Waterfalls of Tears

My tears were once waterfalls,

rivers, estuaries, even rip tides

during the deepest depths of heartbreak,

yet somehow, the fabric of Love

kept me from completely dissolving

kept me from being pulled under for too long,

my longing for life and love stronger than

pain and sorrow, which, though so immense,

was only temporary each time my path

led me back through that sad old road,

every experience always bringing me

back to the Light.

Now my tears flow more often

for joy than for
pain or sorrow,

or out of compassion

for any living being suffering.

My heart is open now, and radiant.

Forgiveness has softened me,

teaching me the lessons of letting go,

showing me my strength where I once

thought I had none. It takes strength

and courage to forgive. And it also

takes recognizing the other is always you.

We are one and the same, regardless

of the billions of unique faces we peek

out at the world with.

And through our waterfalls of

cleansing tears, we release the old

paradigm and lift each other up, in

each and every way we can.

It also takes courage to let those

waterfalls of tears flow.

© Kamea Moonmaiden

Aka Kari Velasquez

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