Always Moving Forward Inch by Inch

No matter what obstacles and problems cross our paths, there is always an important lesson to be learned, a silver lining in every cloud. And always there is somebody in worse condition, dealing with more difficult circumstances.

Knowing this is such a great comfort, for the wounded healer heals when helping others. I am on this planet to serve. It’s in service that I feel fulfilled. It’s so great to be needed, to have a purpose.

Of course good healthy boundaries are important. Yes, we are all intrinsically interconnected and yet we are also each our own island. Little holograms of the Universe we be.

So, just letting you all know that in no way do I feel sorry for myself because in so many ways my life is blessed. Always there is something to do, somebody to love, people, pets, plants and nature to connect with and pay attention to.

And when there are nights of solitude these are treasured. At times these nights have been feared, but in the letting go of fear I am always reminded that I’m never truly alone. Our beloved Creator is always with me, angels surround me and protect me from harm each and every day.

As we enter into the Mercury retrograde season, it’s good to remind ourselves to be prepared, mentally and physically, for things to happen. For indeed things have a tendency to just “happen.” And when they do, we can take deep breaths and get through it.

There really isn’t any other way. Can’t get around issues by side stepping. Just like pesky bills that have to be paid, problems have to be dealt with head on. Of course everybody already knows this, lol.

What an interesting and amazing planet we live on. So many experiences being presented to us each and every day. And through it all, Love is the most rewarding, most miraculous experience of all.

Love is the answer, love is the key. Love is the only thing that will ever set us free. We are Love. God is Love. The Universe is responsive and when we simply let go and trust, all things work out for the greater good of all.

I love you all. Thanks for stopping by. About to visit many of you as my daughter got off work early, so Loralai was only here in the morning. And what a doll she is today (every day). Such a blessing.

So are my cats. Especially my cat Mila. She adores the energy of massages and meditation. After my friend and I did a guided healing meditation today she rubbed all over us. She is sleeping by my feet right now, happy as can be.

Wherever you are, blessings of peace and Love to you today.



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