Sunset Yoga at the Greens

Yoga class will most likely be starting half an hour earlier next week. We were blessed to have class today – feels great on a Tuesday evening. It’s so much easier to practice with a teacher leading! Last Thursday night a thunderstorm was going on to the north of us, giving a lovely light show and cool air along with ions. Tonight was nearly the same, but to a much lesser degree. Yoga on the lawn is a great experience. Perhaps I can convince my grandson to venture out there with me tomorrow evening. We can get the community yoga going right here, all ages welcome.

My youngest son was in a local sports radio show tonight- hopefully his dad will have recorded it so that I can listen as well. He’s going to be 18 in less than two weeks. My baby will be a legal adult. It’s hard to believe. Those years have just flown on by, way too quickly. This young man who now towers over me used to fit in my arms. Treasure the times when they are babies, dear hearts, for those times are fleeting. And to be cherished, so many precious moments to preserve in the heart forever.

Not such a bad start to good ole Mercury Retrograde. Must have something to do with the Moon being in Cancer the last few days. Since that’s my Sun sign, feel quite comfortable with this aspect. And when She travels on into Leo as well. We’re having cooler days than usual for August here in Oklahoma. Beautiful rainy days. Refreshing compared to other years.

Lots to process as Mars in Sagittarius urges us to stretch and go beyond what we previously thought of as our boundaries. Freedom lies within our open hearts and minds, always and forever we are free. Something we seem to have collectively forgotten and are now individually and collectively remembering.

May your Wednesday be filled with blessings of love, light and rainbows.

Preparing For Mercury Retrograde

Preparing For Mercury Retrograde

Whoa, the last few days have gone by in a virtual whirlwind of activity. My youngest son took a tumble during his scrimmage Friday and got a mild concussion. Earlier that day my 13-year-old grandson was punched in the face at school and retaliated, self defense fighting resulting in a three day suspension from middle school, and my 16-year-old grandson is doing online school this year only and so all three grands have been spending a great deal of time at my house.

And I managed to do a couple massages and make it through Hatha yoga class Thursday night. I was quite a bit more wobbly than last time. But I am much better, still waiting to see the specialist (my primary care clinic gave me a referral to the wrong doctor, and apparently it takes 5-10 days to make corrections like that and fax them over).

I am also going to be getting an epidural steroid injection for my low back the end of September. So please think positive thoughts, say prayers, good energy my way. I know yoga, meditation, good food, positive thoughts and being around kids, cats and plants plus a few very sweet friends is helping me to become stronger all the time. Maybe my doctor will only want to start me on some hormones.

Time to start the Rosemary Gladstar remedies and maybe that will handle things. Sorry if that’s TMI, but all women will reach this age or have already gone through it, and it’s just another transformation we go through as women, as human beings.

The astrological concurrence is usually the Chiron Returns period, when we are transmuted. This is a time of finally feeling comfortable in our own skin. Of pulling the spiritual into the physical, and grounding that. Embracing the wisdom of the elders as the doorway to further growing and loving when graciously presented rather than resisted and feared. There is nothing to fear about growing older we are simply thankful for this opportunity to be alive each given day.

The three most important major astrological transitions begin at about 28-32, when Saturn Returns to the position it was in at the time of your birth, you come into your own. Realizing who you are is a profound part of this learning and growing experience.

Then at 38-43 there is the Uranus Opposition Transition. My Uranus is in Leo and the only way I can ever tell the story of my own UOT is through some outlandish science fiction, lol. Anyway, Uranus being the planet of transformation and electricity. I was attuned to many levels of Reiki, unofficially, in the physical and long distance for several months. I divorced during my UOT. Many people think they are having heart attacks as their kundalini rises from the base of the spine on up, opening each chakra as it rises. This is commonly known at the midlife crisis or midlife clearing. People often go through a second adolescence at that point for awhile. I certainly did. My kids helped pull me out of that.

Barbara Hand Clow writes extensively about this topic.

Anyways, friends, the stars are lining up and Mercury is going retrograde again Tuesday. It’s very important to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, be kind to one another, remember to breathe. Be mindful and give extra time for travel.

Always a good time for journaling, for delving within our inner psyches. But remember to not over think! Balance giving to others with caring for self. Find time for a hot bath. A massage. A walk in the park. Smelling the roses.

Have a nice week, my friends. The Moon will be in Leo while Mercury goes retro,.so at least that. Leo is so playful and heart centered.

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.

Kaypacha’s Pele Report For August 25, 2016

Kaypacha’s Pele Report For August 25, 2016

Tom is still in Lisbon, Portugal – on the beach and next to a lovely mound of rocks – to show us how Saturn represents the rocks and conjunct Mars represents us plowing on through, breaking boundaries.

So many stars lining up, folks! Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are conjunction also, just as Mercury gets ready to station and go retrograde next Tuesday. We are heading towards a solar eclipse along with the New Moon in Virgo next Friday – energies making it seem like the night becomes the day and the day becomes the night (which definitely happened to me today, lol, surreal energies abound).

Saturn squaring the Moon’s nodes brings with it a heaviness, a need for being honest with ourselves and others so we can move into the future with integrity, make serious decisions and change our belief systems. Saturn square Neptune has to do with self sacrifice, which the Sun in Virgo also brings up.

Tom congratulates us for making it all the way to the end of August in this Year of Great Purification. It’s been intense! We have to let go of all that’s not essential, that which no longer serves us.

Venus is now moving into Libra and Mars moving farther into Sagittarius and away from the Saturn conjunction, squaring Neptune in Pisces, which brings out the adventurous, the wild, the yearning for freedom. This can lead to religious wars but also personal and collective expansion. Discernment here is key.

Mercury in Virgo rules the left brain (Mercury already rules Virgo), so we will likely find ourselves being over analytical, judging ourselves and others. It’s important to not over think! Getting into colors, the arts, finding time for healing, getting massages, not overdoing and over sacrificing, but making sure to take care of ourselves and finding balance is essential here. Not paying attention to this important duty we have to ourselves can lead to health crises. Ha. Must have something to do with what’s been going on with me, actually. So glad I watched the Pele Report this week!

This week’s mantra: My body is my instructor
teaching me to find
the balance of giving to the world
and taking personal time.

I have decided to send my summary to my daughter Alyssa each week, knowing this can help her with her healing experience. Next month will be the first time I get to visit her – for she is two and a half hours away. So looking forward to that! And tomorrow night is yoga class, ready to resume practice, it’s so healing.

Kaypacha’s farewell: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kamea’s farewell: Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light to you all.

Om Shanti.

Ascension Session With D’oyen Fraser

Ascension Session With D’oyen Fraser

So I just had my first Ascension Session with D’oyen Fraser the other day. He’s a micro-grid activator, and quite talented. I prepared for the session by meditating and taking one of my special mermaid baths first, then put some Sanskrit chanting on, lit some candles, and initiated the call.

He worked on calibrating my brain, all my organs and glands, and my chakras. The most fascinating thing is that while he was working on my brain, I saw his face looking in through the top of my head. While he was working on my neck, my chin went back and I arched my neck. While he was working on my heart, images of some people I love popped up and I told myself I needed to work on my boundaries.

Apparently my sacral chakra was a dull orange rather than vibrant, with some black streaks, and given the ovarian cyst situation, that makes sense. I told him about that and about my neck issues, but didn’t tell him about my low back, and that chakra was a dull red, which he tuned up. My solar plexus chakra was actually too bright, and given my will power, my stubbornness and other things like that, it makes perfect sense!

It felt like I had a wonderful massage during and after. The time flew by, and my hands filled up with light as light poured in through the top of my head.

He has a wordpress blog where he writes about the physiologic aspect of his work, which is at and a FB page under his name, where several videos are available to watch. I highly recommend checking him out, and booking an appointment if you are in need of healing.

And I am doing much, much better, even did a half hour massage today. I’ll be going to see the specialist soon, for it’s important to get checked up regardless of having some improvement.

I am working on my space adventure and will post a page of the second chapter very very soon.

Have a wonderful Tuesday evening, my friends. Love and Light!



Trusting this heart
yet again,
never broken
too long,
the layers of ego –
I am strong.

Full Moon rises
high above us all,
gifting us
with magic,
lifting us
from the fall.

Inner compass
guided by
moonbeams and
towards another
chance at love,
I am vulnerable.

yes nurturing
comes easily
as moonlight
and starlight
fill me up,
reminding me –
I am Love.

And Love
is our
Love is
at our core,
so who could
ask for more?
I am grateful.

Grateful for
this chance
to love again,
grateful to
be healing,
grateful to
be alive,
I am magic,

© Kamea Moonmaiden

Copyright 08/21/2016

Singing Bowl For The Moon

Singing Bowl For The Moon

Oh, what a day! Thank goodness for astrology. Sure helps me understand why so many things are going on at once. Full Moon time is always intense, but especially when there is an eclipse. The energy is so thick that I could almost roll it into cookies. Lol.

Been taking charge of my health, family and personal matters, in such a beautiful space of allowing. Let go of fear of being straight forward and what a relief it is to just open up. Like a weight lifted.

Went to my PCP today and got referrals to two specialists. Definitely doing better, though. And just loving the Moon!

So I made a protection grid to help us all keep our energy fields clear. Auras clean and smooth and 18 inches from the body, all knicks, dents and holes repaired. Making sure the aura is all around every part of the body and using a tiny golden vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dust bunnies and anyone else’s energies.

Connecting with that grounding cord, hollow in the center, as wide as my wrist, going straight down to the center of the earth. Gaia feels this connection and sends Her loving energy up through the open leg channels. Loving earth energy fills me up, feels so great and soothing. Like taking a mud bath next to a hot springs. But on the inside.

So now I am going to use my Selenite wand to draw down more of this blessed Moon power and then take a healing mermaid bath. With crystals. Oh, and as the Full Moon in Aquarius was rising here it was cloudy, with some thunder clouds obscuring the view. I played my Tibetan Singing Bowl for ten minutes with the intention of drawing Her out, and it worked!

May a portal open up for you, bringing in Universal love and light from our Creator. Our Mother/Father God is good, and created each of us for a reason. I love you all.