GaiStar Codex Reading for June 19, 2016

Working on getting back to my regular routine here. Happy Father’s Day to all those dads out there!

Today’s codon conversation begins with Spin. Here we have a plant based seven sided mandala made from a tree fungus on a “moon rock.”

Spin brings us the power of the vortex (like the vortex swirling at the center of each of our seven main chakras). This is the swirling spiral which always assists us in upgrading to the next level. Just as Recycling helps us to let go of the past, Spin brings us into the future, one step at a time, walking into the New Earth.

As we try out our new legs, we will begin to see and feel everything differently. We are our own Spin doctors. It’s up to us to revise, reinvent, and re-engineer our lives, our world. We are here to improve, to upgrade ourselves to the next level, to update our inner programs and release all old, outdated programs.

As we stand on Gaia, if we are still enough, we can feel Her rotate. This is the Big Spin, which always brings us to new destinations. Time to be still and just enjoy the ride, folks.

The next card is Centropy, which is fashioned from the wing of a brown butterfly against a five pointed star.

Centropy takes us into the realm where entropy is counteracted, and rather than dissipate, we are urged to regenerate (which is exactly what I have been doing with my Quantum Healing meditations!). There is infinite energy and newness available every single moment, if we only embrace this present moment.

Gaia is singing Her song now, and this song is part of a “Centropic SeedSong Symphony.” The evolutionary energy resulting from this song is always uplifting, lifting everything it touches, even that which appears to be the most dense. We are being lifted into a state of constant renewal and endless growth. This song is best at sparking the flame of luminescent core of matter, joining it with the star-power we bring to this planet, which shines forever and ever.

InterSource is the third part of this conversation. Spin Centropy InterSource.
InterSource is fashioned from a rock quartz crystal on a seven sided mandala (seven being the magical number in this reading).

This card reminds us that each of us is a source of presence, information, and energy. We each have a specific reason to be here. To tune into this energy is to share these infinite resources freely, and to be open to receive what is needed in return.

In the transpersonal and transtemporal world of GaiaStar, all info-treasuries and beings can easily be reached. All you have to do is ask, and you shall receive.

We are all connected. We are all part of the Web. Each of us has a part of this puzzle. The big picture only begins to emerge when all the pieces are networked together.

Based on the book The GaiaStar Codex – Seeds of a Turned On World by Bonnie Bell and David Todd


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