In Letting Go

In letting go of fear,

Love found its home

in the safe refuge of my heart,

which, though pierced and broken

times too many to count,

refused to forget the Truth

which heals all wounds,

and Faith that Love is

real, and all encompassing,

this heart retaining its innocence,

blissful with the knowledge

that Love is who we are, therefore

all else is but to bring us

back to the Center of our Being,

where, united in prayer and meditation

with the billions here on Earth

heralding in the Holy Shift

we are open, even as we are One,

which many have seemingly forgotten.

Feet firmly planted on this earth,

fear is no longer my foe.

In surrendering to Love,

Pure and Unconditional,

I walk in Grace,

my heart lifted in prayer

for the human race.

May we Love ourselves enough

to always Love one another

regardless of our differences

finding the key which sets us free

deep in the heart of you and me.

© Kamea Moonmaiden December 15, 2020

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