I Am Woman, This Is My Song

I am woman, mother,
daughter, sister,
friend, lover.

Six babies I have
brought into this world,
this rapidly changing


world. I have cherished them,
nursed them, raised them and
sacrificed for them, I have
known suffering, and the
blessed release of Surrender.

I have been envied, misunderstood,
and feared. And I have been loved,
accepted and admired.

This healing path I walk
with so much shadow work,
has been blessed by Jesus
and the blessed Virgin Mary
first and foremost,
archangels surround me
night and day.

Ganesh helps me remove

Kuan Yin reminds me
of the blessed path of
the boddhisatva.

Krishna and Rhada fill
my life with the blessing of
their Divine eternal love.

I am fragile yet fierce,
generous to a fault,
I am stronger daily now,
the Sun heals me to the core.

Could I ever ask for more?

Open heart, open mind,
head in the clouds,
feet on the ground.

Healer woman, wise woman,
Grandmother now, crone now,
yet still a maiden within.

Faeries enchant me,
beckon me to their glens,
Faerie gardens and dwellings
I make for them, while children
and newborn kittens fill
my life with newfound joy.

My Song is a song of Love and Laughter.
My Soul loves to commune with the Divine.
My Mind seeks spiritual awareness and understanding,
In Surrender, Nervi Kulpi Samadhi bliss envelops me.

I am Woman, I am a Sovereign Being of Light. I bring my song of cosmic synchronicities, of morning glories, wildflowers, and great shining white Moons.

My purpose is to help increase the love
in the Universe, help people heal themselves
I am a chalice, a vessel of light.

My shadow Loves to play with Coyote,
led me through the wounded warrior path,
until I learned to love even my shadow.

Sometimes still stumbling a bit,
Life’s challenges are my greatest
teachers, friends and allies.

Having been forged in the fire
I am a Phoenix now,
New Woman,
Free Woman.

I am Woman. This is my story, this is my song.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

More like prose than a poem, yet feeling inspired and just sharing this stream of consciousness writing with you, emerging from style writer’s blOck and an overly busy life. Which is why I haven’t been writing the summary of Kaypacha’s Pele report anymore. I am writing monthly Energy Updates where I share what I know thus far about what’s going on here on Planet Earth.

May your path be blessed, my friend. Wherever you go, may Anna’s angels surround you.


(for all my sisters-Beltane/Overtone Night)

I am Woman, woven into the fabric of the Stars. I am intuitive. This is my experience.

I don’t need to prove anything. But I can no longer deny my own experience. It may not fit the logic of masculine thinking. It might not be politically correct. It might sound too airy or not grounded in reality.

But these feelings are real to me. So listen!

My voice has been so long suppressed, altered and modified through a masculine lens. It is the voice of Divine Imagination, of true love, compassion and acceptance. It does not fit into boxes, but is the free flowing Spirit of Evolving Creation. This is not gender based, this is energy within all. The suppression of this energy is the repression of vital life-force!

I am Woman woven into the fabric of the stars. Listen!

I cannot “prove” my feelings…

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