Winds of Change are Blowing In

Hello, somehow August flew by in about three seconds, so I thought I would check in before my afternoon Transcendental Meditation practice. I went through my four day course starting August 8. Skeptical at first because I learned contemplative meditation at the age of 5, I am currently blown away by the physiological and spiritual benefits noted already in comparison with all the other types of meditation and visualization I had already tried extensively over the years.

The effortlessness of this technique is the beauty of it. There’s something transformational about this type of restful alertness. And it’s great for the heart, the lungs, of course the brain and the entire body. There are more studies on this technique than any other technique as well.

I didn’t mean to publish this yesterday after merely typing the introduction, so please forgive me! And today was filled with watching films about the research on Transcendental Meditation and its effects on the brain, and then I learned a bit more about Maharishi AyurVedic pulse diagnosis. Just now got a chance to come back in and finish this, lol.

Over the next three years I will be learning how to detect imbalances and help direct people to correct them with diet, daily routine, Panchakarma purification techniques, and crystals, herbs, and essential oils.

Meditating twice a day for thirty minutes is giving me a great solid foundation for all other work. And as a result, in just one short month my life is turning around for the better more rapidly because the people I love the most are healing a lot right now.

Their mama is in a 5D school actually located in the 3D world, beautifully blending ancient Vedic knowledge in a consciousness based manner and comparing it to the String theory in Quantum Physics.

This is definitely the school of my dreams and I am super focused now. Working on the daily routines and so far have the waking up early and meditating right away part down. Gotta start somewhere.

When I started this blog, I could barely walk and was in pain management. I have now been out of that for almost two years and my Hatha Yoga practice, mindfulness, prayer, crystals, mermaid baths, herbs, setting positive intentions and my previous meditations, visualizations and energy transmissions helped me a lot. So did writing on my blog, especially that first year before improved strength bit by bit made it possible for me to gradually increase my activities.

I have made a Magic Journal Box and have begun harvesting my journals, my own Miracle Box and now a Vision board. I know the latter two helped me get into Maharishi University of Management, into this graduate program where I am learning about the secrets of the Universe and how everything is connected, how we are all multidimensional beings! It’s very exciting.

Although I still don’t currently have a vehicle. I am in a better home with a washer and dryer and small enclosed backyard and ground level entrance. No balcony now but I have a place to go during tornado warnings. My morning glories took forever to start blooming, but are now super thick and luscious, as this time they are planted in the ground and we have had a lot of rain. So much to be thankful for!

Getting up to my training was a challenge, but full of useful lessons. And on the last day of my four day Transcendental Meditation training there was such a bad thunderstorm there were flash floods up in OKC close to where it was located. We had to drive through some very water logged roads, almost like a mini-hurricane. Record breaking rainfall. Anyway, got there safely, of course, and was completely enchanted by the learning process.

A two week checkup I am late in getting due to the complexities of transportation, but that’s in the near future as well. And I’m getting good grades too, am keeping up in addition to giving a few massages a week, babysitting, and dealing with my huge family. Life is good.

Every day in every way, new lessons of healing unfold. May this message bless you wherever you may be in your own personal journey of healing and know that your body’s natural tendency is to heal. I love you. All healing is self healing. You can do it, yes, you.

Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti. Blessed be.


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