No More Sides

No More Sides

Pick a card,
choose a side,
but don’t ever
look inside,
it’s so much better
to duck and hide
from each other.

Be afraid, be so afraid
of every difference
that you see,
look through the lens
only partially,
not globally.

Ahh but don’t you
see, that inside
we are always free,
and when we look inside
we see,
the true face of

It’s not our differences
that matter,
but all the ways
we are the same,
one family we be,
part of Gaia’s giving tree,
we can be free.

Embracing Oneness as our path,
diversity delights us at last,
And hand in hand we stand up

We stand up for each other,
for our planet, She is our mother,
And what we do to her,
we do to each other.

And what we do to one another,
we do to ourselves,
In La’kesh,
we are connected,
I am another you.
And I wish always
the best for you.

Deep breaths now,
the time has come to band together,
to hold our candles in the rain,
as the world has gone insane,
fighting wars,
so much pain,
but in the center there is calm,
And that calm is where we be,
powerfully connected,
And Love will set us free!

© Kamea Moonmaiden 10/2017


Dancing With Trickster

Dancing With Trickster

Trickster always comes laughing.

He sees me stumble, sees me lose it
sometimes completely lose my sense of reason,
He sees me freak out and cry out in pain,
and he comes laughing.

He shows me how to learn
from those stumbling times,
how to laugh even when I am afraid,
how to be a bad ass spiritual warrior,
how to learn to not be wounded anymore,
how to sit still and listen
to this body,
this body talks
and can transform
bit by bit
and by leaps and bounds –

you choose the style
and together we can dance
and laugh with Trickster,
for He is here to help us learn.

He leads us to the dance
of the Rainbow Dream Warriors.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

New Moon Pele Report

New Moon Pele Report

As usual, Kaypacha is so spot on it is quite a great example of cosmic synchronicity. The pressure is real. But it’s so important to let go and surrender rather than force anything to change. Just had an encounter with a supposed shamanic practitioner in Queensland who posted on my timeline. His pitch was pushy and he blocked me immediately when I didn’t want to throw down thirty dollars to someone on the other side of the world without knowing anything about this person other than a short letter, a handful of posts on his wall and a picture of his barely clothed body with a gorgeous tree behind him? Thank you, but I am working on my own unique style of self love and self healing (all healing is self love, we are all healers) and have raised many Generation X kids and yes, I overspoiled them while giving out too much and forgetting to take in enough. Thank Goddess for all the tools so graciously given over the years to help transform, transcend and rejuvenate every single time. Now I am working on regeneration, and this is working, but taking time and discipline. Entering the deeps of my mind and steering away from the shallows now, thank you for welcoming me into your world, my friends.

Namaste. Love and Light.