To Let Go and Let Ojas Glow

The journey which leads us inward, inwardly to that space where all healing exists is a journey of surrendering again and again and again. The ego can be quite tricky, for it doesn’t enjoy losing its power over the human mind, but when we become more and more comfortable to exist within these bodies, these golden temples which house our Soul and Spirit, we begin to glow.

In Ayurveda, this glow is called Ojas.

It is the finest product of metabolism after energy has traveled through all seven layers of tissue within the body (known as dhatus). It is increased by eating freshly cooked organic foods at the proper times, and it is decreased by a myriad of incorrect eating habits, addictions, and either too much or too little exercise.

When we hold on to resentments, it causes blockages in the channels of our mind, and this leads to what is termed mental Ama. Ama means undigested food, toxins. Failure to forgive represents undigested thoughts. The same is true for excessive worry, with obsessions and addictions.

In Ayurveda, we learn that all imbalances occur as a result of lack of intellect, or Pragya Aparadh. We know what to do and when the best time is to do it, but we just do things a different way anyway. We tend to forget to use our powers of discernment when it comes to caring for these physical bodies.

Sticking to a regular routine and eating freshly prepared organic foods in and of itself helps correct a myriad of disorders, especially those which are digestive in origin.

Yoga and meditation both are helpful tools in clearing mental Ama, and as they lend themselves to a healthy body, mind and soul, forgiveness becomes a natural part of this process.

In Recovery Groups, surrender is an essential part of every sort of Program out there. AA, NA, CA, MSA, SA, Alanon and Adult Children of Alcoholics. In all of them, surrendering the ego to a Higher Power is essential. I personally feel that in stating the powerlessness over addictions it could emphasize that it is the little ego which is powerless. For when we surrender to our Higher Power, we can accomplish so much! It is in the realization that by our own selves we can do Nothing, but with Spirit flowing through us we can do so. Much. More. That really makes our Ojas glow.

When we are in love, our Ojas glows so much that people will remark about it. When we create, or perform, or do anything that makes our heart soar, our Ojas grows and glows. When we rub oil all over our bodies, our Ojas grows and glows. This is called Abhyanga, and I practice it several times a week.

When we hold or meditate with crystals, when we clear ourselves or our spaces with pure essential oils, out Ojas grows and glows. When we read words of wisdom and listen to healing frequencies, the same is true. There are so many ways to make our Ojas grow and glow!

Transcendental Meditation is one of the best ways I have found to strengthen my body, mind and spirit. It works effortlessly by helping one become one with the Unified Field by not holding on to our own personal mantra which we never say aloud, which was handed to us in puja in the same manner as taught by teacher to student for five in residence months for five thousand years.

It is amazing and there are more research studies about it than any other form of meditation. But all meditation is good and there are many paths to the very same Unified Field which resides within each and every one of us.

I am in a better space than I had been for a very long time, and I finally graduated from Maharishi International University with my Master of Science in Maharishi AyurVedic Wellness and Integrative Medicine last month, and was just thinking about some of the things I learned while in school and how they are applicable to the concepts in Recovery as well. For I, too, am in Recovery right now. Just for Today.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

Aka Kari Velasquez


  1. Very informational, I pray for your new Journey for all that you have accomplished! I’m a very pleased patron of your magically fingers and so proud of your accomplishments. I consider you a friend. Hope to see you soon. Thanks for sharing your blog.

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