I Am Nothing But The Breath

Okay, I attempted to cut and paste an article by Matt Kahn with my cell phone and it kept disappearing, so perhaps it appeared I was being ironic (or actually much too literal, lol) by posting the above title with nothing in the blog below!

It seems to be a glitch I can’t figure out today, but since the article was about always returning to the breath, it seems i can just summarize without copying. For it is in the returning to the
breath that we return to the present moment, this breath and this heartbeat, where all the healing is.

Kahn says that complaining is one of the first stages of awakening, but one we must move past in order to grow. We are at a critical stage of our inevitable unfolding, the next stage in our evolution which is indeed a quantum leap of consciousness.

We are earth angels, here at this pivotal time for a specific reason. So when we return to the breath we are calm and centered, anchored and shining beacons of light. This breath and this heartbeat.

Perhaps I can copy the entire article from another device later. Right now, the barometric pressure is dropping and storm clouds loom threatening, and as it was quite hot and muggy earlier, we’re on tornado watch again. May all beings be protected.

I got to visit my beautiful daughter today. She looks great! Her halos are showing, her eyes clear and she is definitely in surrender mode. She sends her love and is happy to share her story. She’s so brave! I am so proud of her for this, and for the strength she’s showing, a true desire to recover, and to be brutally honest with herself and all her loved ones. She is not ashamed. She just has to climb back into her cocoon for a while as she repairs her beautiful wings. For she is a beautiful young woman with a shining heart.

And we are many. When we got her into Vistas Taos, a renewal center, about twenty people (mostly family) pitched in to help pay the copay. It just wasn’t long enough.

Now she’s going to be getting the treatment she needs, and for this, we are all so thankful. Deep breaths.

She sends her love to all, and a sincere apology for her relapse, and sees how a couple of months wouldn’t have been long enough. So this course of action is saving her life.

So I am in surrender mode now too. I am nothing but my breath. I am a being of Violet Flame.

We are all healing. We are all one.

A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin.


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