Past the Lionsgate – Energy Update

Hello There,

If you’ve been feeling some pressure lately, you are not alone. The energies have been super amped up this August as we entered the Lionsgate after going through the two eclipses in July, then the New Galactic Year began on July 26th. We are now at a new Beginning – the Harmonic Convergence of Venus conjunct the Sun in joyful powerful Leo, opening up our hearts for the huge flashes of photonic energy we have been getting blasted with. Not to mention solar wind from the coronal holes on the Earth facing side of the Sun hitting us despite the Sun being in solar minimum. And we were blasted by cosmic rays from a supernova that exploded 7,000 years ago – it’s many thousands of light years away. And then we have had the recent Perseid meteor showers and the Asteroid in July.

So what does this all mean? This New Age marks the rising of the Divine Feminine for the first time in thousands of years on Planet Earth. There are legions and legions of angels, ascended masters, saints, yogis, wise people, healers, shamans, Starseeds and Lightworkers all actively working to help activate the crystal grid of New Gaia, which is right here on Earth.

All of these energies and the position of the planets are propelling us forward into this Shift, and things are playing out on the human stage exactly as the stars predict, so I find it helpful to know at least a little bit about them. Because we are all made of stardust and clay. We are in the Universe. The Universe is in Us.

Jupiter just went direct, still in Sagittarius according to Western Astrology, but still in Scorpio according to Vedic Astrology – which certainly correlates with the Epstein scandal and Church related shameful scandals surfacing finally. All that is hidden is now revealed. The veils of illusion are being lifted, our third eyes activated (when ready – and if not ready you can just say, “not yet, please”), and all our chakras are being activated along with the chakras of Gaia at the same time.

Another important aspect of this Shift is that the Kundalini of Gaia, known as the Galactic Serpent, has shifted from the Eastern Hemisphere to the Western Hemisphere and is now being anchored all along the Western Coast of South and North America.

My favorite astrologer, Kaypacha, says America is the reincarnation of Atlantis. So here we are right at the Beginning of a New Age, the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius – and there is a lot of chaos going on as one paradigm crumbles in order for the New to arise.

Many are still going through the Dark Night of the Soul, for it always is darkest just before the Dawn.

I know this to be true. I feel it in my bones and with my conversations and prayers with the Mother, and her Divine Son Jesus of Nazareth, who planted a seed of light in hunanity two thousand years ago and now, finally, it is blossoming in so many of our hearts at once. And this blossoming is accelerating as old heavy karmic timelines collapse and more and more of us embrace the multidimensional nature of our Beings.

Lots of physical symptoms can arise as these enormous changes are taking place. Our vibrational frequencies are being lifted even as Gaia’s vibrational frequencies – measured as the Schumann resonance – rises up to 10 times its normal resonance of 7-8 Hz.

Drink lots of water and rest when possible. Mermaid baths with Epsom Salts and a few candles and crystals around the bath, some Eucalyptus oil or Lavender and Lemon, some beautiful music and soak, soak, soak. And breathe. Breathwork is enormously helpful in integrating these new energies.

The Rainbow Warriors have awakened and are bringing the Seventh Generation into a new way of Being. A way of Being with respect for All of Creation. A way that recognizes we must care for this precious planet just as lovingly as we must care for ourselves. If we wish to have a sustainable planet for our children and our children’s children.

Blossoming hearts opening wide, the Christos flame is burning bright. All deities of all religions are brethren dancing a cosmic dance of Creation and they are all part of our Higher Selves.

For we are One. One family of many cultures. And we will learn to live in peace.

Look for lots of powerful female world leaders emerging in the next couple of years. And also know that the healing of the Sacred Masculine is an integral part of this whole process – the Divine Feminine will be helping with this – and we each have both

aspects in us regardless of our gender.

I love you lots and lots, am studying hard and working on my business – have my first retreat weekend coming up and school starts this weekend. Life is very full and there are challenges, but we can lift each other up and make it through these challenges. For we are stronger than we ever dreamed. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and now is the time to empower ourselves.

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