Virgin Islands

Sure never expected to be gifted a 4 day and 4 night healing retreat weekend in the Virgin Islands, but that is exactly what happened about 18 months after learning Transcendental Meditation and beginning my studies at what is now known as Maharishi International University. The changes in my own life and health have been dramatic, and like I mentioned in the energy update, I have a car now!
I was actually going to wait longer to buy one because had become accustomed to living that way, but when it became apparent that taking in my two youngest grandchildren was in their best interests while their mom goes through her healing process, and after meditation and prayer and feeling hesitant to go to any car dealership, I found a great Hyundai Santa Fe XL with only 80,000 miles on it for quite a bargain. I have a fear of driving, so facing that fear nearly has helped me see that also I had a fear of truly healing, a fear of success and a fear of letting go of the need to cushion the consequences for my grown kids. One of my dearest friends offered to stay and keep an eye on my grandkids, cats and dog, so I decided to go even though there were extenuating circumstances happening again. I almost did not take this opportunity for healing, and am so thankful that I did accept the gift and flew down to the Carribean. The retreat center is the most beautiful place I have ever stayed at. Even the hotel in Maui for my honeymoon 28 years ago could not hold a candle to this spacious villa overlooking the Atlantic. I worked on healing my heart, worked on my shadow and that of course brought up the necessary work of creating firm boundaries. Every day the beauty there filled me up with so much gratitude and joy. And the people I met were gracious and kind, walking the Beauty way. Check out for aerial views of this amazing retreat center. Someday perhaps I will be teaching a workshop there myself. May your last Saturday of the year, the decade and the era be blessed as we walk through this Eclipse Portal with Grace, opening ourselves up to the incoming Light – it is coming up from the crystal core of Gaia and coming towards us both from the Sun and the black hole in the center of the galaxy, plus we have entered the photon belt so we are basking in golden rays of concentrated chitta. All this transformation can be a bit uncomfortable, or it can be excruciating, o how we hold ourselves and the thoughts we focus on are important more than ever. We are shifting right here and right now, in between each breath and each heartbeat, in the Gap where all the healing in the universe resides, where the Rainbow Bridge connects Heaven and Earth. We are embodying these energies now, so congratulate yourself, because if you are still here, no matter what your personal circumstances may be, you’re transforming. One of my sons wrote recently that we are all being lifted up, just on different elevators. Such an astute observation by my Miracle Boy, who is now 24 years old and such a kind hearted soul. Remember to drink lots of water and listen to your body. If unsure about symptoms and they seem concerning please consult a medical professional. In the meantime I will be continuing my studies in Ayurvedic Wellness in order to assist you in finding the perfect diet and routine for your dosha type. Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light to you. Deep peace of the shining stars to you. I am eternally grateful for being shown the amazing things that can happen when we open ourselves to flow. Namaste. Om namaha shivaya. Blessed be.

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