This Week’s Pele Report

This week Mercury is in retrograde along with Mars, which is in Sagittarius and then going into Scorpio along with other intense aspects and the Sun in Taurus. Venus is also in Taurus, planet of love turning inwards.

It is time for introspection and self reflection along with the need for mirroring. We may find ourselves feeling so small and asking what our purpose or our value is. Remember we are each here for a reason.

Taurus is the hermit. Solitude is essential, as is being gentle with ourselves.

With Saturn also in Sagittarius we can find ourselves sifting through the many voices. And saying listen to me. Sag is the evangelist. Our opinions can lead to righteousness.

Correct behavior is crucial as we are currently breaking out of the old paradigm and shifting into the Age of Aquarius. So many cultures all singing songs at the same time, having waited so long to be heard. It’s time to listen and celebrate diversity.

The mantra this week:

The search for deeper meaning now occupies my soul. It calls me to dwell in the subtle realms that the mysteries of life I may know.

My son and I had a great time today hanging out with Loralai and her friend Destiny in the front yard. Relaxing as the girls ran around the clover filled yard as the sun warmed me and the earth filled me with healing loving energy was great.

Sweet dreams, I love you all. Time for my mermaid bath.



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