Long Quiet Day

Being under the weather is always easier when my grown kids stop by and bring me food. And right now I have a new kitten to foster – an abandoned female Calico about six months old. When I got her day before yesterday, her meow sounded broken and she didn’t even seem to want to eat. She was just curled up in a ball, very traumatized. But over the last three days we have bonded, I have given her a bath and combed the fleas out of her fur, got her to eat more and drink more water, and have been keeping her by my side or on my chest nearly constantly. Her name is Sweetie Bell (my 5-year-old granddaughter named her) and she is very snuggly and sweet.

My sweetheart made it safely to his home in Michigan after driving over four hundred miles through a snowstorm. Without windshield wipers. He does have water repellant on the windshield,though. We miss each other so much, and it’s only been four days. But this too shall pass. He’s been calling me several times a day and we both wish I could be there. But when duty calls, we have to do the right thing. His step dad has been in the hospital twice in the last ten days and he needs help. Bless his heart.

On the bright side of things, I am going to be able to buy a car in the next few days after one of the longest car-less stints of my entire adult life – nearly three years. What a relief! Luckily, after having devoted such a great portion of my life to being a devoted mom and nana, my kids have helped me get to the places I need to go whenever they can. So have many of my dear friends, and of course my boyfriend too. But the freedom of being able to go places by myself again is such a wonderful blessing!

This really has helped me have a lot of compassion for those less fortunate than me. I even managed to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in English Writing during this time. Being able to graduate at all considering the extenuating circumstances at the time was one of my biggest accomplishments besides being a parent and grandparent. Especially since smack dab in the middle of junior college I had major neck surgery. Then last June, eight years after the surgery, a CT scan revealed that the fusion had failed. So I am waiting to go to graduate school until I’ve had enough time to heal sufficiently.

Relaxing isn’t easy for me as I have always been quite busy. I am a woman of many hats. Over the years of raising my six kids I spent ten years doing medical transcription, which my mom trained me to do, but I hated that so I went to massage school and worked first at a spa, then for chiropractors, then went out on my own. I still do an occasional massage, and right now my 26 year old daughter is giving them. Now that I will finally have a car again (which is a long and unnecessary story, lol) I am going to give weekend chair massage workshops once a month. There are several young people in our community who wish to participate. One of the things I have been able to do over the years is donate massages to new mamas and also for raffles at the Universalist Unitarian Church.

I am looking forward to taking my granddaughter to the library and to the park, and also to attending all of my youngest son’s football games, as he is the most valuable player on the team at his high school. He towers over me now – it’s so hard to believe he once was so small he fit inside my womb.

When all my kids are in the same room, it’s quite an event nowadays. Christmas was the most recent time, and it may not happen again for many years. Two of my sons just moved away, and my yogi son may be moving to northern Washington to be a kayaking tour guide at the Puget Sound. He’s nearly 30 and is currently an archaeologist, but his boss is quite disorganized, so their digs are not dependable enough for him to have the stability he needs.

Obviously I am proud of my kids. My oldest daughter is a single mom, and I am especially proud of her and empathize with her situation, because I know how hard it is to be a struggling single mom. Things are much easier for me right now than her, which is why I help in whatever way I can. I am so thankful that she’s reciprocating in this manner, because it will make all the difference in the world. I love the community I live in and am so excited to also have a chance to join the yoga in the park group. Norman is one of the most progressive and artistic towns in Oklahoma, mainly because the University of Oklahoma is here (and I am an alumni of that school now). We’re known as the City of Festivals and have free music festivals during Spring, Summer, and Fall.

As I wrap this up, Sweetie Bell just began to purr and to clean herself a bit. This is such a good sign! Since I rescued another malnourished cat before, I know what to do. I may even adopt her myself as I am falling in love with her right now.

May your evening be blessed and your dreams just how you wish them to be, my friends. I will be quite busy car hunting the next few days, but hope to find time to share some more poetry. I am so happy to have finally begun my blog. I plan to keep improving the format and will update my template as I learn more. I’m quite impressed with so many of your blog sites and honored to be part of your community.


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