Kamea’s Energy Update

Well, hello again, how about that Blood Moon at 0 degrees of Leo nearly two weeks ago? The energy was very thick, so thick you could cut it like cookie dough. I had some challenges processing so much incoming energy, for we are leveling up even higher, and the Blood Moon was a portal for this.

Can you feel the intensity of today’s energy? Pluto just squared Mars, bringing up some very old anger in many of us. My favorite astrologer Kaypacha reminds us to remain heart centered and to breathe when we’re seeing red. Take a walk, count to 100, take long, slow, deep breaths into the belly. And now we are nearly at our New Moon in Aquarius, which will help usher in the innovative energies bringing us into the Aquarian Age. Gaining a more “we vs. me”
perspective helps us see the bigger picture and the fact that everything in this world, in this universe even, is connected.

A huge coronal hole which opened up on the earth facing side of the sun has issued forth a steady stream of solar wind which arrived night before last. I had my first night of total insomnia in quite some time that night. All my DNA activations have definitely helped prepare me for The Shift, thankfully, because my body has been through quite a bit.

Daily routine makes a huge difference, as does drinking coconut water, plenty of clean water, lots of fruits and vegetables and intermittent fasting or juicing, meditation, yoga or any other type of mindful movement, and walking barefoot on the earth which helps absorb the extra electrosmog (electronic debris) our bodies might be carrying around. I have an orgonite pyramid near me to help with that, plus a Serenity Vibrations minister keeps me shielded, because we are dear friends.

Amethyst and hematite are also good, although if the hematite is magnetic, it needs to be kept away from the electronics. I like to carry magnetic hematite in my pocket when out and about in 3D spaces where lots of Muggles are walking around. It helps me remain grounded. Walking in Nature is what helps the most. Camping out in Nature for a few days is even better. Really helps to recharge completely.

Right now all the planets are direct, which will be going on until March 5, when Mercury will be going retrograde in Pisces. This is a wonderful aspect in many ways, especially since we are in the eclipse season and in the middle of a series of five full moons in a row beginning at 0 degrees and we just had the first of three supermoons in a row. This is significant because it triggers that zero point technology. The sacred geometry of zero opens inner portals to multiple dimensions because we truly are multidimensional beings.

Our DNA is transforming from double strand carbon based to 12 strand crystalline based. Some of the symptoms now that the energies have amped up include hearing high pitched noises (that is not tinnitus, it’s celestial harmonic tones), extra fatigue or extra energy, a feeling of shakiness at the base of the skull, body aches and pains, stomach problems and heart palpitations. Anything which is concerning should of course be checked by a medical doctor. If there are no medical reason for the symptoms, they can be chalked up to Ascension symptoms.

Remember to fear not, to be oh so gentle with yourself, hearts and minds open, feet on the ground. And when grounding, the crystal core of Gaia is the center of the New Earth, which is already here. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, for the Christ light is awakening in us all. Some may have different names for this light. It shines brightly all the same. And connects us all, heart to heart, in the Rainbow Bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.

We have been waiting for ever so long for these days. Of course things seem crazy out there. The darkest hour is just before the dawn. And the Sun always rises. Let’s keep lifting each other up in love and light as we herald the dawning of the Golden Age.

May peace be with you. Many Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light to you. Deep peace of the shining stars to you. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

© Kamea Moonmaiden
Blue Ray Pleiadeian Starseed
Order of Melchizedek,
Lemurian High Priestess

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