Learning to Pace in a Busy World

Today the air is crisp and clean, so refreshing. We’re all in a great mood here in my neck of the woods. So thankful for being protected during last night’s storm.

Learning to pace myself has been one of the most challenging lessons of this life, for when able I’m highly productive, yet now realize that a new, more gentle approach is not only a good idea, it’s necessary.

So it will be later next week when I resume my usual weekly WP activities like the Gaia Star codex readings, crystal grids and the continuation to Setting the Princess of Roses Free. My apologies, for I had thought I could do more and do hate breaking my word. But have to be in first or second gear.

For text typing on my small ZTE is quite difficult. But I am stubborn, so updating each day has become important.

I’m so thankful to be meeting so many of you and am visiting two or three sites per day right now – something which will also increase once my other devices can be online again. And what a good lesson in self discipline this brief period of time without internet has actually been. We have found our old DVD’s to watch, which is quite comforting and also nostalgic.

In the meantime my son Adam is having eye surgery next Tuesday. Please hold him in your hearts with love and light and prayer, whatever method of positive thinking you embrace. He is blind in his left eye – suffers from severe eczema and psoriasis, a congenital disorder he’s had to deal with since four months of age.

He was blind in both eyes by the age of 23, at which point in time we discovered a program which paid for him to have bilateral lens implants. That was such a blessing. I remember well three days after his first implant granted him the ability to see again, and he walked over to the OU student union to watch A Clockwork Orange.

He came home in perfect ptich with the song Singing in the Rain, which made my heart overflow with joy.

He is my firstborn son, lives neae Dallas and visits for about a week each month right now as he is going through the process of taking care of his eyes. His eye which is blind again now will be replaced with a prosthetic device some time in June or July.

Bless his heart. He is a kind and thoughtful young man.

My own health continues to improve a bit each day. When I found out my cervical fusion eight years ago it was very scary. Just the idea of repeat surgery terrified me because the first one had been so incredibly painful. Much worse even than the time I had four abdominal surgeries in one day twenty two years ago. But my orthopedic surgeon said he didn’t want to give me repeat surgery.

The other orthopedic surgeon I went to see was quite angry when he saw my CT scan revealing the gap between C5-C6. For every year my surgeon gave me an x-ray but no other studies. And last year when I was finally referred for further studies it was a nurse practitioner who noticed the need for CT just by examining the x-ray.

So I had two MRIs and two CT scans last June. It’s degenerative disc disease that is causing all this pain, but I just found out there is a new implant which can be placed near the spinal cord via a minimally invasive procedure which can help prevent further degeneration of these spinal discs. I’ll be discussing this with my doctor next week.

Luckily all my bones are VERY strong because of all the hard work this body has done since a small girl. Those chores on the farm built a strong frame, muscles and constitution, so yay for healthy living.

I did used to smoke cigarettes but stopped over three years ago. That made a huge difference. And now I am very mindful of my posture, do kundalini and pranayama yoga quite often, and also the strengthening exercises I learned in physical therapy.

Now at three weeks without the wretched anxiety medicine they put me on after a devastating breaj up with an emotionally abusive alcoholic, something which left me with PTSD and agoraphobia. In the quest towards discontinuing all the medications they put me on (down to two from about ten) am taking many supplements. These include:

  1. Melatonin drops to help me get to sleep at ninight.
  2. Calcium, magnesium and zinc.
  3. Vitamin C made of rosehips.
  4. Vitamin B12 to help reduce anxiety.
  5. Ashwaghandha as adrenal support, this helps a lot!
  6. Papaya enzymes to help with digestion (had IBS for twenty years, discontinued all stomach meds three years ago).
  7. Fish oil to help my brain, bones, joints and heart (very good heart with excellent BP).
  8. Spirulina for digestion and immune system.
  9. Acidophilus or Kombucha to restore the healthy bacteria in my sometimes leaky gut.
  10. Vitamin D only on cloudy days since usually I can get this by spending at least twenty minutes outdoors.
  11. Coconut oil, one spoonful a day. This is also great for teeth, skin and hair. Swishing a spoonful of it first thing in the morning for 5-20 minutes then spitting is called pulling and something I need to  remember more often.
  12. Gingko Biloba to help my brain heal from the fog the anxiety meds gave me.

This is the biggest reason for meditating and praying as much as I do. I am sharing this for those who are dealing with similar or related issues in case it would be helpful. For being of service is as natural to this woman as breathing.

Remembering to not only add myself and to the equation but to make self care a priority has also been a life long challenge. And of course this is true for so many moms.

Remembering to pace myself is a blessing. I read somewhere that pain is inevitable in life, but suffering is a choice (okay, not for those living in the most extenuating circumstances of all, but for the majority of us).

With that, this body reminds me to take a brief rest before Loralai gets back from school.

Deep peace of the beautiful shining sun to us all!

Sprinkling rose petals across your sacred paths. Blessed be, my friends.

Om namaha shivaya om nama om.



5 thoughts on “Learning to Pace in a Busy World

  1. I am filled with sadness to read about your medical situations and pray for you and your son for complete healing and restoration of body and soul. Be comforted that all pain and suffering is only temporary in this imperfect world, one day everyone will enjoy perfect health. We live in hope. I understand your cervical spine injuries as I too suffer from a C5 collapse and have been living with intense pain since 2012. I do physiotherapy to alleviate the pain and try not to take pain meds. You are in my thoughts. I love your honest sharing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, dear, I also do my best not to take pain meds as the side effects are quite undesirable. Blessings of love and healing to you as well. Thank God all things happen for a reason and know that this too shall pass.

      Rainbow Blessings.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Indeed we are survivors and we cheer each other on in this race of life, having people like you around me makes life a beautiful journey. It’s ok sadness shared is sadness halved, we share each others burdens to make it lighter for the other. Peace for your kind soul always.

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