Oh man, going three weeks without the web, except on my little ZTE, has certainly been challenging. So I apologize for not visiting your blogs as much as I’d like to. And also for typos, etc., during this time and of course as I was getting the hang of this realm. Going back and retrieving and correcting will be a new project. One thing at a time. But yay!

Adam’s surgery went well, and my oldest daughter is taking him up to the city right now for postoperative check up. And she brought me pinto beans and pasta salad. Nom. Making preparations for this afternoon’s possible shelter seeking situation, boy, we are having a doozy of a Spring here! But the nice part about that is how pleasant the temperature is most days.

For we’ve had years when the temps were soaring all the way up to 105 already. The AT&T guy was reminiscing with me about our previous years of extreme weather. We Oklahomans always have that in common, a reference point we can always touch base with as red dirt people.

People who have lived here for many generations. Whose ancestors survived the Dust Bowl and the Depression. Whose families fought in both WWI and WWII. Survivors. People who look out for one another, whose concern for another’s well being will bring volunteers from all walks of life to help rebuild after monster storms.

I’m proud of my Oklahoma heritage. And of having a multicultural family. ¡Te amo, mi familia! My miracle boy Nick came to visit yesterday since he had the day off and wanted to see Adam. We were so happy to see him!

Big strong boy, he’s doing well for himself. He’s immersed himself in the Tulsa Burn City Culture and knows how to spin poi now. Real burning poi, not the LED kind. The lovely little young woman who brought him over told me they plan to kidnap me at some point. Because I would fit right in over there, apparently.

She showed me a photo of hammocks stacked over each other. Very cool. I need one of my own to bring when visiting. That will be so fun! Just a short visit, though. I definitely need more alone time these days.

And learning how to be perfectly okay with the alone times without crumbling or folding in on myself is an ongoing process. Not an overnight sense of surrender but a daily practice kind of thing.

To forgive myself for being less than perfect, for mistakes I do wish hadn’t been made, but how would the important lessons have been learned otherwise? The lessons tailor made just for me. For we each came here with specific lessons and challenges to learn and overcome.

No matter what you’ve been through, there is a Divine reason behind it all. Always we are loved. Always we are worthy of receiving love. Finding our gifts to share with the earth each day is what we came here to discover.

One of the many things. Just knowing a little bit always tells us how much more there is to know. Funny how in the time of smartphones and access to limitless sources of information so many people are actually barely literate.

Funny, but not surprising. When George Orwell wrote 1984, it was considered science fiction. But it was actually a warning. And here we are living in times so similar to those he predicted.

That’s one of the many reasons this woman returns, again and again, to long forgotten language of love. For it is love that nurtures us, it is love that our souls long for, love in all its forms – love of God/Goddess, romantic love, brotherly/sisterly love,  love of nature, love for all people. It’s what we have in common which matters so much more than our differences.

For we all have red blood. And we all need love, shelter, food, clean water and clean air. We all need sleep. We need each other, and it’s together that we’re building the new earth. Every moment of every day we are moving in that direction.

So love one another always, my friends. And look for the rainbows after the storms.

A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin



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