Gaia-Star Codex Reading

We are having a thunderstorm here in Oklahoma this lovely Sunday morning, and I just heard about the earthquake in Ecuador, so my heart is filled with prayers, love and light for all the people, may they be protected. A clap of thunder ripped the air the second of putting the first card down on my anointed cloth (peppermint and lavender).

So I haven’t figured out how to add more photos in the body of the text here. That will take a minute, but anyway this woman is still here, learning and healing every day. Loralai has been amazing and is a great light in my life. The children are such wonderful blessings, are they not?

Okay, so here are the cards for today. The first card is in the Higher Self of Spiritual Self position, and the card shown here is Primal 2. The title of this card is CosmiSexual and the empowerment is Co-Creation.

The couple in this card are locked in a never ending cosmisexual embrace. They represent the secret seeds within each and every one of us, the seeds which bring bring the light into the darkness, bringing us, both individually and collectively, into our New Earth. They are safely enclosed within the core of Gaia, glass and steel, the smooth elements keeping them fresh and clean, protected from outward sources. Just as the earth comes alive with the kiss of the sun, these two bring forth all of creation.

These two archetypal patterns urge us on to rebirth our planet, for Co-Creation is a community process.

The second card here is in the human self position, and the card here is called Feel Good.

Feel Good reminds us to immerse ourselves in Nature and also that in order for us to upgrade, we must heal the past in order to move forwards into the future. Gaia herself offers the remedies for softening this pain. Earth-Ecstasy, perceived through the senses of pleasure and delight, is the medicine needed here – so walking barefoot on the grass, working in our gardens, connecting with loved ones and pets always helps a great deal. Community connection can instantly lift this pain.

If we say yes to a turned on world, it is easy to feel good. Just tracing the card to the center is going to be helpful in returning to our own centers where feeling good is just natural.

For the bodily self, third position in this three card spread, the card is Ecstasy.

This card reminds one that the flowers of nature are here to remind us of paradise. Marigolds, roses, carnations, these are the sweet scents which reminds us of our true home. They are the essences the Earth offers to us freely, their vibrant fragrances instantly lifting the spirit.

This was a right on reading. Everywhere I look, everything I see, is cosmic synchronicity.

@Kamea Moonmaiden


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