Well, being two and a half months into this lovely blogosphere, so many new lessons are being revealed. And there is so much to learn! Having spent a great deal of this life in overdrive, combining caring for a large family with the need to pursue one career after the other while my writing took backstage, it is such a blessing to finally be trying on these brand new legs. First completing my BA in English Writing was important not only as part of the process of fulfillment, but also because full time massage just wasn’t possible anymore, so returning to school seemed the best plan. Oh how the doors of my mind appreciated that!

And now it’s been nearly two years and after looking at so many masters programs have found one the same university I just graduated from that fits most nicely. Because it offers online courses. The classroom itself is wonderful, but getting there and back and navigating through a university filled with 60,000 mostly young people is just so overwhelming. Not to mention the parking situation is crazy. Just crazy. Sooo, it took eight years (yes, eight) of dogged determination and a couple semesters off in between to make it through. Which did finally enable my family to actually see me, for apparently I remind them so much of my mom it’s easier to keep me on not just the back burner, but tucked away in a separate warming oven compartment of their hearts. Not all of them, but most. Bless them, it can’t have been easy to see me and my kids going through one thing after another, as we all are of course, but in a large family these factors are multiplied and intensified greatly. And I am not the kind to turn my back on those in need, not now and not ever. However, I am not inviting anyone to come live in my own little flat anymore now that my nerve endings have shown me they need repairing.

So much so that anxiety meds became part of the daily requirement in order to be able to sleep. I am so pleased that this journey is now clearing out and the meds are done. Not so easy to discontinue – they seem to help at the time but actually wreak havoc on the adrenals to the point of great detriment. How many sleepless nights can one person go through? Sleeping is so important for regeneration, not just rejuvenation.

Anyway, after jumping in here with both feet wet and taking many good looks around I have finally been taking the steps to take care of the many things I have put off learning when it comes to technology, got my Skype activated on my Chromebook and have learned my Linux almost well. Having worked with Microsoft since the 1980s, it hasn’t been easy to shift gears, but there is so much assistance that it feels great to proceed! In fact, my dreams were all about organising files too. That’s hilarious, brain.

My lessons in healing are moving forward too. Now on week three of Quantum Healing and this week’s lesson focuses on metabolism, thyroid function and the spine. My metabolism happens to be most excellent but there are definitely issues with the other two systems. Each meditation activates the neurotransmitters so well it is like having received a spiritual shot. And my new best friend has been practicing with me each week also. How wonderful to be able to share this learning with her. And soon she will be sharing her knowledge of yoga with me, so that is very very cool.

I was thinking that moving out of this apartment complex would be too difficult but then looked through my journals and realised that there have been much more difficult scenarios in the past and somehow managed to work my way through them every single time. Which brings to mind the movie Amazon Prime delivered to me the other night called Father’s Feeling Fine – a fifties black and white set in London – story of an impoverished bourgeois widow with four grown daughters all living with her. What a great movie with excellent message which spoke so personally to me. A lot going on, most of the time.

But, kids grow up and things keep changing, so seizing every chance to keep it up and feed my blog every day while also studying more about learning to improve my writing is exciting and challenging. I love a good challenge.

With that, I leave you with the rainbow which showed up even before the thunder clouds rolled away from my big sky country skies, beautiful Oklahoma.

May your day be blessed, my friends. It is an honor to be here.


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