Kamea’s Energy Update

Well, I am back after a particularly intense Mercury retrograde season which kicked in right before the first day of Spring. Talk about coming to terms with self and doing some heavy shadow work! I don’t know about you, but I had no idea how deeply certain aspects of my psyche had been stored away, all related to the pain which has taken so many years of work on the body, mind and spirit level to transcend.

The beautiful energies of Easter were a wonderful way to get April started, still feeling that resurrection in my own soul, for many times did I seem to die to my old way of being. And this new way of being is filled with Lightness.

The energies right now are all about letting go of the past, of healing our deepest wounds and moving forward. We are to act on our dreams, make manifest that which we have been planning.

We were blasted with solar storms earlier this week, which for me resulted in a dense, heavy feeling energy, along with some emotional see-sawing and exasperation with still being on the planet, seeing as I had believed for a very long time that by 12/21/2012 we would all be teleporting and that humanity would be grasping peace with love and respect for All of Creation, recognizing our interconnectedness with Nature.

Well, there certainly have been some setbacks, but now that the Age of Aquarius is truly dawning, it’s more clear to me how bringing about peace can take a few generations. I still believe it can happen in the next fifty or so years, possibly more. But even if those of us planting seeds of peace today do not live to see this peace, our children and children’s children may, and it is for them we plant!

So let us plant our gardens well, both literally and metaphorically, and know that we live during the turning of the Ages. And we are all multidimensional beings, something ancient Vedic scholars understood. The Tibetan Book of the Dead, with its guide for the afterlife journey, also shows a keen understanding of this truth.

When we meditate, we open up the portals to other dimensions which exist within ourselves. Our chakras themselves are portals.

Feeling a lifting of energies and an ability to focus more has presented. Keep drinking plenty of water and turn to Nature for healing, for She provides all we need for healing. Surrender and let go, for the Universe knows our needs and always provides.

Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light to you. Namaste.

© Kamea Moonmaiden 18 April 2018


  1. Dear Kami,

    The energies are moving deeply within me as I have received instructions to move back to NM! That was about the furthest place from my imagining! I’ll send you the new moon reading which puts it into context. So, toward that end, Terry and I are flying to NM and driving to Taos to consider a move there in the near future. I’ll be sharing this with Mica and Matt who I will see this weekend in Sacto at the northern Cal Osage meeting.

    Love to you ❤️ Da

    Sent from Julianspalding1@mac.com 541-301-3616, cell/ text

    “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the LIGHT gets in.” RIP Leonard. Cohen


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