Rambling On in Springtime

How was everyone’s Saturday? The weather here in Norman, Oklahoma was absolutely perfect. Our biannual music festival is in town (too crowded for me, but so many of my grown kids do enjoy).

Started the day by receiving a facial, then took Loralai and the neighbor’s daughter Lily out to play in the yard. We gathered supplies for our faerie house and gnome village and recruited some folks for next Saturday’s children’s yoga class I will be hosting, as our lawn is the nicest softest lawn in the complex. It is huge.

Yoga for kids is a great thing. One of my young friends has a 7 yr old daughter,and she’s taught her how to meditate. She says it calms her down, which is a great thing. This young mom also has a new baby, just two months old, whom I had the blessing of holding for twenty minutes the other day. She fell asleep in my arms and tears came to my eyes. She is just so sweet.

The thing about bliss is it’s contagious.

Another friend brought her daughter over too, so we had three five year old girls running around the yard, having a fabulous time running freely as we watched them.

It was a long day and tomorrow another one. And now it’s a year since the two months of extensive studies and tests were given to and run on me, and it sure looks and feels like this body is improving every day. Now three weeks with no anxiety meds and I feel great.

Anyways, I’m missing being able to add pictures with my blog posts, but will be going to the library this week for several hours and will start working on my book tomorrow, so this is another blessing in disguise. A change in our routine reminding us not to overly rely on these machines.

A nice hot bath with Epsom salts and baking soda and large quartz crystals by candlelight with new age music is my night time routine. And, I like to pretend to be a mermaid. Being over fifty and a Nana of a five year old is a great excuse for embracing my inner child whole heartedly.

Oh, and have decided that occupying my balcony and front yard as much as possible, weather permitting, is an excellent way to lift the energy of the neighborhood and help families with children feel safe. Which reminds me of a clip my aunt shared after the terrorist attacks in Paris. It was a father carefully explaining to his son what had happened, comforting his little boy so tenderly. And told him they would be protected by planting flowers.

Seeing the people of Paris planting flowers was such an encouraging sight. It’s so hard to understand how anyone could ever do such a thing to other human beings. Bringing war to domestic territory.

My mother took me to my first peace march when I was two. I remember being lifted onto the shoulders of an African prince. I told him I was a princess from India. Lol. That was here in Norman.

Some people think we can never know peace, that people have always been war-like, but there are some tribes who live peacefully. And evolution is an ongoing process. If we have so much ingenuity and creativity that we can send people to the moon and beyond, surely we can dig deep into our hearts, learn how to love ourselves and then each other, and learn how to be human beings in the process.

I believe we can.

And the naysayers in my own mind are being packed up and sent on their pessimistic little journeys, I am sending them off, thanking them for their job, no longer needed are they. Instead of them, opening this heart to incoming peace and joy and know that healing is real. Healing is true. It can take a long time. But every day matters. We can create something out of nothing, like the imaginal cells of the hungry caterpillar. That quantum factor, the miracle code. It is within each and every single one of us.

May peace be with you, That deep down peace, the peace that shines eternal with the luminous moon.


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