Preparing For Mercury Retrograde

Preparing For Mercury Retrograde

Whoa, the last few days have gone by in a virtual whirlwind of activity. My youngest son took a tumble during his scrimmage Friday and got a mild concussion. Earlier that day my 13-year-old grandson was punched in the face at school and retaliated, self defense fighting resulting in a three day suspension from middle school, and my 16-year-old grandson is doing online school this year only and so all three grands have been spending a great deal of time at my house.

And I managed to do a couple massages and make it through Hatha yoga class Thursday night. I was quite a bit more wobbly than last time. But I am much better, still waiting to see the specialist (my primary care clinic gave me a referral to the wrong doctor, and apparently it takes 5-10 days to make corrections like that and fax them over).

I am also going to be getting an epidural steroid injection for my low back the end of September. So please think positive thoughts, say prayers, good energy my way. I know yoga, meditation, good food, positive thoughts and being around kids, cats and plants plus a few very sweet friends is helping me to become stronger all the time. Maybe my doctor will only want to start me on some hormones.

Time to start the Rosemary Gladstar remedies and maybe that will handle things. Sorry if that’s TMI, but all women will reach this age or have already gone through it, and it’s just another transformation we go through as women, as human beings.

The astrological concurrence is usually the Chiron Returns period, when we are transmuted. This is a time of finally feeling comfortable in our own skin. Of pulling the spiritual into the physical, and grounding that. Embracing the wisdom of the elders as the doorway to further growing and loving when graciously presented rather than resisted and feared. There is nothing to fear about growing older we are simply thankful for this opportunity to be alive each given day.

The three most important major astrological transitions begin at about 28-32, when Saturn Returns to the position it was in at the time of your birth, you come into your own. Realizing who you are is a profound part of this learning and growing experience.

Then at 38-43 there is the Uranus Opposition Transition. My Uranus is in Leo and the only way I can ever tell the story of my own UOT is through some outlandish science fiction, lol. Anyway, Uranus being the planet of transformation and electricity. I was attuned to many levels of Reiki, unofficially, in the physical and long distance for several months. I divorced during my UOT. Many people think they are having heart attacks as their kundalini rises from the base of the spine on up, opening each chakra as it rises. This is commonly known at the midlife crisis or midlife clearing. People often go through a second adolescence at that point for awhile. I certainly did. My kids helped pull me out of that.

Barbara Hand Clow writes extensively about this topic.

Anyways, friends, the stars are lining up and Mercury is going retrograde again Tuesday. It’s very important to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, be kind to one another, remember to breathe. Be mindful and give extra time for travel.

Always a good time for journaling, for delving within our inner psyches. But remember to not over think! Balance giving to others with caring for self. Find time for a hot bath. A massage. A walk in the park. Smelling the roses.

Have a nice week, my friends. The Moon will be in Leo while Mercury goes retro,.so at least that. Leo is so playful and heart centered.

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.


Kami’s Crystal Grid for Summer Solstice 2016

Kami’s Crystal Grid for Summer Solstice 2016

My cat Mila wanted to be part of this grid, lol. This grid is all about regenerating, re-balancing and re-calibrating your chakras. Keeping in mind that we are body, mind, soul and spirit, the intention is for healing. We are capable of so many healing miracles, something we have only just begun to explore! The unknown factor, that quantum principle, is what we tap into whenever we access our natural innate power.

By utilizing the power of our golden rings, or halos, we can transform our cells with golden light. Also, wherever there is pain, it is always helpful to a certain extent to visualize pulsing golden suns on those areas. And by sealing our auras off with large red roses of protection, about two feet wide and grounded to the center of the earth, we can ward off negative energy whenever we feel it nearing us. I love visualizing roses as part of my meditative process.

Whenever my grounding cord is feeling a bit shaky (and it happens), I visualize a rose under my halo and then visualize a tiny stick of dynamite blowing it up. I can do this about ten or twenty times until I feel more grounded.

And, if anyone is hitching a ride on my grounding cord (which happens all too frequently still – am learning how to say no – but that is a process as I have been a mom for thirty seven years now) I visualize a waterfall running around the edges, making it slippery and difficult to hang on to.

Making some real progress with the meditations, but it’s definitely a process. It takes practice, determination and hard work to see real change and to keep the healings active as well.

Reverend Julie Renee says that one of the reasons we sometimes lose the benefit of a healing rather quickly is the effect of myasms. A myasm is a group virus. This is group thought which is based on negative thinking, and because so many people believe it, it is re-enforced rather rapidly in this realm. We are living in a very dense time, for the densest and darkest hour is just before the dawn. An example of this is told rather humorously by the jubilant Julie Renee. She grew back her own tonsils and adenoids using her miraculous quantum healing process. They had been removed as a small child. When she went to see the endocrinologist, he said to her, “That isn’t possible. You can’t do this.” She laughs while recalling this, saying the words coming out of his mouth, even after seeing the proof that she actually HAS regrown these organs, is in denial of what has actually happened.

She is also re-growing her thyroid. It is now at about thirty percent coming out of being completely removed. She feels it will take about five years to regrow this.

I read not too long ago that stem cell research has shown that new teeth can be grown after stem cell implants are placed within the gums. Wouldn’t it be nice if teeth could simply be regrown by doing stem cell regeneration meditations? Taking the stem cell of our teeth, stringing out the DNA and using a little tiny golden vacuum cleaner to clear off all dark spots and throwing them down the grounding cord when done?

Sounds incredible, but if Julie Renee can regrow tonsils, adenoids and her thyroid out of nothing, anyone can. It just takes practice, dedication, and faith. It’s a lot of work, but so worth it!

I will keep updating my journey as time goes by. Have a wonderful fun-filled Solstice! I am sharing this a day early since tomorrow is a workday. Tomorrow the sun moves into Cancer, my sign, just as the moon reaches full in Sagittarius! The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.

Rainbow Blessings, my friends.

New Moon in Aries Crystal Grid

New Moon in Aries Crystal Grid

The energies are much more smooth after coming round the bend to this beautiful New Moon Eve 4/6 day. The primary single key number here is 10, which of course breaks down to 1 with the sacred geometry of zero taking us into the Longer Now of Unconditional Love. Venus and Mercury are now in Aries too, and the moon is too, which makes 4 heavenly bodies all in Aries! Also, one of my grandsons turns 13. We have three birthdays in our family this week, neat cosmic synchronicity. April is all about new beginnings, lots and lots of busy work. Breaking free of old patterns, like the habit of procrastination.

I personally am a Cancer on the cusp of Leo with Pisces moon and Aries rising, so the incoming wave of energies which have pushed us forward from the eclipses and equinox in dreamy Pisces have been quite a roller coaster for me to ride. But yesterday I gathered my strength and cleaned up my flat again then opened all the drawers and closer doors and smudged with Nag Champa, Desert Sage, Palo Santo and Pine. I walked on the enormous lawn with bare feet too, then sat with my back up against my favorite pine tree in front of my place.

I sprayed my home down with an aromatherapy blend which includes lavender and tea tree, then drummed a little before smudging quite well, ate a good whole foods dinner and soaked in a hot bath with Epsom salts and peppermint. The crystals are singing a song of balance here. The intention is healing for myself and humanity.

Having been on the razor’s edge so many times, this New Moon helps me see that balance is key. We each are here to learn to love ourselves unconditionally, right here and right now, in this breath and this heartbeat, where all the healing in the world exists.

Listening to our bodies is key.

Sprinkling rose petals across your sacred paths if you choose to have them, my friends. Rainbow Blessings too.


The Weekly Grid

The Weekly Grid

My daughter and three grandkids and I all went to the annual Medieval Fair yesterday, and I was blessed to be able to procure some new stones. The intention of this grid is for Grace and improved ease of communication as the second planet orbiting around the sun enters fiery Aries along with Mercury and the Sun itself. My being aches for the physical presence of my sweetheart, yet we are talking on the phone at least twice a day, and my stones have become one of my greatest comforters during our time of living over one thousand miles from each other. In just one year and a month my youngest son will be graduating, and then this woman will be moving to his place in Hersey, Michigan. Anyway, time is just an illusion, and perhaps it will fly by more quickly after a while.

I prayed and smudged my room with desert sage before beginning. Clearing the mind is a big part of this. And right now learning all I can eagerly learn about crystals and making grids has become very important to me. They are calling me. Some of the crystals here have been with me for years, others just since yesterday. They help me feel safe and protected and making the grids is such a lovely feeling. Listed below are only some of the crystals I used and for now the picture only shows part of the grid, but the feeling of it will come through with the description.

I have recently learned that most of my clear quartz crystals are generators, which isn’t too surprising as I have sensed their healing abilities and used them during massage sessions on several of my clients over the years. These are six pointed rising to a pointed tip. I also have a couple of in and out crystals which have a tiny crystal baby on their sides. These help travel between the world’s. My Selenite wands feel so lovely and cool in my hands and also as acupressure, and now I know they also serve as reminders of Starseed origins ~ particularly Pleiadean. They also call on the Moon Goddess. My Sun sign is Cancer, which Linda Goodman says go back and forth between being crabs, Looney birds and moon people. Picked up the moniker Moonmaiden from her and numerology. I have felt a very strong deep deep down feeling that my ancient DNA heralds from that constellation as far back as I can remember. Blue lace agate is so soothing and sweet, with its baby blue stripes, and is excellent for balancing the throat chakra. Hematite is also calming and grounding, which is why it helps so much when going into public places to have one clear quartz and one hematite as it both balances the hemispheres when holding one in each hand, but connects us to the earth through black hematite and opens us up to Universal Divine Light from above through the clear quartz. Hematite and smoky quartz help balance the root chakra and clear quartz helps balance the crown.

Rose quartz is wonderful for the heart chakra and for improving all forms of love. Jade aventurine also help balance and strengthen the heart chakra, and jade is good for lucuk. A central area in our homes is a great place for a piece of jade according to crystal Feng Shui. Amethyst is good for the throat chakra, and orange calcite and orange citrine are great for the solar plexus chakra and also digestion issues. Orange Carnelian balances the sacral chakra, and Tiger’s Eye helps that chakra and is also grounding and helps focus.

Fluorite is healing and energizing, labaradorite is good for the third eye, moonstone for that chakra and also the crown. Copper is grounding and helps with arthritis aches and pains. The red and pink stones I haven’t been able to identify yet as there aren’t any matches in my three crystal books, but soon I will have the Crystal Bible, for I am a rock person and am ready for immersion now.

Sweet dreams, my friends. Or good morning, depending on where you are and when you see this grid. May channels of communication flow freely between you and all you love and all you meet.

Blessed be. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. Om Namaha Shivaya. We are one.

@Kamea Moonmaiden