The buck will stop with me
I’ve paid the price.
My children will always be free
in this world of illusion
I have finally reached a conclusion.
Although my mistakes are many
I can make a new beginning.
God helped me open my eyes
to all too many lies in disguise.

For a long time I felt alone,
I didn’t known I was reaping
exactly what I had sown.
Poisonous addictions
unnecessary strife –
this deadly combination
took over my life.

The buck stops with me.
So long I was lost,
now it’s as if I’ve been found.
The puzzle piece I’ve been missing –
my hands are no longer bound.

I’m no longer a slave to fear
life’s absolution is clear.
I’ve tested life’s limits,
now I know the truth.
Our Father God is Savior
the choice is ours to choose.

Believe in Jesus,
what have you got to lose?
Things of this world
evanesce every day.
Jesus died for our sins
so we could follow God’s way.
Pass the Good News on,
it’s here to stay.
We are God’s children
and now I see,
the buck stopped with me!

© Alyssa Micaela Sunshine Varela.

My beautiful daughter sent me this poem for my birthday, and I just wanted to share it with all of you, which is also what she wished. She’s doing well, we talk twice a week and I should be able to visit her very very soon. And give her that long awaited hug!

Thank you for reading, my friends. I love you all. Namaste.


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