that pulls all of us together in connection and freedom.

Saturn in Sagittarius helps us out by requiring that we grow up now. Sagittarius is also Nature, so it makes a lot of sense that movements like that at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation are rising up all over the planet. We have to think seriously about what our actions today are doing to the planet. Every thought, word, or deed we each contribute to the collective is part of what makes up this giant cosmic soup of free will.

This is a time when personal ambitions can just go away because it’s time for us to all stand together and make sure our goals lead to the greater good. Teachers are springing up all over the place to help bring along the whole collective. For we are ALL ascending, and we all know something is going on.

Something is happening here and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mrs. Jones?

Huge projects centered around greed simply will not work. Also, it is suffering that wakes us up and lifts us up. When there are natural disasters, people come together and help each other.

Oh, and Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces can and will lift us up into nervi culpi Samadhi, a radical transformation which will have both an up side and a down side, both an ebb and a flow – but if we remain centered in Love, our way will be much more smooth.

As always, Kaypacha is wonderful to watch. He explains our current astrological aspects so well. And he always has a way of just helping me know everything is going to be okay eventually – and what’s going on right now has been written in the stars. I love introducing the Pele Report to family and friends. So many people enjoy it. Because it makes so much sense and Tom is such a down to earth guy.

This week’s mantra: Sorrow and disappointment can lead to anger and despair, so I open my arms, open my eyes and open my heart to all that needs loving and care.

Kaypacha’s farewell: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kamea’s farewell: Rainbow Blessings of the Violet Flame. Om shanti, om shanti, om shanti.

Kaypacha’s Pele Report, December 29, 2016

Kaypacha’s Pele Report, December 29, 2016

The last Pele Report of 2016, Tom takes us on a lovely journey (as usual), as he gives us this week’s aspects and then explains them so well. Yesterday we had the New Moon in Capricorn, a good time to reflect, and as it falls at the end of the year, we have much to reflect upon right now. Turning inward feels natural and is healing right now.

Saturn in Sagittarius is square Chiron in Pisces. Jupiter in Libra is opposite Uraus in Aries, but hold on because Uranus is going direct for the first time in six months and will be stationing and then moving back into Pisces.

Saturday, New Year’s Eve, we have Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces which brings an urgency with it, and the potential for a most excellent celebration that night, so please be sure to call a taxi or Uber for a ride home, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I am hoping to go to a yoga New Year’s party where magic, acroyoga, free yoga, snacks and other fun stuff is going to be going on.

Tomorrow the moon goes void of course for 18 hours. Tom says he could go on for hours about the moon without any aspects, especially for 18 hours. The main point I got out of this is that the hand of the Goddess is directly upon us, shaping our destinies, and we have to be strong.

We have lots of planets all hanging out in common signs for interesting aspects. Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the cool places in the galaxy for the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron and the south node of the moon.

This blesses us with a very objective, impersonal perspective right now, pulling us literally from within ourselves. It’s not time to hide any longer. The subjectivity of this human experience is of course still valid and we each have our own story, but right now we need to look at the big picture. At what each and every one of us is doing to the planet, of how we are living, and how the choices we make each day are going to affect the lives of all the future generations on Gaia. He brings up the Dakota Access Pipeline again, which is a no brainer for anyone who believes in the right for human beings to have clean water. There is still not clean water in Flint, Michigan, and there isn’t in Chandler, Oklahoma, either. There are many more places as well. And all pipelines do leak, it’s not a question of if, but of when.

Kaypacha says it is time to focus and prepare ourselves for the big changes ahead. And to remember there is an objective intelligence outside and beyond our control, all our lives it’s someone, first our parents, then our teachers, the police, the government, leaders and dictators, religious leaders, movie stars, millionaires – anyone we look up to as a person whom we respect and admire. One of the big changes we need to embrace is that each and every single one of us makes a difference! it is going to take a lot of hard work, but we are amazing! And we’re up to the job. Water is Life! Mni Wiconi.

This week’s mantra: The older and more objective
I get, the more I can clearly see
the world needs some serious attention
not just another party for me.

So let’s start blessing the waters, cleaning up the messes, recycling, reducing, and reusing. Let’s help each other and get community gardens wherever possible. Because together, we make a great team, Humanity.

Kaypacha’s farewell: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kamea’s farewell: Rainbow Blessings. Om namaha shivaya.

Oh, and Happy New Year’s!