Spiritual Movement at Standing Rock

Spiritual Movement at Standing Rock

Hi, everybody! I’m pretty sure everyone has heard about what’s going at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation right now. I put together many links and will come back later and edit them so that you can see the picture of the YouTube videos. I am boycotting Black Friday as I always do.

And have been so busy as a mom, grandma and digital warrior that I must rest now, my body calls to me and listening is an art I am working on. Still.

I love you all, please sign and share the petition.



Why I’m Thankful for 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance & Why You Should be to: by Matt Remle




Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul, November 23, 2016

Today Tom speaks to us from the Kulan Waterfall near Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. There are lots of people there, including many Buddhist monks, so this time we will see them behind him when usually he is completely alone while recording. Despite that, he still does a great job and gives us an amazing view at the same time!!!!! I am thankful for my favorite astrologer.

We will be having our New Moon in Sagittarius on Monday. Today the Moon is in Libra until Saturday, when She moves into Scorpio – always intense. Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius today, Mars is still in Aquarius and Venus is conjunct Pluto on Friday – while Jupiter squares Pluto. Saturn is trine Uranus in Aries as well. (Intense planetary line up, folks! For we live in the days we have been waiting for).

For the conjunctions, it takes nearly a year for Mercury and Venus to complete a cycle, so we will be working through the issues these aspects bring up for a while – along with the Jupiter in Libra aspect – we will be working on solving problems.

The New Moon in Saturn and Mercury/Saturn conjunction are all related to the aspects Sagittarius brings up for us, which revolve mainly around Natural Law and Nature. This presents humans with a guide for a sense of connection and belonging, and meaning of life which brings us to greater realities. It is time for us to get serious about truth.

Venus and Pluto in Capricorn show us that it’s time for those serious conversations (and please, Lord, help the Water Defenders have the conversations with the DAPL forces and get the pipeline stopped), for better or for worse. We are dealing with human laws here, and the ones which need to be revised or rejected completely, and new laws created too.

Jupiter is in the third quarter square to Pluto, which has to do with adjustments, what’s coming up for us beyond the horizon, the social experience, the external, things happening to us on a personal level.

At this point in the report (and please keep in mind this is such a teeny portion of the report, I am only doing my best to record the most important points – please check it out when you have time, it is so worth watching always), Kaypacha likens our human evolution to the growth of a mango tree. First we have to plant the seeds, which then spreads out roots, sucking in nutrients and water, blessed by sunshine, then it grows leaves, turns that sunshine into chlorophyll, then it grows fruit and eventually provides the fruit for all to enjoy, dropping baby fruit onto the ground to plant new mango trees. It is time for us humans to grow up, stop sucking nutrients from Mother Earth, and give back! (Another aspect totally relatable to the situation in Standing Rock, please forgive me for being obsessed currently, but this is essential, for they are protecting our very future).

Black Moon Lilith still in Scorpio is teaching us to let go of old ways. We are dying to old ways and need to redefine love, money, sex, and what they all mean to us. It is time for us to become self-sufficent, and generate love rather than look for it, it will come to us naturally when we are radiant. Saturn trine Uranus provides this opportunity all year.

And this week’s mantra is: With every choice I make
my spirit and soul are there,
ultimately deciding
to evolve or stay right here.

Kaypacha’s farewell: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kamea Moonmaiden’s farewell: Rainbow Blessings. Om Namaha Shivaya.


Gaia Star Codex Reading, 11/22/2016

Gaia Star Codex Reading, 11/22/2016

Miss Loralai helped me with this reading. She reminded me of the importance of doing readings! Such a wise little 5-year-old! And she lost her first tooth yesterday and another tooth is wiggly right now. Lol. So cute.

The first card is Captain Wonder, who is a Cosmic Ally (yes, thank you, we sure do need Cosmic Allies right now!). His empowerment is transdimensionality.

The souls of five galaxies spin on his chest. His open wings invite contact. Captain Wonder reaches out from across time-space boundaries. He shows how much help is available when you own your full magnitude.

Captain Wonder is your galactic cousin. With his humanoid body and angelic wings, he cuts a familiar figure. Yet he spans the dimensions, containing the universe in his form. (Just like each of us is a tiny hologram of the universe).

The swirling greens and oranges of galactic clouds are mirrored in the flower-petal border. Microcosm and microcosm weave together as the fabric of the Universe. The infinitely alive stellar blackness is the back-drop for the whole cosmic story.

Captain Wonder’s empowerment is transdimensionality. As a trained cosmonaut, he helps you navigate the wide Universe. He teaches the art of being localized and diffuse at the same time (working on this one, folks). He helps you experience the grandeur of going global.

The second card is Evolve. Element: Wings. Foreground: Brown Butterfly. Background: Madrone bark.

Yang. Herbal. Like incense in the forest. The Evolve Essence evokes sacred ceremonies of “trance-formation” (like the sacred ceremonies at Standing Rock, please don’t believe the lies! These people are peaceful!). It harmonizes the lofty energy of the winged spirits with the deeply rooted energy of the earthbound folk.

Figures shift and resolve in the glistening wood background, revealing the fluid emergence of novelty. In the butterfly diamond, the patterns are more distinct, showing the self-organizing power at the core of all life. Together, these grand forces create an Essence – and a new you – that is both highly expansive and highly coherent.

Evolve empowers you to transmute. Like the butterfly, the unborn skills to morph into something remarkably fine. Use Evolve to transform random change into conacious evolution.

The third and last card is Queen Cyberia. First time to get two Tribal cards in a reading!

Her title is the Central Server. Her empowerment is Bandwidth.

Plugged into grids of radiance, channeling grand data streams the Queen is serene. A flower lady with the heart of a cyborg, she is an avatar of silicon carbon synergy.

The rock border of the Queen’s throne room carries the mineral analog of high wiring. (SO interesting that she popped up as I made a little crystal grid to go with this reading and announced the cards with eucalyptus and filled my heart with Love and Serenity). She processes from every direction: Uploads, downloads, lateral transmissions. Her throne itself the mainframe that supports her light work. Softly glowing, Queen Cyberia is like a moon against the starry heaven. (Another cosmic synchronicity).

The rock border of her throne room carries the mineral analog of high wiring. Intricate lines thread its each gold surface. Part of expanding your bandwidth is connecting with the silicon network in the Earth itself, which is just as elaborate as it’s cybernetic counterpart (we have the ability to communicate telepathically, let’s evolve and celebrate this ability because we have been waiting a long time to do this! Sending strong messages to the Water Protectors, thanking them and supporting them).

Queen Cyberia empowers you with wide bandwidth. Why should you operate within narrow boundaries of perception and communication when you are equipped Togo wide? With Queen Cyberia’s help you can receive hi-res signals on all / channels. The more you work with this server, the greater your networking capacity.

Wonderful reading! I would encourage and remind everyone to keep cell phones off or in airplane mode while sleeping and turn off televisions and also turn off WiFi at night. And be careful with talking on the cell phones.

I love you all! Rainbow Blessings from a healing and working on being empowered Moonmaiden. Namaste.

Prayers For The People

Prayers For The People

After spending most of the night last night watching live streams from the various group pages for the Standing Rock Sioux Water Protectors, it seemed at first the odds appear insurmountable, but they are not. Three investors have withdrawn their financing, I am unsure of two but know for sure that a bank in Norway, who contributed 10%, withdrew after protectors there demonstrated at the banks there. Please forgive me for not checking data at this moment, for am just so emotional about this and I need to write about it.

I shared about twenty links on FB, maybe more. I shared the live streams and shared them again when FB hides them, I am sharing numbers for the White House, the Army Corps of Engineers, the governor for North Dakota and many other important numbers to demand that something be done about the situation at the Sacred Stone Camp right away! This is not a situation which can be allowed to play itself out.

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department is lying about the situation. They claim to have used the water canons to put out fires, but no, they were pointing them at the hands and faces of the Water Protectors. The narratives they are presenting never provide actual proof of their claims, but they are spinning tales to frighten local residents and make them afraid of peaceful people. The Massacre at Wounded Knee comes to mind, and we are witnessing a modern version of the same, and it needs to stop.

I saw many pictures of the wounded. Around two hundred people were injured last night, and they do their best to keep this off the news. One young woman has a detached retina now, and another young woman is losing her arm.

During this week when it is tradition in this country to have a celebration centered around a false Pilgrim/Native American narrative, it is so sad that the government is literally at war, again, with the Native Americans. I also saw the beautiful jingle dancers, and a ceremony of warriors riding into the camp to join the elders in the lighting of the Eighth Fire.

We are still reeling from the shocks of the election, and I do not like politics, but to see the rise in hate crimes, a sudden strange and vicious embracing of white supremacist fascism, is beyond comprehension. We all need to stick together, not be sharply divided as is happening now. It’s so important to remember that we have all been influenced by the media I’m some way or another. But to stand up against hate is so important. Love is the only acceptable center to claim as we do our best to not just survive in this new age of advanced technology, but thrive. To deliberately turn people against each other for our differences is horrible – we do not have to let them.

We are definitely all connected! Tonight I am praying to raise the vibrations everywhere, praying for a day of peace and knowing that it truly can happen, and we know this to be true when we go within and find that very very peaceful place we each have access to. For we are star beings, my friends. So easy to forget that when looking at the crimes against humanity and the Earth being committed, but that’s only because the darkest hour is just before the dawn. But the golden rays of the Sun rising in our hearts are already within each and every single one of us. So no matter what, we are journeying towards Oneness, towards healing.

Over 500+ veterans who practice non-violent resistance are going to the camp as well! We are spreading this news because we wish to encourage more people to go. If I could go, I would! Instead, I am one of the digital warriors. Today I sealed a thread of an injured girl who was receiving ugly comments from oil defender trolls. Praying for forgiveness for the haters. For anyone who hates is really fearful and calling out for love! And Jesus did tell us to judge not at all and to be forgiven our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Once during a very challenging time in my life, definitely my all time bottom, I was so cold. It was winter and I had only one blanket, no heat, and I was freezing, being twenty pounds lighter than I am now, I was tiny. I wrote to my friends about how cold I was, and they had a ceremony to send me warmth. I do know what it’s like to be a fish out of water, without a place to call my own.

Well, I did receive that warmth and woke up very early in the morning when it came to me in waves of comfort. As I looked through the window, a poem wrote itself through me. And I knew, in that instant, without a doubt, that this truly is a world of illusion.

Blessings of Love to you all. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. Please pray for the Standing Rock Sioux Water Protectors, call the White House, do everything possible to help, I am going into deep prayer but I will be back, am visiting new followers’ sites and am so honored to be followed by such a great group of people!!!! I love you all.

I am thankful for each and every one of you, and I am thankful to be alive. I am thankful to help in any way I can.



Finding words to heal,
Finding words to help forgive,
to change this world
protect the Water,
protect Water Protectors,
protect the future for our children,
for our children’s children.

Today I am speechless,
there are no words to say,
to describe treating people a
in such a terrible way,
our First Americans,
caretakers of the earth,
guardians of water,
brave, brave protectors
standing up to Big Oil.

Raising the vibrations,
sending love to Standing Rock
the people will triumph,
the people will grow in numbers,
love will triumph over all,
and all those who hate,
those who choose oil over water,
those who reek of corruption and greed,
will be left speechless
for as the whole world is watching,
we people shall unite,
we shall refuse to be divided,
we shall stand up together,
for each other,
for Gaia,
for our water.

Occupy together
everywhere –
and shine the
Light of Christ
wherever you go,
and you shall find
the second coming
when you look into
the eyes of any
Rainbow Warrior.
For Christ dwells
in us all.

With deepest respect
and giving honor,
those who are unaware
shall awaken, and ask
to learn the ways
to dance and bless
the Water,
to clear the path
for a new day,
for a new way
of living and caring
for each other.

Today, I am
So many silent prayers
united, we are blessing
this very moment
in this breath
and this heartbeat
where all the healing lies.

I am burning sage.

Blessed be.

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