Ascension Session With D’oyen Fraser

So I just had my first Ascension Session with D’oyen Fraser the other day. He’s a micro-grid activator, and quite talented. I prepared for the session by meditating and taking one of my special mermaid baths first, then put some Sanskrit chanting on, lit some candles, and initiated the call.

He worked on calibrating my brain, all my organs and glands, and my chakras. The most fascinating thing is that while he was working on my brain, I saw his face looking in through the top of my head. While he was working on my neck, my chin went back and I arched my neck. While he was working on my heart, images of some people I love popped up and I told myself I needed to work on my boundaries.

Apparently my sacral chakra was a dull orange rather than vibrant, with some black streaks, and given the ovarian cyst situation, that makes sense. I told him about that and about my neck issues, but didn’t tell him about my low back, and that chakra was a dull red, which he tuned up. My solar plexus chakra was actually too bright, and given my will power, my stubbornness and other things like that, it makes perfect sense!

It felt like I had a wonderful massage during and after. The time flew by, and my hands filled up with light as light poured in through the top of my head.

He has a wordpress blog where he writes about the physiologic aspect of his work, which is at and a FB page under his name, where several videos are available to watch. I highly recommend checking him out, and booking an appointment if you are in need of healing.

And I am doing much, much better, even did a half hour massage today. I’ll be going to see the specialist soon, for it’s important to get checked up regardless of having some improvement.

I am working on my space adventure and will post a page of the second chapter very very soon.

Have a wonderful Tuesday evening, my friends. Love and Light!


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