Kaypacha’s Pele Report For August 25, 2016

Tom is still in Lisbon, Portugal – on the beach and next to a lovely mound of rocks – to show us how Saturn represents the rocks and conjunct Mars represents us plowing on through, breaking boundaries.

So many stars lining up, folks! Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are conjunction also, just as Mercury gets ready to station and go retrograde next Tuesday. We are heading towards a solar eclipse along with the New Moon in Virgo next Friday – energies making it seem like the night becomes the day and the day becomes the night (which definitely happened to me today, lol, surreal energies abound).

Saturn squaring the Moon’s nodes brings with it a heaviness, a need for being honest with ourselves and others so we can move into the future with integrity, make serious decisions and change our belief systems. Saturn square Neptune has to do with self sacrifice, which the Sun in Virgo also brings up.

Tom congratulates us for making it all the way to the end of August in this Year of Great Purification. It’s been intense! We have to let go of all that’s not essential, that which no longer serves us.

Venus is now moving into Libra and Mars moving farther into Sagittarius and away from the Saturn conjunction, squaring Neptune in Pisces, which brings out the adventurous, the wild, the yearning for freedom. This can lead to religious wars but also personal and collective expansion. Discernment here is key.

Mercury in Virgo rules the left brain (Mercury already rules Virgo), so we will likely find ourselves being over analytical, judging ourselves and others. It’s important to not over think! Getting into colors, the arts, finding time for healing, getting massages, not overdoing and over sacrificing, but making sure to take care of ourselves and finding balance is essential here. Not paying attention to this important duty we have to ourselves can lead to health crises. Ha. Must have something to do with what’s been going on with me, actually. So glad I watched the Pele Report this week!


This week’s mantra: My body is my instructor
teaching me to find
the balance of giving to the world
and taking personal time.

I have decided to send my summary to my daughter Alyssa each week, knowing this can help her with her healing experience. Next month will be the first time I get to visit her – for she is two and a half hours away. So looking forward to that! And tomorrow night is yoga class, ready to resume practice, it’s so healing.

Kaypacha’s farewell: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kamea’s farewell: Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light to you all.

Om Shanti.

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