Gaia Star Codex Reading for July 10, 2016

Okay, finally back on track and the first card of this beautiful codon conversation is Spin. We have had this card before – it jumped right out and wanted to be first, lol. This position represents the moments which have just passed, the recent past. This card’s nine pointed star on a mandala made from the plant element, the source of which is the fungus on a “moon rock” brings us the power of the vortex. The colors are gold and many warm shades of nourishing brown. This card is simply alive with motion.

Highly appropriate with Neptune still in Pisces and the moon going into the friendly sign of Libra today – harmonies are balanced, great day for group meditations, which are increasing in number and are plentiful today, Sunday.

This swirling spiral takes us to the next level. Just as Recycling will always release the past, Spin swings us into the future as we move forward.

As we begin to emerge, we will start to see and feel things in a different light. It’s time to become our own Spin Doctors. Revise, re-engineer, reinvent ourselves. The time is NOW for a new twist.

Simply stand on Gaia and we will feel her rotation, for she is always spinning. This is the Big Spin we are all a part of, and is always taking us somewhere new. Buckle up your seatbelts and enjoy the ride. And remember to breathe!

The next part of the codon conversation represents this Now moment, and for this we have the delicious card Elixir. This is also made from the plant element, derived from prayer plant leaves (perfect for every day but extra cool they wanted to come out and play on Sunday). The geometry here is a simple mandala and the colors are green, red, orange and black. We have also had Elixir before – something which is interesting as I shuffle the cards thoroughly and there are 65 cards, some of which have not come out to play as of yet.

Elixir reminds us that the goal of traditional alchemy was to find the Elixir of Immortality. The GaiaStar alchemy has its very own Elixir. It is Gaia Herself, dancing in ecstasy, that beautiful liquid golden bliss which pours through our crown chakra and can switch on the eternal energies within these radiant human temples of light.

So take a deep drink of this golden Elixir, for it is within you. It’s an ultimate tonic for your body, mind and spirit. It always awakens deep genetic treasures and frees your cells of their entropic programming. Use the light-energy in this image to liberate your inner nectars.

I personally use both meditation in my room and sometimes my living room and then also out in my balcony garden to drink deep of this golden Elixir. It is taking time and practice, but as my meditations deepen and I learn to walk in balance, things keep getting better on every level. And if that could happen for me, it can happen for anybody! It’s true!

The final card in todays converaation is TranceForm – the energy we are moving into. The element here is the wing of a blue butterfly, and the geometry is a simple mandala, with colors of blue, pink, marooon and purple.

Here we are given a reminder that form can indeed TranceForm. Matter is neither solid nor fixed – it is in fact rapidly moving molecules of energy – we are LIGHT. Everything is always in constant motion, continually changing and morphing into something new.

The butterfly holds the answers to the secrets TransceForm can bring – being the master of metamorphosis. How does it accomplish such a radical reshaping? It uses the powers of TransceFormation and so can each and every one of us. It is time to unfurl our wings and fly, my friends, time to fly into the essence of our new Beingness, alive and constantly changing every second, walking in our new legs into the New Earth.

A New Earth where we recognize our kinship with each other and All Of Creation.

The Golden Dawn has begun – just barely, but it has begun – being mindful reminds us to look for the inner and outer signs which show us we are on the correct path.

And remember to not only breathe, but also drink lots of water!

Great day for an afternoon nap, if possible. Our bodies need time for rest and rejuvenation in order to regenerate. The caterpillar has to climb into its cocoon before it can TranceForm.

Based on the cards and writings from the GaiaStarCodex – Seeds of a Turned On World by Bonnie Bell and David Todd – with interpretations and further commentary by Kamea Moonmaiden.

If you’d like to see close ups of the three cards, please feel free to check them out at my FB page – Kami Velasquez (my legal name) or Twitter – KameaMoon.

Rainbow Blessings of Golden Light and Love to you all!

These readings are my gift to you and are always translational. If you would like a personalised reading, I’m set up to do this on FB video chat and Google Plus Whatsapp


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