Angelic Time Stamps

Ah, so I have figured out why my posts were disappearing. Wasn’t waiting long enough for them to be saved, lol. Text typing too quickly.

A few years ago text typing on a small cell just wasn’t possible at all. For my hands had lost most of their dexterity. Had to take two semesters of school off after my daughter and three grandkids came to live with me in the 2,300 square foot double townhouse I was living in at the time.

Getting out of the bad relationship I was in for six years shortly before she got here was not an easy task. I actually moved out and stayed with a friend for three weeks before he finally agreed to leave. And then I let him return and stay on the couch downstairs until my daughter arrived.

My counselor at the time was so worried when I mentioned the new challenge I was taking on. But it felt like a necessity. For  Loralai’s dad had abandoned my dear daughter and was on a terrible path. Fearing for the safety of her and my beautiful grandchildren led me to offer a safe haven here in Oklahoma.

And I know we did the right thing. Even if by over doing in the heavy house cleaning department meant that my hands had to be in braces and could not write or even type on a computer.

Bed bound for nearly a year, I learned to use my Kindle to share inspiring and spiritual posts on FB. And learned more about angel numbers. Amongst other things.

So the time stamps  11:11, 12:12, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55 came up repeatedly. Letting me know my angels are always with me. And that of course my Mother/Father God always blesses me. (For me, seeing God as both male and female works best. For everywhere we see both genders in nature).

Every time I see these time stamps and also the triple digit numbers on receipts, license plates and billboards it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. My favorite number is seven so the seeing 777 makes me extra happy. I was born at 11:07 in the seventh month, and my oldest grandson was born the day after my birthday. And my mom was born on the seventh day of March and passed away on the seventh day of January. So I think of myself as a 777 girl.

Chaldean numerology fascinates me. For me, numbers are like guides pointing in the right direction. So when they line up frequently I know I am on the right side path.

This phone is acting up, so I will sign off now. It’s raining again, the sweet cleansing rain our land needs so much. May your Friday be blessed, my friends

Blessed be. Namaste.


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