Happy Llamas and New Moon in Leo, a bit belatedly. Just opening up this heart, juggling family situations and healing and reviving my massage business, and then this week dealing with an unexpected tragedy. A beautiful young woman, a mother of a bouncing bubbly 4-year-old boy, took her own life Sunday night. She dated my miracle boy for a couple months a bit over a year ago. We only met in real life a couple times, but had connected well and stayed in touch with FB.

May she be blessed and may her journey Home to Heaven be only one of healing and bliss. I imagine she’s in a special healing room there, surrounded by angels, who are tending to her deep emotional wounds and helping her to be at peace with herself so she can bask in Heavely glory with our Creator Mother/Father Goddess/God.

She had just sprained her ankle the other day, and I had recommended Arnica, and was keeping her in my prayers and sending her Reiki. She mentioned the next day she was having trouble finding a job then posted something about finding out how you can’t trust people.

Oh! If only someone close to her had seen these warning signals and been able to help her! If only I could have noticed by those status updates that she needed help, that it was an emergency.

Why does society make it so hard for people to talk about their problems? Why is there so much shame attached to going through hard times? Being low on cash, going through poverty, mental illness, disabilities, anxiety, recovery from addictions, domestic violence and emotional abuse. The things no one wants to talk about while the stratification system separates the struggling even more as the walls all crumble down?

If only there was someone to help her see that she was so much more than her emotions. We are all so much more than our emotions, but wow, they sure can be overwhelming at times. Bless her family and close friends and most especially her baby boy. May they all be wrapped up in the long arms of Love.

Please forgive me for my absence, for I love this playground. I have also been ill and am on strong antibiotics. But, they are working great and I have a massage tomorrow and we have the yoga class on the lawn. My new table will arrive next week! I have set the intention, and work is manifesting. This woman is eternally grateful.

Yoga at the Greens by Jacob Jackson, hosted by Kamea Moonmaiden.

The Universe knows our needs. We only have to open, trust and allow and healing happens. And it’s a process. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

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