My cat Mila wanted to be part of this grid, lol. This grid is all about regenerating, re-balancing and re-calibrating your chakras. Keeping in mind that we are body, mind, soul and spirit, the intention is for healing. We are capable of so many healing miracles, something we have only just begun to explore! The unknown factor, that quantum principle, is what we tap into whenever we access our natural innate power.

By utilizing the power of our golden rings, or halos, we can transform our cells with golden light. Also, wherever there is pain, it is always helpful to a certain extent to visualize pulsing golden suns on those areas. And by sealing our auras off with large red roses of protection, about two feet wide and grounded to the center of the earth, we can ward off negative energy whenever we feel it nearing us. I love visualizing roses as part of my meditative process.

Whenever my grounding cord is feeling a bit shaky (and it happens), I visualize a rose under my halo and then visualize a tiny stick of dynamite blowing it up. I can do this about ten or twenty times until I feel more grounded.

And, if anyone is hitching a ride on my grounding cord (which happens all too frequently still – am learning how to say no – but that is a process as I have been a mom for thirty seven years now) I visualize a waterfall running around the edges, making it slippery and difficult to hang on to.

Making some real progress with the meditations, but it’s definitely a process. It takes practice, determination and hard work to see real change and to keep the healings active as well.

Reverend Julie Renee says that one of the reasons we sometimes lose the benefit of a healing rather quickly is the effect of myasms. A myasm is a group virus. This is group thought which is based on negative thinking, and because so many people believe it, it is re-enforced rather rapidly in this realm. We are living in a very dense time, for the densest and darkest hour is just before the dawn. An example of this is told rather humorously by the jubilant Julie Renee. She grew back her own tonsils and adenoids using her miraculous quantum healing process. They had been removed as a small child. When she went to see the endocrinologist, he said to her, “That isn’t possible. You can’t do this.” She laughs while recalling this, saying the words coming out of his mouth, even after seeing the proof that she actually HAS regrown these organs, is in denial of what has actually happened.

She is also re-growing her thyroid. It is now at about thirty percent coming out of being completely removed. She feels it will take about five years to regrow this.

I read not too long ago that stem cell research has shown that new teeth can be grown after stem cell implants are placed within the gums. Wouldn’t it be nice if teeth could simply be regrown by doing stem cell regeneration meditations? Taking the stem cell of our teeth, stringing out the DNA and using a little tiny golden vacuum cleaner to clear off all dark spots and throwing them down the grounding cord when done?

Sounds incredible, but if Julie Renee can regrow tonsils, adenoids and her thyroid out of nothing, anyone can. It just takes practice, dedication, and faith. It’s a lot of work, but so worth it!

I will keep updating my journey as time goes by. Have a wonderful fun-filled Solstice! I am sharing this a day early since tomorrow is a workday. Tomorrow the sun moves into Cancer, my sign, just as the moon reaches full in Sagittarius! The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.

Rainbow Blessings, my friends.

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